How to Sell SIP Provider Software to More Clients

What does SIP Provider Software Do?

Selling SIP provider software successfully highly depends on your chosen SIP partner. It also depends on your pitching skills and your basic SIP knowledge. So, let’s start by learning SIP’s definition and what it does. 

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) enables businesses to send voice and other unified communications services. With SIP trunks, employees and clients can exchange video, chat and messaging over the internet instead of using traditional phone lines or PRIs (Primary Rate Interface). All you need to enable diverse communications for your clients is an IP-enabled PBX (Private Branch Exchange), internet access and a SIP trunk.

According to Gartner, enterprises are moving away from traditional PSTN services and migrating to SIP trunking to decrease telecom costs and consolidate their unified communications infrastructures. The research and advisory firm says, “SIP trunks can be used to provide cost-effective, ultrahigh availability for critical voice services by using multiple carriers.”

Your customers will be able to modernize their business communications platform with SIP provider software, supporting their diverse and mobile workforces in a more streamlined, cost-effective, and secure way. When people worked in a single location, they only had access to business landlines to communicate with each other and with others outside the building. With so many working remotely now, your company needs to keep everyone connected on a secure, managed business network, but how?

SIP trunking eliminates the necessity of physical lines between two points. Instead of relying upon legacy phone lines, companies can instead use virtual phone lines to connect instantly with anyone in the world through the internet. Additionally, it allows businesses to scale quickly without worrying about copper landlines’ costs and limitations.

Most providers tell you SIP is more cost-effective than physical business phones. However, only the best will offer a series of additional features detailed in the following section. 

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How to Sell SIP Provider Software in 5 Steps

SIP is a dynamic industry and it’s growing worldwide. So much so that the global SIP trunking services market could reach a market value of US$ 35.5 Bn by the end of 2030. Therefore, it’s an ever increasing business opportunity for telecom consultants who want to create a fresh revenue stream. 

Here’s a guide on how you can get more customers in the SIP arena:

Step 1: Create a prospect list 

Companies using traditional phone lines and the PSTN or other legacy circuits may be ready to migrate to SIP trunking. All they need is a fast, high-quality internet connection. Contact businesses that are considering changing their phone system or replacing their existing PSTN connections with internet-based ones.

Step 2: Reach out

You can likely contact your clients about SIP trunks almost immediately if you already manage a book of business. Make sure you understand what would motivate each customer to buy. Remember, every company’s needs may vary significantly. The most common questions you may receive are about SIP’s reliability, cost savings, number portability and the ability to switch from their current provider.

Step 3: Design your value proposition

You can add SIP telephony to your traditional IT services and bundle them together. With a top SIP provider software company, you can take advantage of your customers’ experiences with your IT services and offer them your own brand of SIP trunks.

Step 4: Create your proposal

Let the client know your understanding of their current telecom situation. Focus on their existing telephony and how important it is for their business to have reliable telecommunications nowadays, especially if they have a mobile or remote workforce. 

You can also discuss how their business’ budget is affected by overpaying for legacy services and oversubscribing to products they don’t use. 

Make sure to educate the customer accurately and avoid getting lost in jargon or complex telecom acronyms. Find ways to describe the product in understandable terms and provide day-to-day examples they can relate to. 

Regardless of how sophisticated your chosen SIP trunking provider’s network is and how it meets industry standards and certifications, using cost-effectiveness, automation and usability may be more approachable and persuasive selling points.

Step 5: Set clear expectations and sign up

Your customer should understand all the terms and conditions provided upon signing up for your SIP provider software service. As soon as you confirm the details on the proposal, you and the company’s counterpart should discuss the final cost of the solution, the timeframe for porting numbers and verify the services on the contract reflect each one of the customer’s needs.

With this guide, you’re almost ready to start changing the way your clients communicate with top SIP solutions. Let’s now review how to find the best partner.

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What to Look For in the Best SIP Provider

Now that you know how to get more clients, it’s key to find an industry leading partner who will stand out from the rest. You can expect to find many companies to choose from when trying to identify the best SIP provider software to partner with, but make sure you sign up with the one that can offer you and your clients the following benefits:

Platform compatibility

Your partner should support all major IP PBX, IP gateway, and open source PBX infrastructures. 

Bandwidth flexibility

You and your clients should be able to use any internet provider. With this option, you are able to choose the internet service company that fits your needs the best.

Toll fraud protection

Your SIP partner program should monitor unsolicited calls on a 24/7 basis and stop any suspicious activity immediately to protect your clients.

DID coverage

Top SIP software providers have access to an extensive database of phone numbers from multiple rate centers in the US, Canada, Europe and other countries, so your customers can request and obtain new numbers immediately.

Ease Your Workload with Extra Benefits

Besides all the advantages they could provide your customers with, your chosen SIP provider must make your job easier. Focus on selling to more companies, instead of complicated procedures by getting these pluses:

Free trial

Offering a free trial to your customers will make it easier for you to sell the service to more users. They will also be able to experience its benefits first-hand. 

No contracts

You and your customers will not have to sign any long-term contracts or make significant upfront investments. 

Customer service

Does the SIP provider software company provide an expert support call center? This is important for both your customers and for you because these telecom pros may be able to help you solve technical problems and win new opportunities.

No billing or taxing 

Inquire whether your SIP provider handles state, federal and other taxes, so you don’t need to worry about invoicing or dealing with complex related procedures.


Do they feature fully automated account creation and service provisioning? It should only take a few minutes to set up and update a customer’s account – without IT personnel.

Transparent commission process

A top SIP provider software company will provide transparency in monthly commission reporting, as well as automated payouts directly into your bank account. 

Easy sign-up procedure

Within minutes, you can sign up, complete your agreements and begin selling SIP provider software. There should be no paperwork involved, no checks and you’ll earn commissions right away.

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