SIP Trunking For Asterisk


Monetize Asterisk Deployments by Reselling SIP Trunking Services

Asterisk has played a major role in the growth and adoption of VoIP since its creation in 1999 as the foundation upon which many of today’s most popular IP PBX systems have been built.

Now on Version 13, Asterisk still continues to be a popular PBX software for dealers and resellers, thanks to the flexibility and feature set it provides end businesses.

Unfortunately, as a free to download software, many Asterisk dealers and resellers have struggled to build a monetizable business around the popular PBX solution.

Now thanks to SIPTRUNK, Asterisk dealers and resellers can easily monetize their Asterisk deployments by reselling SIP trunks.

Deploy Complete Solutions

By adding SIP trunking to every Asterisk solution you are able to provide your customers with a more complete solution.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

With SIPTRUNK you can add a simple, easy, monthly recurring service revenues to your bottom line and provide additional value to your customers at the same time.

World Class Support

In addition to a powerful platform, SIPTRUNK, provides world class support through a support center staffed with industry veterans.

Increased Customer Retention

By selling deeper into your customers and offering a more thorough solution including SIP trunking, you will bring more value and increase your customer retention rate.

Why Resell SIPTRUNK as an Asterisk Reseller?

SIPTRUNK has been created with the goal of making selling a complete Asterisk solution including SIP trunking and easy for those installing Asterisk PBX systems.

  • Generous Commissions

    SIPTRUNK offers generous commissions for deaelrs and resellers that help to increase the initial and recurring revenue from every Asterisk install sold.

  • Competitive Rates

    The SIPTRUNK pricing and rate structure is set up to enable you to offer SIP Trunks at attractive rates to your customers.

  • Brandable

    With SIPTRUNK you get access to custom brandable sales collateral, documentation, and website landing pages to help you successfully sell SIP Trunking with each Asterisk install.

  • Simple/Easy

    SIPTRUNK has been create with the goal of making selling, ordering, and managing SIP Trunks simple and easy for resellers.

  • Transparent Commissions

    The SIPTRUNK portal provides in-depth and complete insight across all accounts making it easy to track and monitor commissions.

  • Dedicated Support

    At SIPTRUNK our support team is filled with experienced industry veterans who are ready to resolve any issues.