PSTN vs. SIP: What’s the Difference?

Did you know that 80% of businesses with over 200,000 employees and those with 100-500 employees say SIP is very important? Whether you are a large corporation or a smaller business, everyone can reap the benefits of SIP trunks. The main benefit that businesses enjoy is that it can significantly reduce your costs. Keep reading…

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sip trunk service

What Are White Label SIP Trunk Services?

0 Do you sell SIP trunks as a service or do you want to learn more about what SIP trunks do? Mastering the knowledge of SIP trunk services is difficult. That’s why we’re going to take a look at a high-level overview of SIP trunk service in its traditional form and white label offerings. Let’s…

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We offer and provide a SIP Trunk USA based reseller platform. Our sister site (sip.us) is a USA based leading self service SIP Trunking provider. Whether you are looking to purchase SIP Trunking and resell SIP Trunking we can supply you with both. Now we are going to take a closer look at what we offer…

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SIP phone

Why SIP Phone Services Are Future Proof

The traditional phone system that once connected the East Coast to the West Coast at a crushing rate per minute is falling apart. Even the phone companies aren’t making much of an effort to fix it. Some of the blame falls onto cellular phones. In America, around 95% of the population owns a cell phone.…

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how voip works

This Is How VOIP Works and Why You Should Add SIP Trunking to Improve It

Chances are you’ve heard of VoIP (Voice over IP) as an alternative to traditional business phone lines that cost an arm and a leg. But have you ever wondered how VoIP actually works? As a successful business owner, you’re always looking for new ways to cut your costs and prioritize spending. You’re in charge of…

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Common SIP Trunking Questions Answered

SIP, or Session Information Protocol, is a protocol that IP networks use for various types of communication. It works for video, audio, messaging, and more, transforming the way modern businesses communicate with employees and customers. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) developed this protocol because IP communications have changed and have different needs than before.…

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sip rtp

Setting up Your Service: The SIP RTP Connection Explained

Even though statistics show that people make an average of 5 phone calls a day, you’re probably not thinking about what your phone has to do to make that communication easy and successful. Important protocols involved in calling your grandmother to tell her, “hello”, include SIP RTP. When setting up your service, it’s important to…

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9 Key Features to Look for Before You Start Reselling SIP

We’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately. We sign new telco agents and dealers up to resell our SIP trunking service every day. Recently, we’ve had quite a few come to us who have tried to build their business by offering SIP, only to be disappointed by the capabilities and support of their SIP trunking partner.…

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The Time is Right for Reselling SIP Trunking Services

If you are a little gun shy about reselling SIP trunking services because you’ve heard stories of poor quality and failed implementations, we’ve got good news. While it is true that there were lots of problems with SIP and VoIP back in the early 1990s, the technologies have come a long way. These days you…

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How to Resell SIP Trunking Services

IT consultants and telco dealers across the country have discovered that reselling SIP trunking services is an excellent way to develop a recurring revenue stream and to strengthen relationships with customers. SIP is rapidly becoming the communications solution of choice for businesses of all sizes. If you want to capture your part of the market,…

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