Choosing Your Communication Backbone: A Deep Dive Into SIP Trunk Providers

In today’s technology-driven landscape, information is the lifeblood of business, and decision-makers depend on their communications systems. Modern companies are moving away from traditional landlines and adopting mobile-friendly platforms, integrating their phone systems into one universal network.

Some Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk providers are meeting this change through reseller programs. By finding the most effective and affordable SIP trunking services, resellers can also enjoy the benefits of the industry’s projected 14.1% annual growth rate—here’s how.

How SIP Trunk Providers Are Changing the Business Landscape

From the customers’ perspective, IP phone systems can seem complex, but SIP trunk providers can help their customers navigate this new technology with knowledgeable, user-friendly services and a pay rate that allows customers to pay only for what they use, and select only the features most important to them. 

SIP trunking can immediately expand business functionality, giving companies a greater competitive edge while reducing costs. To maximize these benefits, some SIP trunking providers focus solely on providing greater technical services. They rely on resellers to market and sell the service under their own brand, generating a healthy profit for resellers with virtually no overhead or investment costs.

Modern Phone Services That Practically Sell Themselves

How can companies or lone entrepreneurs capitalize on these trends? By selecting the best SIP trunking provider with a reseller program and effectively communicating its benefits. As one of the core IP-based phone technologies, SIP trunking is already in high demand, especially as companies are moving away from traditional phone lines.

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Companies are searching for clarity on which SIP trunking features will benefit their operations most. Prospective customers want to know:

  • How affordable is SIP trunking?
  • Can it accommodate mobile devices?
  • How well does it perform?

Affordability of SIP Trunking

Unlike standard telephone service providers, SIP trunking allows businesses to buy only the services and features needed at any given time. Users aren’t stuck with excess capacity that exceeds their needs. Advertising the ability to pay for only what they require speaks directly to one of the biggest pain points businesses face with traditional telecom providers.

The ability to easily and rapidly scale their entire system is also attractive to companies. Market research finds that businesses save 90% on their upfront costs by switching to VoIP—it’s likely they’re enjoying similar savings with SIP trunking.

Connecting Remote Workforces

One of the biggest trends in the mobile and hybrid workforce is the need to accommodate numerous devices. Companies no longer want or are able to issue specific telephony devices and manage them using IT and security standards better suited for on-premise networks.

SIP trunking enables businesses to embrace a “bring your own device” communications model, allowing them to avoid costly hardware investments while still providing a secure communications network for their employees. 

System Reliability

Customers will also want to know about the efficacy of SIP trunking and the risks of dropped calls or network downtime.  By partnering with a tier-one SIP trunking provider, your customers will achieve maximum 99.999% uptime. The majority of users also consider SIP calls of comparable quality to traditional phone lines.

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Customers can also add Quality of Service (QoS) features, including outage alerts, bandwidth statistics, and security features like VPNs. This is only possible, however, with experienced SIP trunk providers with the highest level of customer support.

What About SIP Trunking Features?

Mastering the fundamentals described above goes a long way to securing a solid customer base. But SIP trunking also equips businesses with new capabilities, including pairing with other IP-based telephony systems, such as VoIP and IP PBX, making it highly versatile and adaptable with other setups.

By breaking the need for location-dependent phone systems, businesses can select from a wider range of area codes, even when completely mobile. Barriers to international calling are also lower. These are just some of the ways SIP trunk providers are helping businesses become truly location independent.

The most reputable SIP trunking providers also provide the following features:

  • Voicemail to email
  • Call rerouting during network outages
  • Individual SIP lines with DIDs for each employee
  • Consolidated network management for easier data center operation
  • Toll-free inbound SIP trunking, where multiple numbers can lead to the same trunk
  • Adaptability with Unified Communications platforms for total mastery of company-wide communications channels

This latter is a surefire path to greater customer satisfaction as consumers increasingly expect omnichannel experiences. Once more companies establish this as the norm, the pressure for all companies to follow will only increase.

SIP trunking provides a much-needed backbone for modern businesses seeking the best way to upgrade their phone system. By mastering these selling points, SIP trunk resellers can easily earn a steady stream of recurring revenue as companies increasingly transition their phone lines to more robust, comprehensive communications networks.

Cutting Through the Noise with the Right SIP Trunk Provider

With the right knowledge and guidance, customers interested in SIP trunking can turn to qualified SIP trunk resellers to help them choose the right SIP trunk solution for their business. Resellers can help clients navigate the complexities of SIP trunking, demonstrating to business owners that they have an industry ally, and with the right SIP trunk provider, resellers can tailor the SIP trunk solution to their client’s needs.

SIPTRUNK differs from the competition by offering a business communications platform with extensive customer support, backed by decades of experience serving the needs of the IT industry. To become a SIP trunk reseller with absolutely no upfront costs, get started today and become an integral part of the changing business landscape.