Reasonable Prices for a SIP Trunking Reseller Platform?

In a complex economy, every financial decision carries significant weight. With SIP Trunking platforms recognized as one of the most cost-efficient workplace communication systems available, there’s been a marked increase in the number of businesses actively looking for reputable service providers

As market analysts predict the industry will reach nearly $44 billion within the next ten years, there’s also been a steady rise in the number of IT consulting firms, managed service providers, and other like-minded business professionals offering unified communications as a service (UCaaS).

Although the numbers confirm that offering digital communication services is a sound business decision, it can take years to reap the rewards of your investment when building from the ground up. Instead, you may want to consider some of the many advantages of branding and reselling the services of a white-label platform. 

Once you understand what SIP Trunking is and how offering SIP Trunking services could benefit your brand, you may also find it helpful to know what you can do to ensure you’re paying a reasonable price.

What Is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is a digital alternative to a traditional telephone system. When a business relies on a legacy phone system, its calls are connected through a complex network of physical phone lines linking its private branch exchange (PBX) system to a public switched telephone network (PSTN). 

A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk accomplishes the same task, but the services you offer eliminate the need for physical wires to transmit calls. Instead of relying on a “trunk” of bundled wires, your customer’s incoming and outgoing calls are transmitted over their high-speed internet connection. Businesses who upgrade to SIP Trunking can save up to 60% on their telecom services.

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How Could Investing in a White Label Platform Benefit My Business?

Most telephone companies charge business owners for groups of PRI (primary rate Interface) circuits. Each circuit typically has 24 lines. Those 24 lines support 23 calls and a single data channel simultaneously. 

To expand that capability, your prospective customers need to contact their provider, schedule an appointment for service, and pay the additional expense of installing expensive upgrades. In addition to the high cost of installing a second circuit, they’ll typically pay an additional fee for every line activated.

When you take on the role of a SIP Trunk service provider, your clients benefit from a digital format that makes it easy to incorporate multiple forms of communication into a single platform. Your business benefits from a revenue stream that can be up and running quickly, technical support, and the ability to upgrade and expand as needed. 

As you reap the rewards of a steady, predictable income, every customer that signs on with your company benefits from the following features that essentially sell themselves:

  • Voice, video, and data services consolidated to a single platform
  • Customizable, adaptable, and cost-effective features
  • Services that work with any SIP-enabled phone system (or with a low-cost adaptor)
  • Modernization that requires no expensive physical infrastructure
  • A system that eliminates the need to have a phone line connected to a central location
  • Less risk of communication lapses caused by IT outages

 What Factors Determine the Cost of Partnering with a SIP Trunking Provider?

Developing, implementing, and maintaining a digital platform requires a considerable investment of time and resources. When you partner with an established white-label provider, that burden is off your shoulders. Whether your business has been firmly established for years or you’re just getting your ideas off the ground, you’ll have all the advantages of a knowledgeable, experienced team in your corner. 

You’ll also have the support you need to ensure long-term consumer satisfaction. But not all providers offer the same opportunities to their resellers. To help ensure you’re paying a reasonable price, consider some of the many factors that could impact the cost of your white-label partnership.  

Up-Front Costs, Set Up Fees, & Contracts

Many SIP Trunking providers charge resellers a service fee to cover the cost of a consultation, initial setup, and training. Others don’t charge up-front costs but make up for any lost revenue by increasing their monthly rates or requiring a long-term commitment. You could pay a hefty penalty to get out of an agreement with a provider that falls short of your expectations. Instead, look for month-to-month terms and rates that ensure your business can offer competitive prices.

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Invoicing, Billing, Payment Portals, and Tax Management  

Depending on the provider you select, you may have to absorb the cost of managing invoices, billing your customers, and processing payments. You might also have to invest a considerable amount of time creating client accounts or hire a professional to ensure you’re staying on top of any and all state and federal (and other) taxes. Choosing a platform that includes these essential services could help ensure the profitability of your venture and your peace of mind.

Monthly Subscription Fees, Add-On Services,x & Commission Rates

SIP Trunking service providers typically charge a flat rate per user. Although many white-label providers will give you the option of providing a specific type of service, the best platform providers offer scalable services that allow reseller customers to choose from a variety of options and add-ons. 

Some also offer wholesale pricing for high-volume SIP Trunking providers. To ensure fair compensation, take a few minutes to confirm you’ll have access to a dealer portal so you can verify your commission rate and track your earnings.

See How Premium SIP Trunking Services Can Empower Your Business

Reselling premium white-label SIP Trunking services can be much more profitable than you might expect. The market growth rate currently stands at nearly 19% per year. Although numerous companies offer reseller opportunities, not every service provider offers the features and benefits you’ll find at SIPTRUNK.

SIPTRUNK is compatible with all major IP, PBX, IP Gateways, and open-source PBX projects. There’s no up-front fee or long-term contract, and we offer automated provisioning, hands-off billing and taxes, reasonable prices, and the ability to offer unlimited SIP trunking services (per channel) to your customers. Contact us today to get started.