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5 Common Mistakes SIP Trunk Resellers Make and How to Avoid Them

Why Avoiding SIP Trunk Reseller Mistakes Is Important?

The market for reselling SIP trunks right now is booming. Several businesses are upgrading to more modern methods of communication in place of obsolete telephone lines.

According to recent research, the SIP trunking market reached a US$ 13.44 billion value in 2019, and projections indicate it could reach US$ 30.22 billion by 2027. This may mean an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.8% from 2020 to 2027. 

Even though this technology is so popular and reselling SIP has become a healthy business model for many IT or telecom consultants, some sales specialists find themselves having trouble selling these services. 

Do you feel like your sales pitches just are just not closing anymore? If you are having trouble with sales, you may be making one or more of these five SIP trunk reseller mistakes. Let’s review them in detail and how you can address them.

1. You Sell the Product, Not the Solution 

When people are looking into using a SIP trunk service, there will be some factors of concern.

The cost will be one of the first things a customer asks about when you are trying to sell to them. The ease of setup and management will be something savvy customers will be concerned about, and the same goes for product features.

Every person you are selling to will have plenty of questions about the product, but it is not truly about the product when it really comes down to making a sale. Overall, it is about the solution the product offers.

Solution: Do Not Sell the Product, Sell Solutions to Their Problems 

In the end, people are looking into utilizing SIP trunk services because they need a better way to manage their communication needs.

The cost, technical features, and management are essential, but they are not as important as solving the prospect’s underlying communication needs.

Treat the product information as something you mention, but make the bulk of your sales pitch about all of the different ways your SIP trunk service can solve their problems and fulfill their most pressing needs.

Pay attention to problems they bring up during your initial conversation, then be sure to highlight how SIP trunk service can help.

2. Your Approach Is Too Broad 

You may be at the point where you recite your sales pitch off memory. You do your best to ensure that you do not change too much from client to client since you want to focus on consistency. This is another common SIP trunk reseller mistake.

Having a solid approach is good in the sales world, but not adjusting it for each potential client could lead to problems when it is time to close. 

Solution: Vary Your Message for Each Prospect

Your overall sales pitch can be the same, but you will want to insert some things that matter to your client. 

A non-profit that talks to people around the country and operates on a shoe-string budget may need to hear some reasons why the overall savings of utilizing a SIP trunk service can outweigh the hassle of transition.

3. You Do All the Talking 

Whether it is a prospecting sales call or a sit-down meeting with someone, you find yourself talking most of the time.

You do not steamroll over people in conversations, and you always make time for people to ask questions. You are always polite, but you tend to dominate the conversation and steer the narrative to where you think you need to go. 

Solution: Actively Listen to Sales Prospects 

The next time you are pitching a prospect, see if you can time how long you talk vs. how long they talk. If you spend all of your time talking, that means that you are not taking the time to listen to your potential client’s needs. 

Try not to expect a sales inquiry form to tell you everything you need to know about a prospect. When your client talks directly to you, they are allowing you to learn important information about their unique communication needs.

Take some time to read up on how to actively listen to overcome this SIP trunk reseller mistakes, and try to let your prospect do the talking when you meet. You will be surprised at how quickly you see things change! 

4. Your Prospects Seem “Off” 

You probably do not have a problem finding people to talk to about SIP trunking services. The main issue is that they never seem like they are the right people to be talking to. 

You have talked to some people who do not really understand their communication needs and may not even know what SIP trunking is.

Other people you email after receiving an inquiry form from them barely seem interested in SIP trunking services and may even be confused about why you are reaching out to them.

Solution: Improve Your Inquiry Form 

If you ask the right questions, in the beginning, it is a lot easier to vet prospects without having to do a lot of work. 

Go beyond asking for basic contact information on your website inquiry forms. Ask for details like the industry they are in and how they currently manage calls and prompt them to tell you why they decided to reach out to you today. 

5. Conversations with Prospects Die 

You have had several terrific conversations with a prospect, have a preliminary setup plan outlined for their business, and you have even sent them information around pricing. 

And despite all of that hard work, they disappear. You do not get any phone calls, your inbox is empty, and you do not know how they managed not to follow up after they seemed ready to get started.

Solution: Give Them Opportunities to Contact You 

One of the worst things you can do in sales is to assume that people are going to take on the work of reaching out to you.

Even if you feel like you are very close to making a sale and put the power to contact you into their hands, give them ways to reach out to you quickly. 

Send them a quick reminder email the day that you need certain paperwork from them. Reach out and ask them how their day is going and if they need any more information from you. 

Sometimes sending a short and simple email can be enough to make a sale. Remember, people get busy at work, and priorities can quickly change. Staying top of mind can be beneficial in the sales world. 

Start Selling SIP Trunk Today

Making money by offering SIP trunking for sale does not have to be complicated. By overcoming these SIP trunk reseller mistakes and adjusting the way you handle sales, you will be surprised by how many more clients you can bring in.

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