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Is Selling SIP Trunks a Business to Get Into in 2023?

As internet bandwidth has exploded in recent years, voice over IP (VoIP) technologies have begun to replace traditional telephony services in much the same way landlines gave way to mobile phones. As the VoIP industry establishes itself, a majority of providers have adopted Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as their underlying technology.

The benefits of SIP-based communications are an easy sell to companies looking to cut costs and streamline workflows, making them the perfect product to bring to your business clients with the help of a reliable SIP trunk reseller platform

As we’ll see, SIP trunking allows your customers to consolidate their communications networks into a single, internet-based solution. Because it works over the internet, it works everywhere they need it to. It does this while reducing the amount of hardware they’ll need to depend on. SIP trunking also makes it easy to consolidate communications across various channels. 

The Growing Impact of SIP

Like many other technologies that facilitate communications, SIP saw a significant increase in adoption during the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the benefits of the technology extend beyond emergency measures. Because of this, its adoption and growth are expected to continue. In fact, the SIP market is expected to grow from $13 billion in 2021 to $23 billion by 2026.

How SIP Trunk Reselling Can Benefit Your Business

Any business looking for growth would do well to consider reselling SIP trunks. As we’ve shown, the industry is primed for growth, which makes a great first reason to consider including it in your sales strategy.

But a growing market alone isn’t enough to base a business decision on. Factors such as time and cost investments matter too. SIP reselling wins on these points as well. Some of the reasons to offer SIP services to your consumers include:

  • No upfront costs – Although you certainly could spend a lot of money rolling out your own solution, choosing to offer SIP services through a reselling platform reduces those costs significantly. When you choose the right partner, you’ll be able to get into the SIP business without any upfront costs. Instead, you’ll get paid a commission and begin making a profit as soon as you make your first sale.
  • Easy additional revenue – In addition to no upfront costs, picking a good partner to sell SIP with will also add only minimal operational expenses. Your partner will handle the invoicing, billing, and payment of related taxes. All you’ll be responsible for is the effort you put into selling the service to your customers. 
  • Expanded product offerings – As you offer more solutions to your customers, you grow another step closer to being a one-stop solution for their needs. Customers you already have a solid relationship with are likely to want to continue doing business with you. By expanding your product offerings with SIP, you’ll give them a reason to.
  • Larger customer base – Customers of your current offerings may make ideal candidates for purchasing SIP, but by offering the service, you’ll also be attracting new customers for whom SIP is the first priority. Of course, this gives you a new set of customers to build a relationship with, and a new pool of people to sell your other products to as a result.
  • No technical knowledge required – There are many offerings you could expand your product offerings with that require little in the form of startup costs. But many of them require extensive knowledge of the subject matter instead. This puts many of the same limits on practicality as initial startup costs do. When SIP services are handled through a trusted partner, you can really on their expert telco veterans

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How SIP Trunking Can Benefit Your Customers

None of the benefits to your business matter if you can’t sell the product to customers. However, as its growth shows, SIP also provides a lot of benefits to customers who choose to adopt the technology. There are many common reasons people adopt SIP. If you find a lot of overlap between the benefits of SIP and the pain points of your customers, then SIP reselling might be a great fit for your business.

Immediate Cost Savings

Pricing with SIP is much more simple than the alternatives. Mixed pricing for local, long-distance, and international calls and whatever features their providers are adding on leaves your customers with less predictable billing. The single price of SIP is not only easier to understand and budget for but provides an immediate cost reduction for businesses looking to save money.

Consolidated and Unified Services

SIP provides a backbone for communications over a data network instead of a traditional voice network. Not only is the customer saving on the different types of calls that can be made, but they are also reducing the number of networks they must pay to access or maintain. 

Having the voice and data networks combined also paves the way for a company’s entire communications platform to be handled in a single location. Unified communications platforms provide a streamlined workflow that increases productivity. Conversations with their own customers and business partners then become easier to track and manage.

Increased Reach

The internet is available all over the world. That means that SIP-based communications systems work out of the box wherever their users need them to. This is in contrast to other voice networks, which are often tied to a geographic location. Companies who want to rapidly expand into new locales no longer need to worry about additional communications infrastructure and its compatibility with their current system. 

More Flexibility

With traditional on-premise communications systems, options are limited to communicating with employees who are not on site.  SIP lets companies contact their employees on the same dedicated business phone number whether they’re in the office next to a company phone or on vacation with nothing but their personal cell phone. 

As the world moves more towards remote work, SIP trunking also makes it easier for companies to communicate with workers who may never come into a physical location.

Reduced Hardware Dependency

Expanding communications for a business traditionally has involved having a phone company come out and install new phone lines. Communication with employees who aren’t on-site often required the employee to have a company-provided phone. With SIP, all these external dependencies are gone. The only requirement is a connection to the internet and something to run the software on.

With SIP trunking, your customers will benefit from reduced costs associated with hardware and a reduction in the number of links in their communications chain that can fail.

Selling customers on SIP

The benefits listed above are all great reasons for your customers to choose SIP to power their communications strategies. The problem is that most of them probably don’t know about all the benefits their business can experience. 

So the first step to successfully selling SIP is to make your customers aware of everything that SIP has to offer. Plan ahead and align those benefits with the pain points you know they’re experiencing. 

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Working with SIPTRUNK

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