How to Find the Best VoIP Wholesale Providers

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) industry is expected to surpass $95 billion by 2027. It marks a significant shift in global telephone communications, driven by businesses seeking reliable, enterprise-grade VoIP services to enhance functionality and accelerate growth.

It’s also prompting tech sales leaders to find wholesale VoIP providers whose services can be rebranded and easily sold. We’ll provide a brief yet comprehensive overview of how to find the best wholesale VoIP provider. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to start selling high-end VoIP services, even without advanced technical knowledge.

What Is VoIP?

Also known as IP telephony, VoIP is a technology that transforms voice signals from the sender into tiny data packets sent over Internet Protocol networks, such as the world wide web. Because VoIP converts the sender’s voice into a digital signal, it enables calls from any networking device.

VoIP also expands fundamental business capabilities. Voice, SMS, and video calls can all be integrated into a cohesive platform. Organizations can then integrate communication data into other applications and services. It’s all due to VoIP’s inherently software-based environment, making it easily scalable and customizable.

It makes for an attractive product — and with the pressure to move away from traditional telecom infrastructure, it practically sells itself.

How Does Reselling VoIP Work?

Wholesale VoIP services originate from carriers specializing in SIP (session-initiated protocol) internet phone service. It replaces the need for physical switching and routing, as in a public switched telephone network (PSTN). With minimal infrastructure, SIP trunking providers can cheaply sell bulk VoIP services to smaller resellers entrusted with sales, billing, and customer service.

The VoIP reseller is the “middle man” connecting end-users to the primary carrier. They can also package basic subscription models with the VoIP features best suited to their market base’s needs. Selling white-label VoIP services most effectively require skillfully communicating the benefits VoIP can provide to businesses of any size.

Above all, you must emphasize to prospective clients the extensive enhancements in functionality VoIP provides, as it brings business communications into a format that’s highly compatible with other business tools. It’s not every decade a new product gives virtually every business access to much greater functionality and affordability.

Outsourced Technicalities – Focus on Sales

The most reliable wholesale VoIP provider has direct tier-1 carrier connectivity to ensure maximum uptime and minimal latency. The complex routing involved in SIP trunking is all handled between the VoIP provider and the tier-1 company — not the resellers or the resellers’ customers.

Top wholesale VoIP providers will have a highly experienced team of IT industry veterans dedicated to providing a seamless end-user experience.

Simple Administrative Tools

The most professional SIP trunking platform will also provide analytics and reporting tools, giving customers easy oversight of company-wide communications. A quality VoIP wholesale provider should also offer some form of integrated billing into the product, so resellers can more quickly and reliably charge clients.

In these ways, resellers can also outsource, or at least significantly reduce, much of the administrative aspects of wholesale VoIP reselling. Their customers then enjoy a more effortless experience, as their chosen VoIP brand has simple and effective tools for managing accounts and subscriptions.

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Why You Should Consider Reselling VoIP

Reselling VoIP could be a game-changer for your business. As VoIP marks one of the most significant recent shifts in global telecommunication, it’s become popular in numerous fields relying on out-of-the-box business communications services that support remote work.

Today, many businesses use VoIP to communicate with their customers and employees from the device of their choice and without loss in quality. Far from it, VoIP expands business functionality with many cutting-edge features and benefits.

Major VoIP Selling Points

Now is the perfect time to get into the business of VoIP resale. It’s as easy as communicating VoIP’s primary benefits to prospective clients seeking new communications tools. When kickstarting your career as a wholesale VoIP reseller, include the following VoIP benefits in your core marketing messages.

Low Costs

According to Finance Online, VoIP clients can expect 30 percent savings on their phone bills compared to legacy systems. Using VoIP requires little more than a reliable internet connection. This means low overhead for service providers, who pass those savings onto their customers. Because VoIP is generally device-agnostic, equipment costs are also much lower.


If the internet goes down, it doesn’t mean clients stop receiving calls. Clients can enable call forwarding to a mobile device (or web app) with cellular service — ensuring if their business’ internet connection is interrupted, they can still receive calls wherever they are.

Mobility and Flexibility

VoIP services are flexible, providing access wherever your clients go. Business relocation no longer requires setting up new telephone service. VoIP numbers can be non-local and don’t need to be replaced — but if fresh, local area codes are desired, it can be readily done.

Device flexibility is also a significant benefit. Thanks to VoIP’s software environment, end users can make reliable voice, text, and video calls as efficiently as running an app for true bring-your-own-device versatility.


With VoIP, end-users can efficiently integrate all communications into their suite of business efficiency tools, boosting productivity throughout the company.

Emphasize the ability for clients to add or remove features depending on their exact needs. They can expand their communications processes by, for instance, storing data on the cloud and accessing it at any time during group chats. The best wholesale VoIP provider will allow you, the reseller, to bundle features according to taste.

Ensure you’ll have good options for creating attractive subscription tiers, as most businesses demand the ability to pay only for what they need. They also will want to know how easy it is to scale their VoIP services in the future — so be sure it’s easy for you, as the reseller, to help customers quickly upgrade these services on-demand.

The question is: does your white-label VoIP carrier allow you leeway over the type and number of services you wish to market? Are they highly responsive to your (i.e., your customers’) new service requests?

How to Find the Best VoIP Wholesale Providers

As the industry continually expands, wholesale VoIP providers vary widely in quality. There are hundreds of wholesale VoIP companies to choose from, but only the best carrier guarantees your company a reliable new revenue stream.

Keep this checklist on hand as you search for the best wholesale VoIP provider:

  • Ensure direct tier-1 network access. Modern business leaders are wary of VoIP carriers that lack direct relationships with telecom providers, which maintain the existing infrastructure SIP trunking depends on.
    • A tier-2 or -3 VoIP carrier is much more likely to cause service interruptions for your customers. No matter the cause, service interruptions and poor customer experience reflect poorly on your brand and may damage your reputation in the market.
      Even at best, a non-tier-1 provider will lead to increased refund requests, complaints, and other customer service burdens.
  • Ensure they have the VoIP features your buyers need. From 3-way calling, enhanced voicemail, and browsing capabilities to call waiting, caller ID, international connectivity, and more, ensure the VoIP provider’s features align with the needs of your market base.
    Most service-oriented small businesses, for example, will require multiple direct inward dials (DIDs) if they serve numerous localities.
  • Compare pricing. Realizing cheaper isn’t better (especially with enterprise-grade tech), the beauty of any cloud-based service is that even the highest-quality products are pretty affordable. With wholesale VoIP pricing, a carrier will likely need to consult you and provide a custom quote according to your needs.
    Be sure they listen closely to your needs and are highly competent in the technology. Above all, be sure you can resell their services with a healthy margin, which requires researching your customers’ estimated telephone services budget.
  • Vet potential VoIP wholesale providers. Along with the standard protocols for any product research (i.e., reading reviews, ensuring the company is responsive, etc.), VoIP wholesalers should also provide a wealth of educational resources designed to help you sell your product.

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Become a VoIP Reseller Today

VoIP is an excellent tool that helps businesses communicate effectively across multiple platforms. It transforms voice signals from the sender into small data packets, adds routing information, and transfers them across IP addresses to the receiver.

From its beginning in the 90s, VoIP has become essential for most businesses that want lower costs, reliability, and flexibility. Today you can find multiple VoIP wholesale providers on the market that offer different services and contracts depending on your needs and budget.

In this article, you’ve learned how to find the best VoIP wholesale provider and partner with the leading company in the industry. Before choosing a specific provider, you should know what features you want, research the best providers, read reviews of multiple VoIP providers to compare their services, and carefully read the terms and conditions of your chosen provider.Ready to get started with the best VoIP wholesale provider?