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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Building a SIP Trunk Reselling Business

Just a few short years ago, the SIP trunking market was valued at nearly $12 billion. Today, experts predict its market value will increase to nearly $44 billion as 2031 comes to a close. Stats like these encapsulate the demand for SIP trunking. In turn, this explosive demand has created numerous opportunities for those interested in starting a reselling business. 

With SIP, it’s easy for business owners to establish their company as a knowledgeable service provider without the hassle of developing products and services from scratch. Instead, resellers brand high-quality, top-rated services developed, implemented, and maintained by an established SIP trunking provider as their own. Ready to take action? Follow these steps to launch your SIP trunk reselling business. 

Set Your Reselling Business Goals

SIP trunking fits seamlessly into nearly any business plan, not only for IT consulting firms, managed service providers, and other like-minded business professionals but nearly anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. With the right SIP service provider, you’ll have everything you need to get started, whether you’re adding the communication solution to your existing line of products and services or building your brand from the ground up.

Do you want to focus solely on business communication products? Do you want to offer a broader range of products and services, like marketing, web hosting, and virtual office spaces? These are crucial questions to consider before you start reselling.

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Build Your Brand

As a SIP reseller, you’re providing valuable communication services that help your customers reduce overhead costs, maximize productivity, and modernize their communications system. You have a silent partner managing the technical aspects; you own the customer experience. When you already have an established customer base and brand reputation, getting started with SIP is easy. But it’s not all that difficult to establish a newly minted brand as a reputable service provider, either. As you clarify your goals, your brand will begin to take shape. Once your mission is set, follow these steps:

  • Brainstorm a catchy, relevant brand that’s easy to remember
  • Choose a logo for your brand
  • Pick a brand color palette that inspires customers to buy
  • Design a website that reflects your branding identity
  • Use your about page to tell your story
  • Brand your company’s social media accounts
  • Include your logo on business cards and brochures

Use the same branding across all marketing channels. Effective branding is clear and consistent, just like excellent communication. With the right SIP reseller partnership, you can take an established platform and brand it with your logo. That’s why it’s essential to design your brand first.

Sign Up for a Reseller Account

Whether you’ve been managing a reputable, established company for years or you’re just getting your brand off the ground, your role as a SIP reseller begins by enlisting the services of a reputable SIP service provider. 

As you’re investigating your options, keep in mind that not all providers offer the same perks to their reseller partners. Ideally, you’ll want to register with a SIP trunking platform provider that doesn’t charge up-front fees, and that also offers automated billing, streamlined provisioning, and 24/7 reseller support.

Once your account is up and running, you’ll need to integrate your reseller products into your website and create compelling product pages that encourage customers to invest in your services. With the right reseller partner, your reseller account will also track your sales and your commissions. You can use these monthly reports to set quarterly revenue goals for your SIP trunk reselling business.

 Identify Your Potential Customers

Once you’ve found a reputable SIP trunking provider offering white-label products to their reseller partners, it’s time to begin marketing your services. Although you might naturally assume the odds of business success are more likely to swing in your favor when casting a wide net, most SIP resellers find it far more beneficial to fine-tune their approach. If you’re not quite sure where to start, consider taking some time to identify the customers most likely to benefit from your SIP trunking platform based on the following criteria.

Customer Demographics

Demographics represent specific characteristics of your customer base. For some businesses, demographics like age, gender, geographic location, or profession play heavily into overall marketing strategies. Others target demographics might include a particular hobby, skill, or interest. As a SIP trunking reseller, you may want to start with the small to mid-sized business owners in your contact list, including any prospective customers likely affected by the increasingly high cost of keeping their remote or hybrid workforce connected.

Business Communication Needs

A lot of business owners (and decision-makers) are paying top dollar for phone lines seldom used and features rarely needed. Most are also saddled with the high cost of maintaining and repairing increasingly outdated technology on top of paying additional fees for video collaboration, business SMS, and file sharing. As a SIP reseller, your ideal customers are looking for reliable, affordable business communication solutions that are easily scaled, require no expensive hardware, and can be accessed from nearly any digital device.

Common Problems & Needed Solutions

In today’s increasingly mobile environment, there’s been a marked increase in the number of companies embracing cloud-sourced communications solutions. However, many decision-makers have been initially hesitant to switch to SIP trunking platforms because of common misconceptions about general reliability or overall security. The time you invest in identifying your customer’s unique concerns and pain points will make it that much easier to overcome potential objections as they arise and present your services as a secure, reliable, affordable business solution.

Create a Marketing Strategy

As you identify your ideal customers, there are many other factors you might want to consider as you refine your target, including the job titles of your prospective contacts or the number of people employed by each prospect. Once you have a solid customer profile, you can draft your marketing strategy. The best marketing strategies focus on the channels most likely utilized by your intended audience. SIP trunk customers probably aren’t using social media sites like Instagram to find business communication services. Instead, they’re more likely to find information using a search engine like Google or Bing. To ensure you’re reaching the customers most likely to purchase your services, consider investing in the following options.

Search Engine Marketing

If you determine that your target audience is more likely to use search engines, you’ll want to implement search engine marketing strategies (SEM). Search engine marketing requires using paid advertising to give your brand a higher ranking in search engine page results (SERPS) to boost your overall visibility. One of the most popular options is the pay-per-click (PPC) format. To get started, you’ll need to create an account with a PPC provider. You’ll then bid on the keywords you want to trigger your ads. For best results, choose relevant keywords with low advertiser competition but a decent return on search volume.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps maximize the visibility and overall ranking of your SIP reseller business in “organic” (unpaid) search results. Although the algorithms are in a state of perpetual change, SEO best practices incorporate carefully selected keywords into header and title tags, meta descriptions, and optimized URLs to bring prospective customers to your digital doorstep. Site speed, website navigation, and backlinks also fall under the SEO umbrella. While marketers often debate which is the most impactful, effective SEM can’t exist without strategic SEO. Together, organic SEO and SEM can put (and keep) your SIP trunk reselling business on the radar.

Reach Out to Your Existing Customer Base

SEM and SEO are powerful tools, but they’re only a small part of an effective marketing strategy. As the person ultimately responsible for nearly every aspect of the customer experience, it’s important to tailor your sales pitch to each prospect in a way that helps establish and maintain a personal connection. While social media conversations and email campaigns are a good place to start, some of the best connections are made face-to-face.

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When you’re meeting prospective customers in person, it’s essential to keep in mind that most purchasing decisions are made to fulfill a need, solve a problem, or accomplish a goal. Instead of “selling” your services, take a few minutes to ask detailed questions and listen to what your customers say. Then dig a little deeper. When you have a clear understanding of how your SIP solutions could benefit that client, respond in a way that establishes your brand as a reliable, cost-effective business communications solution.

Analyze Your Quarterly Results

If you don’t track and analyze various business metrics, you could be missing out on a significant amount of potential revenue. One of the easiest ways to ensure your efforts stay on track is to monitor key performance metrics (KPIs). While there are many different KPIs used to measure business success, some of the most impactful keep tabs on what you are likely doing right or where you may want to revamp your approach. Just a few of the many KPIs that may warrant further attention include:

  • Monthly and yearly traffic
  • Returning vs new visitors
  • Average time spent on each page
  • Customer conversion rates
  • Cost per conversion
  • Branded content engagement

Business metrics like these are essential for identifying areas of potential improvement and maximizing revenue. KPIs will help you gain valuable insights into your business’s performance and make data-driven decisions to drive growth and success.

Get Started: Build Your SIP Trunking Reseller Business Today

The right SIP trunking reseller platform allows you to offer your customers a business communication solution that converts analog voice signals to digital packets transmitted over the internet both easily and affordably. When you partner with SIPTRUNK, the services you offer work with nearly any SIP-enabled hardware (or with a low-cost adaptor) but require no physical infrastructure. A single SIP session can utilize any combination of digital media. To learn more or get started, visit us today. You can sign up for a dealer account, complete your profile, sign your partner agreement electronically, and start earning a generous commission on every sale.