SIP Phone Service: Does Your Business Need It?

Traditional phone systems are becoming obsolete by the day. Phone companies have accepted their fate and are paving the way for cell phones and other phone technologies.

Mobile devices like smartphones have increased the connection to the digital world. 97% of Americans currently own cell phones. Businesses, on their part, are moving towards SIP phone service. Routing calls across the Internet provides access to future-proof telephone technologies.

Business owners are often looking for ways to optimize operations while minimizing costs but need help. SIP trunking is an ideal option for businesses keen on enhancing their telecommunication bandwidth while minimizing phone expenses.

Should your business start selling SIP phone services? Here are essential things you need to appreciate about this technology.

What Is SIP Phone Service?

Session initiation protocol (SIP) is a communication technology that lets users connect calls over the Internet. This VoIP technology is ideal for managing multimedia communications, including voice and video calls. Skype and Facebook Messenger are some popular services that rely on SIP to deliver free calls.

SIP controls data transfer and creates the connections required to complete a phone call. Most SIP systems require a trunk that ushers communication into a private branch exchange. Incoming and outgoing calls typically rely on the trunk’s channels.

Essentially, the SIP protocols rely on the Internet to bypass the primary rate interface (PRI) lines while connecting your PBX to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Ultimately, businesses get a chance to use various call management features, including call forwarding, voicemail, and auto attendants. All these features are available without using analog phone lines.

The PBX technology can convert analog and digital signals, enabling users to convert their phone calls over the Internet. Users won’t find vast differences between a SIP phone and their regular phones. The software and hardware differences highlight the standout value of SIP phone services.

Business Value from SIP Phone Solutions

You can scale your services to help customers modernize their communications. SIP is not hard to sell and can add a new revenue stream to your business. Many businesses embrace SIP solutions because of the significant cost savings they offer, especially on long-distance calls. Besides the cost benefits, SIP services also deliver:

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Software Updates

Software solutions primarily drive most internet calls. Refining your algorithms without changing hardware is enough to enhance your customers’ phone systems’ performance.

Most software updates work to keep up with growing client needs and industry changes. Continuous software updates ensure that the SIP systems remain future-proof, and because they’re done remotely, you don’t have to worry about constant service calls.

Modern small businesses require a phone system that keeps up with emerging technology solutions. VoIP systems ensure that enterprises have the latest technology updates consistently. Ultimately, you’ll help your customers achieve enhanced business success at lower rates.

Centralized Networks

SIP is an IP-based solution that eliminates data and telephone voice networks. The solution lets businesses make the most of a centralized network complete with multiple digital streaming options. As your customer’s business needs grow, you have the opportunity to help them scale their streaming capabilities without any maintenance or hardware costs.

Also, SIP lets your customers connect directly to their preferred internet telephone service provider. They’ll avoid any subscription fees and enjoy better flexibility. Over time, they can acquire more bandwidth increments without breaking the bank.

Hardware Enhancements

Landline phone systems have stagnated over the years as they still rely on wires that connect physical locations. Such technology fails to keep up with the advancements that have taken place over the years. Besides, keeping up with complicated equipment and technology requires massive investments.

Internet technology, on its part, has kept advancing with the introduction of fiber services, modems, and routers. These advancements work towards increasing internet speeds. SIP systems get to leverage such underlying technology to enhance their reliability and accessibility.

As a SIP reseller, you can partner with a provider that continually enhances their equipment to match the evolving internet solutions. You can help customers leverage the higher bandwidths and faster internet speeds to create more individual lines for their teams.

SIP trunks also won’t require costly on-site equipment, thanks to their cloud-based nature. These systems save you the trouble of maintaining hardware equipment. Often, your service provider partner takes responsibility for equipment maintenance and system upgrades. Your customers can rest easy knowing they will always enjoy the latest available technology to keep their operations at an optimal level. 

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Disaster Recovery

In case of a disaster, legacy phone systems are less likely to be resilient. Network failures or natural disasters often require businesses to find alternative options for completing their calls. SIP phone solutions offer a flexible option to restore any lost phone data in real-time.

You can help your customers have an easier time setting up geographic redundancies to restore their services. Besides, they can also route their calls to different data centers or locations. Businesses that prefer network operating centers can also create these systems with the SIP phone solution.

Preparing for a disaster lays out the steps you will take in case something unexpected happens. You can offer customers SIP trunking services that help them create a disaster preparation plan that clearly states who will take responsibility for the recovery process. They can specify cloud systems or softphone apps that will provide backups. Also, they can identify a backup trunk provider or a reliable cloud system to take care of any downtime.

Enhanced Efficiency

SIP solutions come with unmatched efficiency that guarantees their longevity. Businesses can simplify their maintenance and billing services by bundling phone and data services.

Growing enterprises can also pay less on international calls as they develop their networks. Moving data over the Internet offers better leverage compared to what traditional cell phone providers offer. SIP trunks send international calls to termination points and transfer them to a local public switched telephone network.

Additionally, SIP trunking provides solutions for telephone number mapping. Your customer’s team members can use the same phone number regardless of their location. If they prefer a local number, the trunks provide one based on their location. 

Greater Reliability

No enterprise wants to pay for an unreliable system. Dealing with a fickle phone system can take their minds off more important business aspects like customer service, human resources, accounting, and marketing.

By reselling virtual SIP trunks, you can deliver highly stable phone solutions to your customers. Power outages won’t keep their phone systems in the dark, thanks to their reliable backup systems. Besides, the virtual infrastructure enables call routing to specific locations if they experience downtime in a particular area.

Phone system downtimes can cause significant business losses. Purchasing a reliable phone system from you ensures that your customers can maintain system uptime and keep their clients happy.

Better Service Features

Landline technologies have a physical nature that limited their potential and features. 3-way calls, faxing, and call routing are features that users can’t access on landline telephone services.

SIP phone services leverage internet solutions that offer multiple robust features to boost communication within organizations. Your customers will be able to leverage modern features, such as video conferencing, digital faxing, and call routing. The SIP system lets them analyze their calls and ensures that they can make tweaks that optimize their processes.

Besides, supervisors can listen in and offer in-call advice training to new hires. Such features ensure that they streamline call processes and avoid elementary mistakes across their teams. With VoIP solutions, you help customers attend remote meetings on a smartphone app without using their personal numbers.

Eases Scalability

Scaling legacy telephone systems often requires numerous monetary resources to cover the additional software and hardware requirements. Businesses that experience massive growth over a short period find it difficult to scale their telephone systems to match their growing business needs.

Typically, these legacy systems require users to buy extra physical lines before they increase capacity. Alternatively, businesses can opt to purchase additional lines beforehand for their peak requirements. While this option might help, enterprises end up wasting their resources during low-traffic periods.

Businesses also experience temporary growth during certain busy seasons. SIP phone solutions allow organizations to increase their human resources as needed. The virtual lines ensure that you can give your customers continuous access to infrastructure whenever they need to scale systems. This flexible scaling capacity ensures that your customers only pay for what they use.

Unified Communications

Adopting unified communications leads to significant cost savings. SIP phone systems ensure that your customers have a simple time synchronizing and centralizing communications. Over time, you’ll help them achieve enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. 

Secure Solutions

Enterprises greatly value business data security, customers demand it. SIP trunking guarantees the safety of their telephone communications. Firewalls highlight some of the features that secure their data and deliver much-needed peace of mind.

Partner with Established Providers for Bespoke SIP Phone Systems

The internet-driven nature of SIP phone services makes it future-proof. Internet technology continues to advance, paving the way for consistent updates on these services. By working with the right SIP provider, you can simplify maintenance and billing while expanding features and enhancing services with internet advancements.

Now is a perfect time to become a SIP phone service reseller. offers specialized SIP Trunk reselling solutions that match your customers’ needs. Do you want to include SIP trunking in your company service offerings? Contact us today!