Finding New Clients: What Your Customers Look for in SIP Trunks

If you want to succeed in 2020, you need to start by understanding your customers. No matter what industry you’re in, knowing who your clients are and the problems they need to be solved will make all the difference between steady or stagnant growth.

Read on to learn all about what most customers are looking for in SIP trunks when they’re searching for a provider! 

1. Ease of Use

Admit it – the telecommunications industry isn’t known to be accessible for the average consumer. Even though you want to use accurate, informative language, consumers don’t want to get bogged down in technical jargon, complex explanations, and unfamiliar acronyms when it comes to learning about SIP trunk services.

Educating new clients about SIP trunks and the benefits is possible! Start by using language for a layman. If this is something you find yourself continually struggling with, invest in a knowledgeable copywriter that’s experienced with breaking down complex explanations into accessible, even engaging language. 

2. Customer Service

If you’re a new SIP trunk provider, you may not have all the data you need about your customers to make informed decisions. If you want long-term growth, you need to foster long-term relationships with your customers. The only way to do this is to listen to their needs and concerns and to respond to them in kind. 

Frequent surveys, polls, and an easily accessible customer support team are necessary in order to gather this data. Offer incentives for customers to give their opinions, and time your surveys at opportune moments, such as a week after they’ve become a new client and they’re more familiar with your offering.

Lastly, ensure that customers have multiple channels to go through for customer service. This may include email, live chat, phone calls, and a knowledge base. 

3. Simple Pricing

Consumers are now used to a simple, subscription-based pricing model, and your pricing should reflect their expectations. Smart tiered pricing enables smaller businesses to become clients and later scale upward as they grow or become more comfortable with your service.

Consider creating a no-obligation free trial offer that enables new customers to try out calling, configuration, and the control panel. Customers are more likely to give your service a try over another’s if they don’t need to pull out their credit card right away. 

4. Fraud Protection

When they’re looking for a SIP trunk provider, consumers are expecting that fraud protection comes with the service – they want to be able to take care of all their communication necessities in one place. They are looking for: 

  • A simple way to create complex passwords
  • Capability to block suspicious callers
  • IP-based authentication for static IP addresses
  • Call identification
  • Creating a maximum default rate for calls

Along with providing consumers with the right tools to prevent fraud, make sure you’re educating them about how to use those tools effectively as well. Even better, creating valuable written or video content gives your search engine optimization, SEO, a healthy boost. 

5. Voice Quality

It’s important that your business offers clear voice quality for customers, as this will directly impact communications with their own customers! Voice quality is one of the top things people are worried about when they’re considering transferring from a traditional phone system to a SIP trunk. 

Ensure you have a point of presence in the regions that customers expect to reach for low latency. They’ll also be looking for Tier-1 voice carriers for establishing calls. Although Least Cost Routing (LCR) is more affordable, you’re sacrificing quality for cost, and your customers may not become longterm ones when they experience poor voice quality. 

6. Reliability

All of us have experienced the frustration of having to call someone in an area with no signal, or have had calls drop unexpectedly. This is especially frustrating in business contexts when conducting meetings, trying to close a sale, or contacting angry customers. 

Ensure that you’re offering customers the most reliable service possible through redundant infrastructure and multiple carrier connections. Then, educate customers on the benefits of a reliable SIP trunk provider versus an unreliable one. They may not realize that not all SIP trunk providers have the same level of quality! 

7. Expertise

As consumers consider their options, they’ll also be factoring expertise in their decision. They need to know that your business operates on a level of knowledge and authority in the industry so that they can invest in a business they trust. 

The best way to show expertise in your field is through free educational content. Produce quality content that educates consumers about the benefits of SIP trunking, from the ease of use to affordability compared to traditional phone lines. If you’ve been in business for a number of years, don’t be afraid to flaunt this.

You’ll also want to showcase the honest, positive reviews you’ve gathered from clients on your website pages. If you don’t have enough reviews, the best way to get them is to ask for them. Send out an email to current clients requesting a review and give them an option to provide you with feedback if they were unhappy with their service.

Showcasing the Benefits of SIP Trunks

The majority of customers are still unfamiliar with SIP trunks and their benefits. By collecting data on what your customers are looking for and then providing content and services that provide instant solutions to their problems, you’ll find that clients are far more likely to try out and purchases your services. 

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