Explaining SIP Trunking to Your Customers

Why Would a Customer Be Looking For SIP Trunks?

Well, they’re probably not asking specifically for SIP trunks in most cases. Your average business professional has likely never even heard the term before! This makes it that much more important for you to be able to help them understand all the great benefits it has for them.

We think SIP is sexy. Customers, unfortunately, do not.

Customers may come to you saying they’ve heard that internet phone systems are less expensive, or that a friend suggested some kind of VoIP system, because they have one and are very happy with it.

Whether your customers are looking for SIP trunking or not, what all customers want from you is a solution relating to their telephony needs.

In most cases, you will find that SIP trunking is the best solution for your customers’ needs.

Your business thrives on knowing your customers. They need a dealer that understands their needs, and the best way to meet them.


Here’s how partnering up with SIPTRUNK makes you stand out as the best solution:


Your customers see your company logo and your information on the billing and invoices, without you personally generating the invoice.


SIPTRUNK works with all major IP PBX, and IP gateway manufacturers.

Simple order interface

Simply click, drag and drop your way to setting up orders in a matter of minutes.

Automated Provisioning

Less than 10 minutes to create an account and configure trunks, ready to use.

Transparent Commissions

Monthly Reporting, automatic commissions deposited direct to your bank account.

Expert Support

Industry leading support, staffed by veterans and developers in the VoIP industry.

No Billing and Taxes

End customer Billing and Taxes are all handled directly by SIPTRUNK.

What Do Your Customers Value Most

Is it a low cost? Is it having the most reliable, yet simple, soup-to-nuts solution that technology currently has to offer?

Your preparation in understanding the answers to those questions will help you properly calibrate and scope your SIP trunk offer.

SIP trunking is much less expensive than the legacy systems that many of your customers may still be using. With each passing month, that’s just more money wasted! Offer them a SIP trunking solution that works every bit as well as their old system, AND puts money back in their pocket! With traditional telephony circuits, they are often paying for additional channels (at higher rates and higher long distance rates) resulting in paying for more dial tone than needed, in a costlier format.

Alongside cost savings, prospective customers are also likely to be considering replacing or keeping their current phone system.

PBX Phone

Both replacing or keeping their current PBX present perfect opportunities to sell SIP trunks.

  • Asterisk, distributions of Asterisk (Elastix and FreePBX, etc), Microsoft Lync, 3CX, Grandstream, etc are all interoperable with SIPTRUNK SIP trunks.
  • VoIP gateways (Audiocodes, Grandstream, Patton, Sangoma, etc) allow customers to keep their existing phone system while taking full advantage of the benefits of SIP trunking. If your customer cannot afford or wishes to keep their current PBX, you can still introduce SIP trunks as a solution.

What Would Motivate Them To Purchase?

When a customer comes to you as their trusted IT service provider, they do so with the understanding that YOU are the expert. The trust that you built has taken a lot of time and hard work, and we don’t take that lightly. Once you properly familiarize yourself with the exciting new offers, substantial cost savings and endless flexibility that comes with SIP trunking, you can confidently speak to your customers about why it’s the best solution for them, whether they’ve heard of it or not!