Since its release in 2006 as a call reporting interface for Asterisk, Elastix has become one of the fastest growing and most popular Unified Communications platforms in the world.

Except as a free to download software, Elastix dealers and resellers have often struggled with building a monetizable business around the popular solution.

Now with, Elastix dealers and resellers can easily monetize their Elastix deployments by reselling SIP trunks.

  • Complete Elastix Solutions

    By adding SIP trunking to each Elastix solution you are able to provide your customers with a more complete solution.

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue

    With SIPTRUNK.COM you can add a simple, easy, monthly recurring service revenues to your bottom line and provide additional value to your customers at the same time.

  • World Class Support

    In addition to a powerful platform, SIPTRUNK.COM, provides world class support through a support center staffed with industry veterans.

  • Increased Customer Retention

    By selling deeper into your customers and offering a more thorough solution including SIP trunking, you will bring more value and increase your customer retention rate.


SIPTRUNK.COM has been created with the goal of making selling a complete premise or cloud-based Elastix solution including SIP Trunks easier and more profitable for Elastix resellers with:

  • Generous Commissions

    SIPTRUNK.COM offers generous commissions for resellers helping to increase the initial and recurring revenue from every Elastix install sold with SIP trunks.

  • Competitive Rates

    The SIPTRUNK.COM pricing and rate structure is set up to enable you to offer SIP Trunks at attractive rates to your customers.

  • Brandable

    With SIPTRUNK.COM you get access to brandable sales collateral, documentation, and website landing pages to help you successfully sell SIP trunking with each Elastix install.

  • Simple/Easy

    SIPTRUNK.COM has been create with the goal of making selling, provisioning, and managing SIP trunking simple and easy for Elastix resellers.

  • Transparent Commissions

    The SIPTRUNK.COM portal provides in-depth and complete insight across all accounts making it easy to track and monitor commissions

  • Dedicated Support

    At SIPTRUNK.COM our support team is filled with experienced industry veterans who are ready to resolve any issues.