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    How to Choose Between VoIP and VoIP With SIP Technology

    Posted On: April 22nd, 2019 | Posted By: SIPTRUNK Team
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    Did you know that according to Upwork’s Future Workplace Report, 63% of companies have remote workers?  Combine that with the rise in international sales and you’ll see that there has never been a more important time to be connected.  Luckily, there are many ways in which you can implement strong communication skills across your business, such

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    How SIP Trunking Services Create a Virtual Presence

    Posted On: April 22nd, 2019 | Posted By: SIPTRUNK Team
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    While the initial setup costs for SIP trunking services are more than you’d expect to pay for standard phone lines, the long-term impacts are powerful. When setting up this system, you get to create a virtual presence by buying as many phone numbers as you need from as many different regions as necessary. This helps

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    PRI vs SIP Trunking: What’s the Difference?

    Posted On: April 15th, 2019 | Posted By: SIPTRUNK Team
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    PRI (Public Rate Interface) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking are two different ways in which you can connect your business to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).  According to the Gartner Report, businesses could reduce their monthly telecommunication expenses by up to 50% by switching to SIP trunking.  Check out our PRI vs SIP

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    Who is the Best SIP Provider for 2019?

    Posted On: March 29th, 2019 | Posted By: SIPTRUNK Team
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    SIP providers can save your business thousands of dollars every year. Statistics show that both large and small companies benefit from using a SIP provider. “80% of business with 20,000 employees say SIP is very important. 80% of businesses with 100-500 employees say the same.” With more businesses relying on SIP providers, there is a

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    What’s the Average Sip Cost, and What Are You Really Paying For?

    Posted On: March 27th, 2019 | Posted By: SIPTRUNK Team
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    In the last few years, it seems like every business magazine is writing about VoIP and SIP services. If you’ve got an older telecommunications or PBX setup, you might think it’ll cost you too much to convert your old system. It turns out that you can probably save money while getting more out of your

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    Everything You Need to Know About SIP Trunking Prices, and More

    Posted On: March 22nd, 2019 | Posted By: SIPTRUNK Team
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    While in the past, you needed some pretty complicated mathematics to figure out your SIP trunking needs, things have gotten easier. However, you still need to investigate SIP trunking pricing and details before you make the leap. You could be required to make a major investment before your system is even equipped for taking SIP

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    6 Things All Voice Over IP Resellers Should Know About the Business

    Posted On: March 20th, 2019 | Posted By: SIPTRUNK Team
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    As year after year, VoIP providers manage to generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue, any company not using these services is scrambling to get them. Voice over IP resellers find that there’s still a lot of markets to work with when they start getting involved with the industry. While it’s challenging to find

  • Determining Whether Your Network is SIP Trunking Ready

    Posted On: March 8th, 2019 | Posted By: SIPTRUNK Team
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    If your business has been considering the possibility of using a SIP trunking service, one of the first things you want to do is look at the details and determine whether your network is ready. You need to understand whether you have the proper bandwidth needed to run data and voice together while continuing to

  • How to Find the Best SIP Trunk Provider for Your Business Needs

    Posted On: March 1st, 2019 | Posted By: SIPTRUNK Team
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    SIP trunking is popular and likely to become more popular as time goes by. That means that many companies are out there offering quality trunking services for businesses like yours. This can make it confusing when it comes time to choose the best SIP trunk provider for your needs. While many companies are committed to

  • Opportunities for a SIP Service Reseller

    Posted On: February 25th, 2019 | Posted By: SIPTRUNK Team
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    Becoming a SIP service reseller is a move that is packed with possibility. In order to fully realize the potential, it will help to get a grasp of what you are offering: a new way to make sure that everything communicated under the umbrella of business is simplified and done for less money. That is