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10 Benefits to Becoming a SIP Trunking Provider

The last few years have given us valuable insight into the future of communication solutions for businesses. After the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations revisited their current technology and switched to choices like SIP trunking because it has helped them easily keep pace with the rate of digital transformation.

The SIP trunking industry has the potential to reach $23.58 billion in 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.4%.

The reality is clear: SIP is here to stay. It’s adaptable, flexible, and easy to use for individuals. If you’re considering becoming a SIP trunking provider, there’s no better time than now.

Businesses continue to lean on SIP trunking solutions to help them adapt to the new normal, and they need a trusted provider to help lead the way. These providers have unique opportunities to expand their customer base and diversify their revenue.

Why SIP Trunking?

Businesses are looking for a way to modernize their communications and stay ahead of the trends, and they can accomplish it through SIP trunking. Whether you have a remote workforce or a team in the office, this is an easy-to-manage telecom solution that any business can benefit from.

The fact is, phone calls aren’t going anywhere. In a survey by Zendesk, 50% of customers still use phones to contact customer support when they have a problem, making phones the most-used channel for customer service.

That said, companies realize they don’t need to give up their phone lines to adapt to the ongoing changes in the workplace dynamic. They can still create worthwhile connections with their customers if they switch to SIP and take things virtual.

As a SIP trunking provider, you can provide your customers with the resources they need and alleviate some of the stress of restructuring their business communication solutions. Many organizations are switching to SIP trunking because it complements their modernized business model.

Unlike traditional phone systems, SIP allows them to scale and restructure their business to fit their changing needs. Companies no longer need to worry about physical infrastructure or office space to keep their employees connected to their clients and coworkers.

SIP can improve business practices and scale to meet the needs of a growing workforce. All anyone needs is a trusted internet connection to experience the benefits.

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Becoming a SIP Provider

The process for becoming a SIP trunking provider is relatively straightforward. However, it depends on the partner you choose to work with and what they have to bring to the table. Every SIP partner is different, so you’ll want to be mindful of what they have to offer if you choose to do business with them.

Don’t sign a lengthy contract until you’ve done all your research and weighed out the pros and cons. The right wholesale provider will be your partner, and the reseller program should feel that way.

As you look for trusted providers, you may be wondering what some of the benefits are of selling these services. Here are just a few you can look forward to:

More Revenue For Your Business

Diversifying your revenue sources gives you a competitive edge over your competitors, and becoming a SIP trunking provider is a great additional revenue stream. Most SIP partners will handle all end-customer billing for your business. That means monthly invoicing, taxes, and billing. So you don’t need to feel pressured about putting extra work on your employees. 

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Expand Your Product Offering

Businesses are looking for a way to upgrade their telecom network. By providing SIP to your customers, you’ll become a more valuable resource. They’ll be able to count on you for all of their IT support, network needs, and any other services you provide, and you can feel confident that customer won’t go to a competitor for their necessities.

Grow Your Customer Base

When you diversify your revenue, you can tap into different markets and attract more customers. Your sales team will have a more broad set of prospects to reach out to, as well.

You can also lean on your current customer base to help you scale by setting up a referral program. The value you can provide a business with SIP trunking far outweighs any other services your customers currently have, something that will be clear when they start working with you.

Help Your Customers Save Money

SIP trunks have a wide range of features, all of which can take communication to the next level while reducing expenses. You can help your customers save up to 60% when they switch to SIP.

SIP will increase flexibility and offers an easy-to-use solution to streamline workflows, providing real value to their workplace. You’ll be helping your customers eliminate overlapping networks and the costs associated.

Fees related to long-distance calls are a thing of the past, and your customers won’t need to invest in expensive 800 numbers. This is just to skim the surface of the ways to save and how you can pitch SIP as a much-needed benefit.

Provides Flexibility and Scalability

Every customer is different, so the subscription plan they need will need to be different, too. SIP trunking offers flexible subscription options designed to fit each of your customers’ needs. Unlike traditional phone systems, SIP is easy to scale up and down. One SIP trunk can hold an unlimited number of channels, so your client is able to scale up or down in minutes.

No Upfront Costs

The right SIP Trunking partner won’t require any upfront costs. They’ll work with you as a partner and provide you with seamless and transparent commission. After your first sale, you’ll see an instant profit.

You also won’t lose any money if you don’t make a sale as quickly as you thought you would. However, if you have a positive attitude and are ready to tackle these sales calls head-on, you can rest assured that SIP services practically sell themselves.

You Don’t Have to be an Expert

All you need to do is know how to sell to your customers. You can focus on the benefits and value SIP trunking provides their business and allow your service provider to handle logistics or answer the questions you don’t have the answers to. A reliable partner will have 24/7 support there when you need it. You can rest assured knowing you have a team of professionals you can reach out to help you close a deal, help your customers, and give you support.

No Physical Infrastructure Needed

One of the setbacks of traditional phone services is that they require physical infrastructure, and it’s not easy adding phone lines to your client’s plan or responding to maintenance issues. It can be a lengthy wait and sometimes costly, especially for small businesses.

With SIP Trunking, you can easily add and remove phone lines in minutes. If something were to go wrong, your partner’s support is there to take care of it virtually. You don’t need to worry about scheduling in-person appointments or managing any physical infrastructure. 

Help Your Customers Get Set Up With Unified Communication Services

Unified communication services are a must-have in this digital age, and SIP trunking can offer exactly that. You can help your customers consolidate their communication systems into a single network, saving them money and simplifying their solutions. SIP trunking also enables the unified communication suite and allows the business to utilize all features associated with UCaaS services.

Platform Compatibility

The right SIP trunking partner will ensure their offerings work with all major IP PBX, IP gateways, and open source PBX projects. That means you can pitch SIP to your clients confidently, knowing that their system will be compatible with SIP.

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It’s Time to Take Your Business to the Next Level

SIP trunking is a key trend to keep an eye on when it comes to the future of communication solutions for businesses. If you’re ready to take the next step and become a SIP trunking provider, you’ll want to start looking into different SIP trunking partners that can provide you with all of the benefits listed above. Not every SIP trunking partner is the same, so you’ll want to make sure you know what you need and what benefits you should be looking for.

The world we live in is embracing virtual approaches, and you have a unique opportunity to help businesses do the same. Once you’re ready to diversify your revenue and start your journey with SIP trunking, you’ll only wish you would have started sooner.When you partner with SIPTRUNK, you’ll be able to provide your customers with contract-free SIP trunking solutions. We have flexible plans that can benefit businesses of any size. Ready to take the next step? Get started with SIPTRUNK today.