What Is Wholesale DID Origination?

The rise of cloud phone systems has made it much easier and cheaper to communicate. Businesses that used to get large phone bills have benefited immensely from this advancement. Wholesale DID origination providers have helped business owners get additional income by simply reselling DID origination services. 

So what is DID origination, and how can you start offering or reselling it? This article will focus on helping you get a new revenue stream for your business.

Wholesale DID Origination: A Definition

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) origination is simply a telephone service that lets a phone number ring through directly to a specific phone, without needing to go through an extension. Businesses use it to provide each employee with their own direct line instead of an extension. They may also use it for VoIP communications.

Furthermore, wholesale DID origination is a service sold by telecommunication companies to resellers, who can in turn provide these services for multiple telephone numbers. 

How Your End Users Will Benefit From DID Origination

DID origination not only benefits resellers, but it offers many benefits to end-users as well. End users get a quality communication service that helps them save money and time. Let’s look into these benefits in detail, benefits you can explain to customers as you sell DID origination.

Cost Savings

DID origination ensures an end-user’s business can meet call demands since the phone numbers are distributed across various lines. This means cost savings, enhanced productivity, and an improved local presence.

End-users can even combine DID with a VoIP system to save more money on long-distance calls.

Time Savings

End-users of DID save time when they use DID that directly routes calls to the desired person, without the need to go through a phone tree.

Better Customer Experience

With DID, end-users with businesses can assign every employee a custom phone number to help their customers contact who they want faster and be confident that they will speak with that same person every time. This drastically improves customer relationships and satisfaction.

Customers can also reach end users directly without jumping through hoops, which translates into more loyal customers.

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Enhanced Communication

End-users can use DID to easily search for the availability of new numbers and select them in sequential order. Thus, end users with businesses or contact centers can get more numbers and provide different workstations with their own numbers. 

Communication between employees, customers, and agents is enhanced, potentially improving service delivery and ease of doing business.

End users with regional and international offices can also be more connected using DID origination.

Local Phone Numbers

Having a local phone number is advantageous to a business because customers often prefer to call businesses in their immediate location. 

End users with local phone numbers might have a business that operates in a different town or even country. DID origination enables them to set up a local phone number for customers, regardless of where they may actually be located.

Automated Call Forwarding

DID origination allows end-users with businesses to automatically direct incoming calls to their mobile phone without their customers knowing. Using call forwarding ensures they don’t miss any calls when they are not in the office.

Businesses that have offices located across different time zones have a reason to get DID origination since they can use it to automatically forward calls to other numbers at given times. This way, customers are sure that their call will be taken when they call.


Using DID origination, end-users can do more business over the phone and track campaign performance. They can assign different numbers to different marketing campaigns, enabling them to track each campaign accurately.

What Are the Benefits of Wholesale DID Origination For Your Own Business?

While DID origination has changed communication for the better, you still need to know what reselling DID origination can do for your business. The main benefits include time savings, profitability, and brand growth. Let’s see these benefits in detail.

Minimal Capital Required

Getting a wholesale DID origination provider ensures you incur very little costs since you buy in bulk. Also, the provider takes care of the underlying infrastructure, guaranteeing you require minimal capital to start reselling.

Time Savings

As you build your business, you don’t need a revenue stream that will take a lot of time to get up and running. A wholesale provider takes care of you, meaning you only need to sell to your customers. The provider handles the rest of the work, making reselling DID origination simple.


Reselling DID origination is profitable since the wholesale DID origination provider takes care of the technical aspects of the service. You are able to offer an important service to your clients while managing very little related overhead.

Grow Your Brand

The best wholesale DID origination providers let you grow your brand as a reseller. Since there is a big market for DID origination, having a good reputation as a reseller can boost your business, making you an industry leader.

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How Can You Add DID Origination to Your Offerings?

Adding DID origination doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, with the right practical information, you can easily get started on your DID reselling journey. So how can you begin reselling DID?

Do Research

Ensure you have done enough research to gauge market prices, competition, and customer availability. 

You also need to know who your competitors are, as well as their fees. You can find this kind of information by doing a keyword search on a search engine. Simply look for DID origination sellers in your location.

In addition to knowing your competitors and their fees, you should also understand the kinds of affordable services, bundled packages, etc., being offered by those same resellers, and plan your own to get your potential clients’ attention. 

Get a Good Wholesale Provider

Finding a reputable wholesale DID provider with fair prices and the best features is critical for your profit margins. The provider needs to ensure that the service is of high quality. You don’t want your clients jumping ship because of poor-sounding calls or extensions not working. This detail can make or break your reselling efforts.

Determine Your Prices

Once you have chosen your wholesale DID provider, be sure to match your pricing to the market. As a new DID origination reseller, you can get into the market by using more convenient offerings than your competitors.

Increase Your Customer Base via Marketing

Many of your existing customers will want DID, so make sure you or your sales team understand the benefits to sell it to customers effectively. To bring in additional business, you may want to reach out to businesses and institutions with lots of human traffic, personnel, and departments. Such businesses include; 

  • Distribution chains
  • Educational and financial institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Call centers

Get Started and Resell DID Origination Services

DID origination is a convenient, modern, cloud-based solution that your clients will appreciate while you add a new revenue stream to your business. Not only will they save time and enjoy greater flexibility, but their own customer satisfaction efforts will be more effective as well. 

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