COVID-19 Update

As news develops around the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, your team at SIPTRUNK is carefully monitoring the situation. Our Health and Safety team has implemented plans to make sure our operations and service remain at the highest quality for our customers.

SIPTRUNK Operations

All identified critical business functions have proven business continuity plans that are annually reviewed, exercised, and tested. Our network features multiple geographically redundant offices and data centers. Our network and recovery plans are well-tested and certified by annual audits.

We have remote working capabilities for employees in all locations. Our team is working closely with its vendors to manage any potential impact and will be able to adjust should the need arise.

Capability Highlights

During this situation, or any other that may require a change to business as usual, there are features of SIPTRUNK that can help ensure that your business and those of your customers continue to operate smoothly, even if remote work is necessary.

Add, Change, and Manage DIDs – If you or your client needs to add DIDs or SIP channels, you can easily do so in the control panel on-demand. If the need for additional numbers or channels is temporary, you can discontinue them when they are no longer needed. 

SMS – Most DID telephone numbers on SIPTRUNK can be enabled for SMS-to-Email functionality. When enabled, incoming SMS messages to the enabled DID will be sent to the email address(s) you specify. You and your clients can also ‘SEND’ SMS messages via email using this service. SMS is configured and managed in the control panel.

e911 –  “Nomadic” e911 can be applied to any US DID telephone number we carry. This means you and your clients can apply any valid USPS address to any telephone number in the United States and when 911 is dialed from that number, it will display that address to the emergency services operator on the other line. The address can be changed at any time, making it perfect for people who are working remotely.

This is a good time to remind your clients to make sure that all e911 addresses are properly setup.

If you have questions or if there is anything our team can do to help yours, please let us know.