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SIP vs. VoIP: Why is SIP Trunking an Upgrade to VoIP?

July 15, 2021

SIP and VoIP Are Not the Same If you’re involved in designing communication strategies for businesses, you’ve likely heard of the advantages of SIP over VoIP. While they both can…

How to Sell SIP Provider Software to More Clients

June 29, 2021

What does SIP Provider Software Do? Selling SIP provider software successfully highly depends on your chosen SIP partner. It also depends on your pitching skills and your basic SIP knowledge.…

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What is a SIP Line and Why You Should Be Selling Them?

June 27, 2021

What Is a SIP Line and How Does It Work?  SIP is no longer just a popular, new business gadget; it’s the standard for business communication. As more companies support…

How to Select the Best SIP Trunking Provider

June 26, 2021

SIP Trunking Provider Basics: What is SIP? Before diving into the best SIP trunking providers, you should first understand what SIP is, as well as what SIP trunks are. SIP…

How to Become a SIP Trunk Provider

May 18, 2021

What Every SIP Provider Needs To Know Whether you have an IT or telecom background or not, becoming a SIP provider may be an interesting option to meet customer demand…

What to Look For in a SIP Reseller Platform

April 27, 2021

SIP Reseller Platform: Basic Concepts If you are looking into joining a SIP reseller platform, you probably already know that SIP is an acronym for Session Initiation Protocol: digital signals…

How to find The Best SIP Trunk Provider

April 26, 2021

What Do The Best SIP Trunk Providers Do? Before digging into what exactly the best SIP trunk providers do, let’s take two steps back to learn what SIP is and…

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Wholesale VoIP Providers: The Key to Digitizing Your Communications

April 14, 2021

What Are VoIP and SIP? Before digging into Wholesale VoIP Providers, it is worth mentioning that VoIP is an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol.  The Federal Communications Commission defines…

How to Make Money as a SIP Provider

November 25, 2020

Where you live no longer determines your income opportunities. The internet makes it possible for you to start a profitable business from just about anywhere in the world. Today, you…

988 Dialing Laws

988 Dialing: What It Means for Carriers and PBX Administrators

August 25, 2020

988 – The New Suicide Prevention Lifeline In 2018, the U.S. government approved a national three-digit emergency number dedicated specifically for people contemplating suicide. The Suicide Hotline Improvement Act of…