hosted pbx

PBX, Hosted PBX, and SIP Trunking: What’s the Difference?

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you aren’t up to date on the latest telecommunications innovations. That means you, like many people, may need some help understanding the different terminology. While telecommunications terms aren’t something everyone needs to be familiar with, it is beneficial for business owners who want the latest tools and enterprise-grade…

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what is a sip trunk used for

Reseller 101: An Overview of SIP Trunking Basics

Despite recent reports of strong consumer spending, business owners are feeling the strain of a relatively uncertain economy. Many are taking steps to reduce their overhead costs to ensure their companies remain resilient and capable of weathering a sudden storm. After reviewing a few SIP trunking basics with their service providers, decision-makers who are frustrated…

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Why Your Business Should Consider Offering SIP Trunking Services

In the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications, businesses continually seek solutions that offer improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. Enter SIP Trunking — a game-changing technology revolutionizing how businesses communicate. SIP Trunking services have emerged as a highly beneficial addition to the service portfolio of telecom agents, dealers, VARs, manufacturers, distributors, master agents, and IT consultants. But what…

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Unlock the Profit Potential: Resell SIP Trunk Solutions and Amplify Your Revenue

Introduction to SIP Trunking and Its Growing Market The digital revolution continues to transform the global business landscape, and communication is one of its most-impacted facets. This shift in communication methods has led to the rise of SIP trunking, a game-changing technology that enables efficient and cost-effective communication for businesses. As a telecom agent, IT…

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Find the Best Wholesale SIP Trunking Provider

Join Our SIP Trunking Reseller Program and Boost Your Business

Introduction to SIP Trunking and Its Market Potential SIP Trunking is paving the way for a new era of communication, leaving legacy digital telecommunications in the dust. This technology, which carries voice and data over the same network, is poised to dominate the market with an expected value of a staggering $43.28 billion by 2031.…

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The Secret to Building a Profitable Business as a VoIP Reseller

Introduction to VoIP Reselling The world of VoIP reselling is a goldmine of opportunities waiting to be tapped. The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market is a rapidly growing sector, predicted to reach a whopping $278 billion by 2031. This signifies a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.9%, making it an exciting field to…

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The VoIP Reselling Revolution: Key Insights for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Although Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) was already on a steady growth trajectory, it skyrocketed in 2020. VoIP demand continues growing today, offering unlimited opportunities for resellers and managed services providers (MSPs). The global market for VoIP is expected to reach $102.5 billion by 2026, and North America represents an astonishing 40% of that market.…

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Unpacking the Benefits of SIP Trunk Services for Modern Businesses

When it comes to communications, businesses have multiple channels to manage. They can use the internet for voice calls (VoIP) or traditional analog lines. They may use internal messaging applications and deploy a separate solution for video conferencing. Operating  multiple channels seamlessly can be challenging.  Today’s service providers can help customers simplify their digital communications…

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Choosing Your Communication Backbone: A Deep Dive Into SIP Trunk Providers

In today’s technology-driven landscape, information is the lifeblood of business, and decision-makers depend on their communications systems. Modern companies are moving away from traditional landlines and adopting mobile-friendly platforms, integrating their phone systems into one universal network. Some Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk providers are meeting this change through reseller programs. By finding the most…

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SIP Trunk Basics: How To Start a Reselling Business 

Starting a reselling business is a comprehensive effort. It requires careful planning and consideration, from finding the right SIP trunk solution to sell to using the best promotional channels to bring in new customers. Now is the perfect time to learn how to start a reselling business. Virtual phone lines for businesses are increasing in…

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sip for dummies

SIP Trunking Explained: What You Need to Know Now

You’ve seen the term SIP trunking or ads for SIP trunking services. You know that it could be a great business opportunity. The problem is that you don’t understand what SIP trunking is or what you need to provide the service. You need SIP trunking explained in non-technical terms. The first thing you should know…

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How to Sell Direct Inward Dialing Services

In the days when businesses routinely had complex phone systems on traditional landlines, it was common to hire an operator to route calls to different extensions within the organization. Customers would call the main number and ask for the extension, person, or department they wanted to reach. The operator would then put the call on…

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Pri vs sip

What Is PRI, and How Is It Different from SIP Trunking?

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking are different methods that enable businesses to connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The answer to the question “What is PRI?” is simple: it is the traditional analog landline phone system. Many companies use it together with Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems.…

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what is sip trunking and how does it work

What Is SIP Trunking?

In the ever-evolving and expanding world of technology, it can be challenging to keep abreast of the terminology. You may have encountered certain terms or concepts before, and may even be aware that they are valuable business solutions, but lack a solid understanding of their functions. SIP trunking is likely one of those terms. So,…

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How to Find the Best VoIP Wholesale Providers

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) industry is expected to surpass $95 billion by 2027. It marks a significant shift in global telephone communications, driven by businesses seeking reliable, enterprise-grade VoIP services to enhance functionality and accelerate growth. It’s also prompting tech sales leaders to find wholesale VoIP providers whose services can be rebranded and…

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How to Become a VoIP Reseller in Five Simple Steps

Voice over internet protocol (commonly, VoIP) is a cost-effective communication solution that transmits incoming and outgoing calls over a secure internet connection. The demand is so strong that market analysts predict the VoIP industry will surpass $278 billion by 2031. That’s a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.9%. With so many companies expected to…

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sip trunk reselling business

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Building a SIP Trunk Reselling Business

Just a few short years ago, the SIP trunking market was valued at nearly $12 billion. Today, experts predict its market value will increase to nearly $44 billion as 2031 comes to a close. Stats like these encapsulate the demand for SIP trunking. In turn, this explosive demand has created numerous opportunities for those interested…

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How to Start a SIP Reseller Business

In 2021, the SIP trunking services market was valued at nearly $12 billion. Analysts predict that this number will increase to nearly $44 billion by the end of 2031. With experts anticipating a CAGR of more than 14%, there’s been a steady increase in the number of business owners offering SIP services to their customers. …

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business meeting

Which SIP Reseller Partner Is Best for My Business?

Before 2020, most businesses were based in a central location, and incoming and outgoing calls were connected over legacy phone lines. Although the number of companies converting to cloud-sourced communication was steadily increasing, not many businesses favored supporting the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce. Today, experts predict the availability of remote and hybrid employment…

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How to Choose a SIP Provider

If you’re looking for a new opportunity to appeal to your customers and increase revenue, SIP trunks offer a variety of advantages for your business and end users. Becoming a SIP trunk reseller can improve your relationship with existing customers while attracting new ones, and there are plenty of ways to get into this business.…

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Reasonable Prices for a SIP Trunking Reseller Platform?

In a complex economy, every financial decision carries significant weight. With SIP Trunking platforms recognized as one of the most cost-efficient workplace communication systems available, there’s been a marked increase in the number of businesses actively looking for reputable service providers.  As market analysts predict the industry will reach nearly $44 billion within the next…

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What is a SIP Service Provider

What is a SIP Service Provider?

The communications industry continues to evolve, with digital telecommunications technology increasing the efficiency and connectivity of all communications systems. The session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking market is seeing gradual growth. A recent report from The Business Research Company predicts that this particular market will grow to $14.75 billion in 2022, up from $13.03 billion in…

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Guide to Being a SIP Service Provider

So, you are considering becoming a SIP service provider, but you have many questions. You are in the right place. This blog will walk you through what is a service provider means and why it is a good move for your business. You are also here at the right time: according to the Session Initiation…

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sip trunks vs pri

SIP Trunk vs PRI: Which Is Best?

If you want to learn which technology between SIP trunks and PRI phone systems suits your needs, this is the right place. Knowing the difference between a SIP trunk vs PRI will help you make an informed decision when choosing the best communications technology for your business. This article may also help SIP trunk sellers…

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sip line

What is a SIP Line and Why You Should Be Selling Them?

What Is a SIP Line and How Does It Work?  SIP is no longer just a popular, new business gadget; it’s the standard for business communication. As more companies support remote workers, SIP lines are becoming more relevant. What is SIP? Well, without implementing it, companies cannot use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a necessity…

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988 Dialing Laws

988 Dialing: What It Means for Carriers and PBX Administrators

988 – The New Suicide Prevention Lifeline In 2018, the U.S. government approved a national three-digit emergency number dedicated specifically for people contemplating suicide. The Suicide Hotline Improvement Act of 2018 directed multiple federal organizations to work together to analyze the current national suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline system and alternative options, including…

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common sip resale mistakes

The 8 Most Common SIP Resale Mistakes (and How to Prevent Them)

You can’t do 21st-century business without 21st-century technology. That means businesses far and wide are ditching their antiquated phone systems and replacing them with more advanced products and services. As a SIP reseller, that’s where you come in. Your job is to sell the one service that makes 21st-century communications possible. You’d think that a…

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hosted ip pbx

Hosted IP PBX vs SIP Trunking: How to Choose

There are 41.6 million businesses subscribed to a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service. This number is expected to jump to 204.8 billion this year. Also known as an IP PBX, these services allow for the easy handling and switching of all kinds of calls and information exchanges. Two of the most common VOIP options…

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sip trunking add-ons

A Little Extra: How to Sell SIP Trunking Add-Ons as a SIP Trunk Reseller

As someone who’s reselling SIP trunks, you likely already know that there are a huge number of benefits to this network-based communications technology. But did you know that switching to VoIP systems can save your clients between 40 and 90% on business calls? To maximize these savings, your clients will want to purchase SIP trunking…

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what is voip

Defining Your Key Terms: What Is VoIP?

If you like your job, you’re incredibly lucky. Not only are 70% of American employees disengaged at work, but 53% of them state that they are actively unhappy while on the job. There are many possible reasons for this, but one of the leading ones is that people simply feel unproductive while they’re at work. No one likes the…

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sip trunks for dummies

9 Newbie Mistakes to Avoid When Reselling SIP Trunks

Are you looking for a way to bring in some extra recurring revenue each month? If so, then you’ve probably considered reselling SIP trunks. This can be an easy way to ensure extra income each month in the form of monthly contracts.  As you build this extra source of income, you might find that you…

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sip lines

How Many SIP Lines Do They Need? Help Companies by Offering More Services

You can provide your clients with digital communication quickly and easily by subscribing to SIP trunking service.  SIP trunking enables you to provide clients with a cost-effective solution for modernizing their phone system. It allows you to provide phone service to a client using the internet. The service is a significant improvement compared to traditional…

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sip certified

How to Get SIP Certified and Boost Your Career

Did you know 10,000 IT professionals believe that getting certifications makes them feel more confident in their abilities? SIP or session initiation protocol is one of the certifications that will help boost your confidence. SIP is a signaling protocol used to start, manage, and end sessions in an IP based network. Keep reading, and we…

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marketing tactics for sip trunk resellers

9 Lucrative Marketing Tactics for SIP Trunk Resellers to Make Bank

Are you struggling to find clients? Are your digital ads breaking the bank without producing results? Are you wondering who’s hiding the magic marketing tactics for SIP trunk resellers, and where you can find them? Regardless of what you’ve heard, there’s no magic in marketing. It’s a straightforward process with a steep learning curve. The…

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work from home tips for sip trunk resellers

Getting Clients Remotely: 8 Work From Home Tips for SIP Trunk Resellers

If you’re used to spending your days at this office, this quarantine must make you feel like you’re stuck in jail. You’re grouchy, anxious, and your productivity is plummeting. The worst part is your business is suffering for it. Well, we can’t save you from the coronavirus, but we can save you from yourself. The…

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what is sip trunk resale

What Does It Mean to Resell SIP Trunks? Your Questions, Answered

If you’re one of the over 30.7 million small businesses in the US, you’re likely looking for ways to make your business stand out. After all, you need to rise above the competition, and the best way to do that is by making a few extra bucks! It’s easy for any existing business to begin…

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sip provider

5 Tips To Picking The Right SIP Provider To Resell

By 2023, the US market for SIP trunking is projected to grow to around $12.7 billion. Clearly, SIP trunks and related technologies are communications tools that are here to stay. For this reason, it’s important that you as an entrepreneur not only use these services for yourself but that you make a profit reselling them,…

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sip trunk

All In Guide: Reselling SIP Trunks For Profit

Are you in the telecommunications reselling industry? Do you plan to explore an SIP trunk, SIP resell business? If so, there is so much potential waiting for you. The Session Initiation Protocol or SIP trunking market continues to grow. From a market size of $6.88 billion in 2017, experts predict it will surpass the $12…

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sip trunks

5 Ways Reselling SIP Trunks Can Benefit Your Business

Did you know that small businesses that switch to SIP trunks save up to 40% on local calling? Well, it’s true, and they also save up to 90% on making international calls! While you may or may not have already known these stats, they’re definitely something that you’ll want to remember. After all, there’s no…

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sip trunking

How to Sell Sip Trunking Services With No Experience

Are you thinking about starting a SIP trunking business? There’s no question that there are a lot of opportunities. The SIP market is predicted to grow exponentially over the next few years. It may seem that SIP is growing so fast, it can practically sell itself. That may be a little true, but you still…

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sip trunk service

International Calling Made Easy with Your Sip Trunk Service

Did you know that 86% of buyers are prepared to pay more for better customer experience? So it should come as no surprise that your customer service is critical to the success of your business. One way you can improve your customer service is by upgrading your telephony system, especially if you have a lot…

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wholesale sip trunking guide

The Ultimate Wholesale SIP Trunking Guide

It’s the 21st-century! Why are businesses still using 19th-century technology? The copper wire telephone infrastructure is rapidly reaching its end. Europe, Canada, Australia, and others all have target dates to discontinue old-school analog telephone lines. The U.S. PTSN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and analog lines are in a maintenance-only phase. Verizon ends the ISDN line…

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sip security

A Brief Guide to SIP Security

Internet-based systems make business operations easier. They also leave your business vulnerable to attacks from hackers. A security breach in any of your business systems can cost $1.8 million in damages and operational disruptions. A SIP trunking system is vulnerable to these attacks without proper SIP security. That doesn’t mean a SIP system isn’t valuable.…

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sip telecom

7 Innovative Ideas for Marketing Your SIP Telecom Business

Now is a great time to be starting a SIP business. There is a tremendous opportunity for growth and to create a highly profitable business. The way businesses communicate has evolved and SIP trunking is at the forefront. Your business creates a win-win situation. You get to build a stream of recurring revenue. The businesses…

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IP Trunking vs. Sip Trunking: What’s the Difference?

With speed being the new currency, fast transmission of data has become incredibly important in our businesses today. So much that SIP trunking services are expected to a 12.7 billion dollar industry by 2023 with an annual compound rate of 10.7%. Understanding how to integrate data transmission systems in your business in an effort to…

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firewall settings

Sip Trunking and Firewall Settings

You’ll want the correct firewall settings for the best quality voice calls. Not having it could threaten the quality of the call and your security. What you’ll need are a firewall and high-quality SIP trunking. You’ll also need a solid setup to get your calls to come through. Your router and/or firewall could be causing…

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sip trunks

How Many Sip Trunks Does Your Organization Need?

Even in the age of texting, the average American makes or receives six phone calls per day. In business situations, of course, people make a lot more than that. Between talking to coworkers and clients, people in an office might spend pretty much all day on the phone. This is great for business, but it…

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sip uris

Upgrade Alert: What is Elastic Sip Trunking?

According to Stock News Magazine, The SIP Trunking Services Market will reach $28.8 billion by 2025. That’s an 18.5% increase from 2018.  Elastic Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking is an advanced and very resilient type of SIP Trunking. It incorporates cloud computing to provide flexible, reliable, and granular IP communications. Such communications are as cost-effective…

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business sip trunking

7 Ways SIP Trunking Saves Your Business Money

People aren’t as interested in face to face interactions as they were in the past. The world is going digital and over 85 percent of employees are using multiple digital devices to work. You need a service that crosses all devices and makes messaging go faster.  Your business needs the next frontier in business communications.  Business…

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sip technology

How to Choose Between VoIP and VoIP With SIP Technology

Did you know that according to Upwork’s Future Workplace Report, 63% of companies have remote workers?  Combine that with the rise in international sales and you’ll see that there has never been a more important time to be connected.  Luckily, there are many ways in which you can implement strong communication skills across your business, such…

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best sip provider

Who is the Best SIP Provider for 2019?

SIP providers can save your business thousands of dollars every year. Statistics show that both large and small companies benefit from using a SIP provider. “80% of business with 20,000 employees say SIP is very important. 80% of businesses with 100-500 employees say the same.” With more businesses relying on SIP providers, there is a…

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sip cost

What’s the Average Sip Cost, and What Are You Really Paying For?

In the last few years, it seems like every business magazine is writing about VoIP and SIP services. If you’ve got an older telecommunications or PBX setup, you might think it’ll cost you too much to convert your old system. It turns out that you can probably save money while getting more out of your…

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