How to find The Best SIP Trunk Provider

What Do The Best SIP Trunk Providers Do?

Before digging into what exactly the best SIP trunk providers do, let’s take two steps back to learn what SIP is and what SIP trunks are. First off, SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It’s a series of signals that create and terminate multimedia sessions (such as calls) with one or more participants. 

According to Oracle, “The SIP protocol is used for internet telephony and multimedia distribution between two or more endpoints. For example, one person can initiate a telephone call to another person using SIP, or someone may create a conference call with many participants. The SIP protocol was designed to be very simple, with a limited set of commands. It is also text-based, so humans can read the SIP messages passed between endpoints in a SIP session.”

Now that you understand SIP’s purpose, the second important concept to learn is SIP trunks. They are virtual phone lines to make and receive internet-based calls to any phone number, whether a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) one. 

In general, SIP trunks work like pathways that transport digital data packets (voice, video, other data) through the network, from the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to their final destination. Each trunk can break down into an unlimited number of SIP channels (also called sessions, lines, or concurrent calls) to support one incoming or outgoing call. 

Businesses have been migrating their traditional phone lines or Primary Rate Interface (PRI) to SIP trunking with the help of a trusted SIP trunk provider. Overall, this technology offers several benefits we will review in detail in the following section. The best SIP trunk providers will know these benefits in-depth and guide customers through adopting this technology for their companies.

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Best SIP Trunk Provider Checklist

The SIP trunk market reached US$ 13.44 billion in 2019, and experts estimate it will get to US$ 30.22 billion by 2027. This explosive growth reflects how SIP has helped transform business communications.

If you are interested in SIP trunking for your business or just want to learn more, here is a checklist of the main benefits the best SIP trunk providers offer:

  • Fast ROI: SIP trunk installation requires lower initial investment and generates cost savings over time, compared to a traditional PSTN line.
  • Quick implementation: Straightforward setup instructions and qualified customer service pros will help with troubleshooting or other technical issues.
  • More Scalability: As the business grows, you can add more trunks and channels reasonably quickly, often in just a few minutes.
  • Convenient Portability: Your company can carry over its old phone numbers (local or toll-free) and use them with the new SIP service.
  • Easy maintenance: You will manage, maintain and support the data network easily from a user-friendly online control panel.
  • Guaranteed Redundancy: Your company will be protected against connection downtime or power outages because SIP trunks can use multiple providers.
  • Unified Communications: SIP trunking services unify data, IM and video capabilities.
  • Internet Provider Flexibility: Many providers will not allow you to choose your internet provider. The best SIP trunk providers will work with the internet service provider of your preference.
  • Platform Compatibility: Top companies should work with all major IP PBX, IP gateways and open source PBX projects. 
  • Free Trial: Providers that know they are the best in the business will let you experience the advantages of the technology at no cost. 

In terms of features and add-ons, SIP trunking technology from the best providers includes:

  • Direct Inward Dials or DIDs: Each employee can have their own SIP line, which provides excellent calling flexibility. A top provider will have a large bank of DIDs from all area codes across the United States and Canada, making it easy for you to pick local numbers for all locations.
  • Local and Toll-Free Numbers: You can choose from many local and toll-free numbers pointing to the same SIP trunk. You could also have local numbers wherever you do business without having a physical location in that area.
  • Outbound International Service: Ideal for international businesses, this add-on feature of the best SIP trunk providers allows for fees per location and per minute with built-in toll fraud protection and the ability to set the maximum per-minute call cost allowed on a per-trunk basis.
  • FAX over IP Service: Leading SIP trunk providers understand fax is still a meaningful way to communicate in business scenarios. They will provide a service to securely send faxes over an IP connection with a 100% success rate.
  • Toll fraud protection: Superior providers have systems to constantly monitor unauthorized calls, block any suspicious activity immediately, and protect from potential fraud.

The best SIP trunk providers sell their services either directly or via a comprehensive reseller program. Your company will receive expert advice to scale your communications in a fast, cost-effective manner in both cases.

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Interested in Selling SIP Trunk?

After learning about SIP trunking, its growing trend and the multiple benefits it offers to businesses, you may be curious to learn if you or someone you know can become a SIP trunk reseller.

As mentioned above, leading SIP trunk companies have programs through which they partner up with resellers. Therefore, if you are looking to collaborate with the best SIP trunk providers, continue reading to learn more about what their program should offer.

  • Paperless sign-up process: Partners only need to complete their agreements online, start selling and earn commissions without any physical paperwork involved.
  • No IT or telephony background required: Resellers can do a fantastic job with some basic telephony knowledge and the support of an experienced partner who offers several benefits to their end users.
  • Steady income: A leading SIP reseller program will provide you with a monthly recurring revenue stream and a business with growth potential.
  • State-of-the-art software: Your trusted SIP trunk provider should give you the necessary tools to sell their product. A robust platform will enable you to deploy SIP solutions for your customers in just a few minutes, with the confidence you are offering a high-performance communications service.
  • No contracts, pay-as-you-go approach: SIP trunk services from premium suppliers don’t require resellers or customers to sign long-term contracts or make significant upfront investments. 
  • Expert support: You will not be alone if you need an extra push to close a sale or solve any technical difficulties. The best SIP partner will have telecommunications experts available for you, your leads and your current customers.
  • No billing or taxing: If you choose among the best SIP trunk providers, their reselling programs will take care of end-customer billing and taxation. 
  • Transparent Commissions: The best partners will offer transparent monthly reporting and automated commission payouts directly into your bank account, with a detailed breakdown of earnings for your records.

SIPTRUNK simplifies the process for you to become a SIP trunking reseller. You can create a healthy business by helping companies reduce their communications costs while increasing their flexibility and opening a wide range of unified communications features. Begin reselling SIP services with the best partner in the industry. Get started today.