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The Benefits of Automation for Sip Trunk Reselling

Sometimes having the best product or the lowest price isn’t enough to attract attention. It’s vital to excel in customer service to differentiate you from other sales outlets and to retain clients.

Customers have greater choices than ever. All this competition means that customers also have high expectations.  More than ever, customers are prepared to take their business to a competitor if they aren’t kept happy. 

As a SIP trunk reseller,  how do YOU provide exceptional service? Customer experience giant Salesforce reports that speedy, connected and unified customer care is the answer.

But how? 

There’s one of you.

Read on to learn more.

Make SIP Trunk Services Personal

Getting to know your customers makes all the difference in good customer service. After all, there’s no such thing as a “standard office”, so make sure you take the time to get to know your customers well. After all, you can’t sell them the services they need if you don’t know how they use communications.

For top-rated sales personnel, a full 81% place their strategic focus on building customer relationships. 

Finding the Time Beyond the Transaction

It’s easy to spend time extolling the virtues of SIP trunking or dig directly into customer lines. But what about transactions? Here’s where business automation makes your life easy.

As a SIP trunk reseller, you have key tools for empowerment at your fingertips. Hands-off resolutions of tax and billing issues. Automatic renewals, automated provisioning and best of all, the ability to personalize your customer-facing interface with YOUR logo.

SIPTRUNK technology systems help improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and give you time to provide memorable customer service.  

Hands-Off Billing and Taxes


The SIPTRUNK platform was created just for resellers. Our control panel makes it easy to bill and manage SIP services. Billing, credit checks and collections don’t contribute to your sales program, so why should you spend time on them?

We handle customer billing and complex state, federal and other phone service taxes. You place an order for a customer. We send them welcome information, login, and payment instructions. After that,  we handle all monthly billing and payment processes.  

Every month, you have recurring income and no invoicing, no chasing payments and no worries.

Focus on growing your business, instead.

Ten-Minute Provisioning (or Less)

From start to finish, it’s possible to give a customer the lines they need in about ten minutes. Once payment is verified, the system is fully automated and your customer’s service is ready for use.

You control the quoting process and provisioning. From the easy to use dashboard, you can provide your customer with instant service from anywhere. All of your customer accounts are at your fingertips. You can update their order as their needs change.

SIPTRUNK offers unparalleled flexibility. No contracts bind you or your customers. Our automated provisioning means that you can respond to customer needs in minutes, not days or weeks. For example, if you have a client with seasonal needs, you can give them dozens of lines in the weeks leading up to Christmas then drop them to a single line during the off-season.

Your Own Brand

SIPTRUNK allows the full personalization of correspondence and webpages for seamless sales. The self-service portal is a white-labeled solution for your customer’s problems. It can be configured with your brand identity.

Upload your logo. Then take a few moments and create a welcome email to customers and potential customers. The customer experience is seamless, so you can focus on customer experience. 

Every online interaction with your customer features your name and logo, not SIPTRUNK, so your business is highlighted. Build your business as big as you want. You have professional support to give your small business the look and feel of a large operation.

Great Products

Your customer service is what sets you apart from other resellers. Our simple SIP trunk offers and add-ons separate us from competitors too. Service flexibility is what makes our products unique and easy to sell.

We offer SIP trunks by the channel including long-distance and local calls to the lower 48 states.  Or we offer a per-minute plan. Be responsive and sensitive to your customers’ differing needs and budgets.

With our easy to use platform, you can change your customer’s trunks in just a few minutes, every month, if needed. Unlimited trunks, scalable trunks or extras like DID, international calling, toll-free numbers and more are at your fingertips. It’s easy to offer customers choices and solutions.

Technical Support When You Need It

It’s important to answer questions quickly and with expertise. We provide SIP trunking answers and information resources at your fingertips. Win proposals with your easy to use quoting system and experts on call.

We have industry experts to help you with deployments, too. SIPTRUNK is compatible with all major IP PBX, IP gateways and open-source PBX projects. It’s tested and reliable.

SIPTRUNK uses only the most reliable Tier-1 networks. You promise your customers great voice quality and excellent availability. We deliver it. 

Even with our reliable networks, customers need backup systems. We can accommodate that. We give business continuity solutions. Your customers can set up to route inbound calls to a primary, secondary or even a mobile phone.  If there is an outage in part of the system, our services don’t miss a beat. 

Want Proof?

Sign up as a SIP trunk reseller today. No fees, no contracts. It takes 30 seconds to get started. Our platform ensures that you have ample time to build customer relationships.

Take advantage of our automated account setup, lightning-fast provisioning, and true white-label interface. Don’t worry about billing, taxes or back-office work. We take care of providing the very best product to you.

You concentrate on what matters, your customer.