Beginner’s Guide: Marketing Strategy Steps for Your SIP Trunking Business

SIP trunking keeps getting bigger and bigger with each passing year. It’s projected that there will be over 53 million SIP trunking customers by 2021. 

SIP trunking is a useful way to integrate telephone services into a company’s digital workflow. 70% of customers claim that having connected business processes is an important part of business success. 

Things are only going to continue to become more digitized as the years go on. That means SIP trunking is only going to become more in-demand. 

Marketing Strategy Steps for Your SIP Trunking Business

Know Your Customers

The first step of any successful marketing strategy is to understand the needs of your customers. If you are like many of the other IT consultants and telco agents that resell SIPTRUNK solutions, your clients are likely small business owners and IT managers. 

Ask yourself what keeps them up at night and how you can help. In most cases, they are worried about cutting costs, providing excellent customer support, and keeping up with the changing needs of their business. Start your marketing messages and conversations with these problems and then talk about how SIP trunking can help.

If you have an existing customer base, talk to them about the challenges they face and think about how a more modern approach to communications can be part of the solution.

Decide on Your Marketing Channels and Budget  

If you have a massive budget for marketing your SIP trunking business and can invest in paid advertisements and search engine optimization consultants, we’re delighted for you. Most of our resellers aren’t so lucky, but that’s OK, there are some low-cost ways to reach potential clients.

Of course, the first thing to do is reach out to customers who have bought other services or hardware from you and let them know about your new offer. These clients can form the base of your email marketing list. You can grow that list by allowing visitors to your website to subscribe to your blog or newsletter.

Don’t have a website? We highly recommend getting one because it will likely be one of your most important marketing channels. There are many inexpensive services, like that can help get you started.

Along with your website, your social media channels are another great way to connect with potential customers. Small business owners spend a lot of time on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. You can use your pages to share information and invite engagement. You may also find that paid advertising on social networks is less expensive than you thought. You can target your audience based on location and other relevant demographics.

Be Useful

Many small business owners don’t know that much about how modern solutions like SIP trunking are transforming the ways that businesses communicate. Rather than selling with features and promises, try making your brand a trusted source of information for customers.

Help them learn to sort great vendors and solutions from so-so ones. Explain how the features you offer impact their business. Provide tips and tricks for communicating better. This is the perfect type of content for your blog posts and newsletters.

Consider Local Search Marketing

Local marketing is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital economy. Especially in this age of mobile and voice search. 

To start, make sure your SIP trunking’s business Google listing is up-to-date and current. Make sure your website address is correct. If you have a physical address, make sure that’s filled out for your business. 

SEO should be a part of your SIP trunking marketing strategy, as well. Write some blog posts around SEO keywords with local phrases. So you might write blog posts using a phrase like “SEO trunking Newark NJ” or “SIP Trunking Florida.”

You can use those same keywords as hashtags for social posts. This will help build your social media following, as well, which will help make your business more visible to clients. 

There are varieties of ways you can build up your business in your community as well. You can hold workshops in your community, for instance, showing people what SIP trunking can do for their business. Some of the people who attend your workshops might become ongoing customers. 

Looking to Build Your SIP Trunking Business?

Now that you know more about the marketing strategy steps to take to build your business, check out the features of our platform and find out how we can help you!