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Please note that if you are not a reseller and have no intention of reselling SIP trunking services, but would like to get a SIP trunk, visit SIP.US for service.

How to Get Started Reselling Private Labeled SIP Trunks

Telco dealers and agents, as well as IT consultants, across the US have realized that offering their customers private labeled SIP trunks is an effective path to a recurring revenue stream and increased customer loyalty. SIP trunking has become enormously popular with businesses of all sizes and types. As a reseller, now is the time to capitalize on the growing migration to SIP trunking away from traditional analog and T1 voice circuits. Fortunately, it is not at all expensive or difficult to begin to resell private label SIP trunking services. You’re only a few steps away from being able to resell SIP trunks and start earning recurring monthly commissions direct deposited into your bank account.