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How to Find the Easiest SIP Billing System as a SIP Reseller

Businesses are increasingly switching from the traditional PBX systems to SIP trunking. This major shift, primarily driven by the reduction in communication costs, presents a lucrative opportunity to resell SIP trunks. As you consider bringing this new addition into your portfolio, ensure you partner with a reliable and high-quality provider with an easy SIP billing system.

You are in business, and all issues regarding payments are integral to your success. An easy SIP billing system makes this critical part of your reselling business convenient. 

What Is the Importance of an Easy SIP Billing System?

Success in the SIP trunking reselling business depends a lot on your provider. You must look for a high-quality SIP trunk provider with a proven history of providing outstanding products and customer support. 

You will want a company with robust systems to ease your processes. A billing system is an automated solution that helps businesses create and send invoices to customers and receive payment. Getting paid is a crucial part of ensuring your reselling business runs smoothly.

An easy SIP billing system helps your reselling business in the following ways:

Generating Invoices Quickly and Easily

A robust billing solution ensures you get paid without having to write invoices. The system generates invoices on your behalf and efficiently manages the complex payments and pricing tiers in SIP subscription models. This allows you to bill your clients for upgrades or recurring services without unnecessary complexity. 

Accepting Payments Quickly

A billing system notifies your clients when a payment is due and then processes those payments without delay. Without a proper billing system, you’d have to reach out to your customers and request payment. A manual billing process would be inefficient in running your reselling business. When choosing a provider, ensure they have an easy SIP billing system that you can pass on to your customers.

Maintaining Accurate Customer Information

A provider with a sound billing system helps you monitor your current orders. The system also stores relevant information for each customer and allows easy updates on those details. 

Automating Customer Communications

You cannot afford to keep checking all your clients to ensure they pay on time. A billing system notices and responds to any missing payments saving you the inconvenience and embarrassment of contacting each late customer.

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Benefits of Becoming a SIP Trunking Reseller Today

Get an Additional Income Stream

Suppose you are an IT support business selling managing services. In that case, you can easily incorporate SIP trunking into your product portfolio to provide your customers with a complete IT and telecommunication service.

You can also deploy SIP Trunking quickly since it does not require a lot in terms of outlay. You won’t need to have any additional software. All you need is to configure the current IP-PBX to the supplier parameters. With SIP Trunk reselling, you can boost your revenue quickly and easily without high investment. 

You Won’t Need to Hire Additional Staff

If you already offer a technology-related service, you can readily incorporate SIP trunk reselling into your services without hiring additional staff. You’ll leverage profitability levers with the reselling add-on without needing extra resources. You only need to update your service pages and links. This way, you can boost your revenue and improve your product range without cutting down on the time you have always allocated to run the business. 

It Is a Valuable Offering for Your Customers 

Customers are happy when they can find different related services and products in one place, and as a SIP trunking reseller, you will be providing a crucial product to your client base. With SIP trunking, they benefit from a seamless phone service configured to their specific needs. They won’t have to pay for legacy telephony systems’ installation and technical services. 

Other phone plans cannot offer the flexibility and scalability of VoIP services via SIP trunking. Considering how tough it is to run a business today without voice calls, chat, and web teleconferencing, SIP trunking reselling transforms you into a King of Enterprise.

Choosing a SIP Trunking Provider

Generally, there are three things you will be looking for in a SIP trunking provider before considering a partnership:

Flexibility to Sell Services on a Subscription Model

Customers have unique needs and preferences, so you want a SIP trunking provider that offers various subscription models. That way, you can build a perfect package for each client. The flexibility to choose services on the subscription model has several benefits, including:

Enabling Personalization

Choosing a partner with an assortment of offerings allows you to personalize your customer’s options better. If a customer wants to switch to a different model, you can easily personalize the experience with a price tag that fits them.

Boosting Customer Attraction and Retention

Flexibility is one of the most significant advantages of SIP trunking, and you are likely to lose many prospects if you offer a single subscription model. 

Having more to offer and considering your customer’s needs and preferences will help you retain more customers. Whatever change occurs in their business, their subscription can change without lengthy and time-consuming contract changes and cancellations. 

Helping Thrive in a Competitive Business Landscape

Your competitors in the reselling business are always trying to create offerings that fit their customer’s needs and expectations. They understand that customers want packages that reflect their specific goals and needs and won’t hesitate to find resellers with such options. 

Allow Customizing Solutions with Add-on Services

Another aspect you should consider when choosing a SIP trunking provider is the ability to customize solutions with add-on services

Examples of these services are:

Unlimited SIP Trunks

Clients that choose Unlimited SIP trunks pay a single low monthly payment for all calls to a large part of Canada and the lower 48 states in the US. Therefore, customers can predict their monthly expenses no matter how much time they spend on the phone. 

Direct Inward Dial

This dedicated telephone number lets your clients receive calls through their analog PBX extension or VoIP IP PBX. You can easily offer local numbers for all locations if you get a provider with a large Direct Inward Dial from all area codes across Canada and US. 

SimpleFAX™ over IP Service

While its popularity has waned, faxing is still a part of business communications. Yet, it is difficult to get a reliable, IP-based fax service. A good SIP trunking provider will have systems to send faxes securely over an IP connection with a 100% success rate. 

Toll-Free Numbers and Service

These numbers make any business look credible and professional. With this add-on service, you can provide your customers the ability to import their current toll-free numbers or add new ones. 

International Calling

With an Outbound International Service, you can sell services per minute or per location. Your clients will also enjoy security features such as built-in toll fraud protection. 

Scalable SIP Trunks

This service allows customers to receive blocks of minutes with a limitless number of SIP channels. They can upgrade to a bigger bundle anytime and enjoy prompt provisioning. 

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Handle all Customer’s billing 

Also, when choosing a SIP trunking provider, you should check whether it can handle all customers billing on your behalf. A simplified SIP billing system sends clients’ log-in information and payment instructions when you place an order for your customer. It should also handle all monthly invoicing and payment processing. 

When a SIP trunking provider handles all customer billing on your behalf, your costs of running the business reduce significantly. You won’t need to set up a billing system for yourself, and everything becomes accessible on your end. Each client has a different invoicing profile, but you can incorporate and manage everything with a mouse click. Another advantage of this aspect is the increased accuracy. Your business automatically maintains customer information, detects flaws, and quickly provides details when needed. 

Get A Provider with an Easy SIP Billing System 

As more companies look for updated systems, SIP trunking reselling has become a lucrative business offering. However, to thrive in this business, you need a SIP trunking provider like SIPTRUNK that offers you the ability to sell your services on a subscription model and customize your solutions with add-on services and an easy SIP billing system. Contact us today to get started.