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How to Find the Easiest SIP Billing System as a SIP Reseller

Businesses are increasingly switching from the traditional PBX systems to SIP trunking. This major shift, primarily driven by the reduction in communication costs, presents a lucrative opportunity to resell SIP trunks. As you consider bringing this new addition into your portfolio, ensure you partner with a reliable and high-quality provider with an easy SIP billing…

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What Is Wholesale DID Origination?

The rise of cloud phone systems has made it much easier and cheaper to communicate. Businesses that used to get large phone bills have benefited immensely from this advancement. Wholesale DID origination providers have helped business owners get additional income by simply reselling DID origination services.  So what is DID origination, and how can you…

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SIP Phone Service: Does Your Business Need It?

Traditional phone systems are becoming obsolete by the day. Phone companies have accepted their fate and are paving the way for cell phones and other phone technologies. Mobile devices like smartphones have increased the connection to the digital world. 97% of Americans currently own cell phones. Businesses, on their part, are moving towards SIP phone…

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4 Things to Businesses Supporting Remote Workers with SIP Should Do ASAP

With the majority of the country under either voluntary or mandatory orders to stay at home, the need to support remote work has become urgent for most companies. If your clients are struggling to make it a smooth transition, it’s no wonder. The business landscape and related technical needs have never changed so abruptly. While…

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COVID-19 Update

As news develops around the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, your team at SIPTRUNK is carefully monitoring the situation. Our Health and Safety team has implemented plans to make sure our operations and service remain at the highest quality for our customers. SIPTRUNK Operations All identified critical business functions have proven business continuity plans that are…

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New 911 Laws – A Guide for SIPTRUNK Resellers

As enterprise communications systems have evolved and advanced, there has emerged a clear need for 911 capabilities to adapt as well. In an effort to ensure that individuals can reach emergency services and that, in turn, first responders can go immediately to the right location, the FCC has recently adopted new regulations that impact businesses…

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How to Brainstorm, Plan, and Execute a Telecom B2B Sales Strategy

Nowadays, the telecom market is extremely competitive, and you have to act fast and be smart to close lucrative and long-lasting deals. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to prepare your B2B sales strategy, create the best pitch for the situation, and not lose possible clients in the process. So, without further…

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12 Clever Ways to Get More Customers When Selling Wholesale Sip Trunks

These strategies will help you attract customers by generating more leads, closing sales, and building a stronger wholesale SIP trunk seller brand. The industry’s been projected to reach $10.29 billion this year. This proves that the need for VoIP and SIP trunk services are growing. You can use this knowledge to benefit your business. When running a…

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Top 10 Effective Marketing Strategies for Sip Trunk Resellers

Selling SIP trunking services means that you’re an entrepreneur. You’re responsible for generating leads and closing deals. The SIP business is growing, but that doesn’t mean that the services are going to sell themselves. You need to let people know about your services and why they should consider them. How can you market your SIP…

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Sale Talk: 4 Sales Mistakes to Avoid as a SIP Trunk Reseller

Slowly but surely, companies of every shape and size are realizing that to run a 21st-century business, they can’t be using 19th-century technology. The old communication systems can’t hold up to the kinds of needs and networking that are required by modern consumers. That doesn’t mean that your SIP trunk reselling sale talk will go any easier, however.…

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What is BYOC? Why Should SIP Resellers Care?

Just when you thought every telephony related acronym that could be invented was, we’d like to introduce you to BYOC. It stands for Bring Your Own Carrier, and even if you’ve had your fill of telephony terms to remember, it’s an approach to cloud communications that may be ideal for some clients, so it’s worth…

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PSTN vs. SIP: What’s the Difference?

Did you know that 80% of businesses with over 200,000 employees and those with 100-500 employees say SIP is very important? Whether you are a large corporation or a smaller business, everyone can reap the benefits of SIP trunks. The main benefit that businesses enjoy is that it can significantly reduce your costs. Keep reading…

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sip trunk service

What Are White Label SIP Trunk Services?

Do you sell SIP trunks as a service or do you want to learn more about what SIP trunks do? Mastering the knowledge of SIP trunk services is difficult. That’s why we’re going to take a look at a high-level overview of SIP trunk service in its traditional form and white label offerings. Let’s dive…

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We offer and provide a SIP Trunk USA based reseller platform. Our sister site ( is a USA based leading self service SIP Trunking provider. Whether you are looking to purchase SIP Trunking and resell SIP Trunking we can supply you with both. Now we are going to take a closer look at what we offer…

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how voip works

This Is How VOIP Works and Why You Should Add SIP Trunking to Improve It

Chances are you’ve heard of VoIP (Voice over IP) as an alternative to traditional business phone lines that cost an arm and a leg. But have you ever wondered how VoIP actually works? As a successful business owner, you’re always looking for new ways to cut your costs and prioritize spending. You’re in charge of…

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Common SIP Trunking Questions Answered

SIP, or Session Information Protocol, is a protocol that IP networks use for various types of communication. It works for video, audio, messaging, and more, transforming the way modern businesses communicate with employees and customers. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) developed this protocol because IP communications have changed and have different needs than before.…

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sip rtp

Setting up Your Service: The SIP RTP Connection Explained

Even though statistics show that people make an average of 5 phone calls a day, you’re probably not thinking about what your phone has to do to make that communication easy and successful. Important protocols involved in calling your grandmother to tell her, “hello”, include SIP RTP. When setting up your service, it’s important to…

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How to Resell SIP Trunking Services

IT consultants and telco dealers across the country have discovered that reselling SIP trunking services is an excellent way to develop a recurring revenue stream and to strengthen relationships with customers. SIP is rapidly becoming the communications solution of choice for businesses of all sizes. If you want to capture your part of the market,…

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In case you missed the posts this week, we’ve gathered them all together for you, plus a couple industry articles, in one convenient location. If there was a theme to the week, it would be “SIP Developments.”

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How SIP Trunks Handle 911 Calls

One of the most important phone numbers that you’ll ever dial (besides calling your mother – which you should do once a week) is 9-1-1. When your phone is connected to a landline, and is one that you can physically see extending from your house to the phone pole on the street, you just don’t think…

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Only Using VoIP for Calls? Here’s What You’re Missing

  Years before SIP trunks, when kids were still allowed to play outside “until the street lamps came on,” there was VoIP. Intended originally to simply carry the sound of a person’s voice over the internet, it has since grown to do a whole lot more. Those with a passing familiarity with VoIP will be…

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