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What is a SIP Line and Why You Should Be Selling Them?

What Is a SIP Line and How Does It Work? 

SIP is no longer just a popular, new business gadget; it’s the standard for business communication. As more companies support remote workers, SIP lines are becoming more relevant. What is SIP? Well, without implementing it, companies cannot use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a necessity for a dispersed workforce. 

SIP trunking is pivotal in enabling businesses to apply a range of multimedia resources. It allows enterprises to text, voice and stream video data over the internet. For your IT or telecom consulting business, this means you can earn a substantial income by reselling SIP trunks to companies that are still relying on physical landlines and disconnected apps. 

But, what is SIP? SIP is an acronym for Session Initiation Protocol, and it is a technology revolutionizing telecommunications. As the foundation of VoIP, it enables businesses to make voice calls and send messages over internet-connected networks. 

In the past, companies relied on hardwired phone lines for communications. These systems typically included touch-tone phones or even rotary telephones. Part of these outdated systems had a PBX platform and the hardline needed to transmit analog signals. Now, the internet eliminates the need for this kind of physical equipment. 

Because outdated PBX systems and hardlines required a steep upfront investment, it was difficult for modern businesses to scale services up or down as often as they needed. Companies found themselves spending money on services they didn’t require, and users had to be physically in the office to make and receive calls. 

SIP lines and VoIP technology eliminate this problem. Now, companies can subscribe to as many or as few services on demand without paying for telecom specialists to add new lines or features. Today, businesses can access advanced features at the touch of a button. These features may include call forwarding, voicemail and call transfers, just to name a few. 

Business owners don’t have to invest as much in equipment these days or even understand what SIP is. Enterprises can use your consulting services to adopt the cloud to transfer and often store all call data. 

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What to Look for in a SIP Provider 

Now that you have a more precise answer to what is SIP, you should be aware it’s easy for you to resell SIP trunks along with your other business technology services. All you have to do to begin is license SIP trunks from a third party. 

It’s essential, however, to partner with the right commercial SIP provider. Only the most reputable commercial SIP partners will make it easy and profitable for you to market and sell their services to businesses. 

A leading commercial SIP provider usually offers a range of pricing structures. For example, you might choose to start recommending a basic monthly plan for around $15 per SIP number. Meanwhile, a traditional fax line may cost about $25 per month.

If you find out that one of your clients’ communication needs expands and contracts often, you may want a scalable SIP solution. For instance, you may start by offering five inbound numbers sharing 2,500 minutes for around $50 per month. 

Alternatively, you may have a client with a high call volume. In this case, you’ll need a commercial provider with an offer of SIP trunks in bulk and at wholesale prices. It’s important to know if your provider can handle heavy volume if you sell to businesses with significant calling traffic. 

Companies work hard and spend considerable amounts of money to increase the recognition of their phone numbers. Therefore, you can provide incredible value to your customers if your  SIP provider can help you to implement essential services for your clients, such as number porting. Your client will be able to keep their existing phone number instead of changing it to something unrecognizable to their customers.

Today, the marketplace is becoming increasingly global and SIP is gaining popularity due to its easy implementation and lower initial investment. To make international calls easier and less expensive for your customers, your chosen SIP provider should offer low, transparent rates for international calling. 

Many large companies still use fax machines. Now, there’s an increase in fax-to-digital and digital-to-fax-communication as companies transition from analog to digital systems. As a result, your commercial SIP provider must offer this service. 

It’s also essential to make sure your commercial SIP service provider provides adequate support. For instance, you should have access to technical support 24-hours a day, seven days a week. 

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Additional Benefits from True SIP Industry Leaders

At this point, you’re more familiar with what a SIP reseller is, how to become one, and how to start providing guidance based on each client’s needs. Be aware you may also hear the terms  “SIP trunk service provider,” “SIP reseller platform,” or “SIP trunk reseller” interchangeably. 

Just like you, they are a group of people with backgrounds in various fields (telecom, IT and technology), who join a reselling partner program to help companies migrate to SIP trunking.

Here are some additional advantages you need to know about. Only the best providers in the industry offer them. Make sure you sign up with a true leading SIP partner.


SIP trunking must not be just about low costs. The best providers give excellent customer service and will assist your clients in implementing their SIP trunk to work with almost any IP-PBX or softphone. If a client has problems with their carrier, an outstanding SIP trunk provider will step in to help resolve the matter.

Free Trial

The flexibility of SIP trunking allows it to meet every customer’s particular requirements. Incorporating a free trial into the mix makes it easier for you to sell the service and allows your clients to experience its benefits personally. You should make sure you are choosing a reseller program that provides your customers with free trials.


The best SIP providers educate program participants and their customers about SIP trunking. The goal is to increase your knowledge, but primarily to make your consulting services more valuable.


To minimize the amount of human intervention, ask your SIP provider if they automate implementation and maintenance. In the telecommunications industry, manual processes for order processing, billing and provisioning are still standard. However, with the best SIP trunk service providers, you can install the service in seconds and monitor and update it remotely and in real-time. 

Need a new phone number for your client? Does their unlimited SIP trunk need to add a few channels? Does the company need to check its call detail records? Automation will result in lower costs, faster deployment, and greater flexibility for these and many other customer needs.

No Bureaucracy

Your priority as a member of the SIP Reseller Platform is serving your customers and attracting new ones, not completing endless paperwork and forms or waiting for responses from your vendors. Find a full-featured SIP solution you will have easy administration, deployment and billing features. 

White Labeling

Customers should be able to experience SIP seamlessly. The top SIP reseller platform allows you to customize the online control panel, system notifications and invoices with your logo and brand identity. 

Getting Started in SIP Reselling 

In the beginning, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with the SIP service. As you onboard new clients, you’ll need to show them how to use the system. For instance, when a client asks, “What is SIP?” you’ll need to know the answer in practical terms so they can understand the value it brings. 

Leading commercial SIP trunk services handle the technical aspect of the business and support your clients. As you learn more about SIP, you can manage as little or as much of the process as you desire. 

SIPTRUNK is your answer to reselling trunking service and building a recurring revenue stream. With SIPTRUNK, setting up a SIP line is quick and painless. You will have access to an easy-to-use reselling solution to market and manage your clients without complications. Set up your free SIPTrunk reseller account in under a minute now.