SIP Trunking Features

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What’s Driving SIP Trunking Service Adoption?

The driving factors behind the increasing demand for SIP trunking services by the businesses you’re working with are the advanced features that are offered.

These features enable powerful capabilities that takes a phone line beyond being able to simply send and receive calls.

While the name and the exact SIP trunking features offered from one SIP provider to another may vary slightly, the following features are popular amongst all businesses:

Remote Offices with Local Numbers

SIP trunking services give you the ability to offer businesses the ability to have employees work from virtually anywhere in the world and still have a local DID where their business is headquartered.


With SIP trunking your customers can contact their local 911 service as each DID can be automatically routed to the local emergency center associated with the physical address registered to their account.

Multiple DID Options

With SIP trunking you are able to have local DIDs for each area you do business in giving you a local presence without a physical office in the area.

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Toll-Free Numbers

In addition to having local DIDs, SIP Trunking also supports 800 and other toll free numbers allowing local numbers to paired with toll free numbers.

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Caller ID

SIP trunking services provide your customers with customizable inbound and outbound Caller ID functionality, allowing them to set the users or businesses’ name.


SIP is the industry standard protocol for voice and is supported by wide variety of VoIP equipment, including IP PBX systems, VoIP phones and VoIP gateways. This makes for easy interoperability between SIP trunks and the hardware you recommend to your customers.


SIP trunking services support advanced voicemail features included in IP PBX systems, such as voicemail to email, allowing your customers to access their voicemail when mobile.


SIP trunking allows you and customers to easily add channels without the need for additional hardware or physical lines to be run to an office. Simply login, click a few buttons and additional SIP trunks can be easily and quickly be added to an existing phone system to match needs.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster or network outage, where a customer’s office cannot be accessed, you can set-up SIP trunks to be rerouted to other locations preventing expensive downtime.