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Building Your Business: How to Make Money Reselling SIP Trunks

May 6, 2019

$3.22 billion dollars in revenue were earned in the VOIP and SIP trucking market in 2014. By 2020, revenue is expected to rise to $10.29 billion.  It’s a business that…

hiring a SIP trunk provider

Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a SIP Trunk Provider

May 6, 2019

Small businesses and organizations are switching to SIP trunking to save money. The technology improves communication capabilities while strengthening a company’s bottom line. The way SIP trunking works: the technology…

VOIP Connections

How Much Bandwidth Is Needed for Quality VOIP Connections?

April 29, 2019

Voice Over the Internet Protocol, or VoIP connections, are an amazing invention. It uses a signaling protocol known as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to maintain a real-time voice-to-voice stream. The…

telecom innovations

The Top Five Telecom Innovations of 2019 to Date

April 29, 2019

Telecommunications across the world has been growing by leaps and bounds. The problem becomes technology has advanced at such a fast rate that new advancements have to do more than…

sip technology

How to Choose Between VoIP and VoIP With SIP Technology

April 22, 2019

Did you know that according to Upwork’s Future Workplace Report, 63% of companies have remote workers?  Combine that with the rise in international sales and you’ll see that there has…

best sip provider

Who is the Best SIP Provider for 2019?

March 29, 2019

SIP providers can save your business thousands of dollars every year. Statistics show that both large and small companies benefit from using a SIP provider. “80% of business with 20,000…

sip cost

What’s the Average Sip Cost, and What Are You Really Paying For?

March 27, 2019

In the last few years, it seems like every business magazine is writing about VoIP and SIP services. If you’ve got an older telecommunications or PBX setup, you might think…

voice over ip resellers

6 Things All Voice Over IP Resellers Should Know About the Business

March 20, 2019

As year after year, VoIP providers manage to generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue, any company not using these services is scrambling to get them. Voice over IP…

How to Find a Business That Needs SIP Trunking

February 11, 2019

SIP trunking, can, in reality, benefit the vast majority of businesses. The key is finding the businesses that are most likely to benefit the most from it. You also want…

sip for dummies

SIP for Dummies: What You Need to Know Before Selling SIP Trunking Services

January 23, 2019

Are you thinking about selling SIP trunking services? It’s a great business opportunity. You’ll offer clients an economical VOIP technology solution while earning a consistent revenue stream for your business.…