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Keys to Keeping SIP Trunk Customers Happy

There is a significant shift in the telecommunication industry as business environments move from traditional PBX systems to SIP trunking. Companies are embracing SIP Trunking due to its many benefits. For instance, it provides a more affordable telephony solution and requires less capital expenditure and less continual maintenance, making it easy and fast to cut costs and regain ROI.

With such benefits to the end-user, there is an ample opportunity to resell SIP Trunk as more companies look for updated systems. You only need to partner with a reliable SIP Trunk provider and resell the product to your customers. But as you bring the new addition to your product line, you must also know how to maintain customer satisfaction. 

Let’s look at how you can keep your SIP Trunk customers happy. 

Becoming a SIP Trunk Reseller 

Think of SIP as a computer language used in transmitting phone calls through the internet and Trunks as the virtual infrastructure carrying the signals. To become a SIP Trunk reseller, you first need to join a SIP reseller program that will supply you with the most wanted features. This will position you between the provider and the end-user. You become their SIP Trunk provider since they will rely on you for all the services.

Sip Trunk selling allows you to provide a product to the end-users that earns you consistent residual returns. All you need is to look for a reliable and high-quality provider and then add SIP trunking into your product line so your customers can access a broader range of options. 

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SIP Trunk Reselling Business Landscape 

As you move to become a SIP Trunk Reseller, you should know that there is plenty of competition out there. SIP trunks are similar, and you must differentiate yourself as a reseller to reap big from the market. To become the best reseller, you should first understand the product and the reselling business. 

Company owners looking for a particular service will want to find someone who is an authority in their niche. Therefore, you will gain customers’ trust if you understand a lot about SIP trunks and how they can benefit their business. 

Also, you might get in and scoop a significant market share, but that does not mean that the newly acquired customers will always be loyal to you. You must provide an excellent service that your SIP trunk customers expect for them to remain faithful. 

How to Keep the Customers Happy

Explain to Them the Benefits of Sip Trunking

As a reseller, you should not assume that your customers know all the benefits they can get from SIP trunk. They may know about cost reduction already, but there are other benefits, including the ability to carry data and voice, virtual presence from any location in the world, flexibility, scalability, and reduced call costs locally and internationally. 

Be sure to emphasize these benefits of SIP trunking to their company. You can even find out the system they are currently using, how well it meets their current needs, and what they want in the future to identify the weak points that make switching to SIP trunking the smartest move. If the company is working on a tight budget, it may appreciate that using the SIP trunk is cheaper to install and maintain since it won’t need huge investments in hardware to work. 

Deliver an Easy-To-Setup Technology

One thing that can turn off SIP trunk customers is realizing that they must navigate a complex deployment process. Therefore, you need to deliver an easy-to-setup technology and offer technical assistance. 

Inform your customers what they need to start with, including a computer with a stable internet connection, an IP address, a gateway to link non-IP phone systems, and details about PBX, SIP trunk, and VoIP phone systems. Also, provide your customers with a simplified step-by-step guide when setting up the SIP trunk and ensure you offer assistance as they undertake the process. 

It would also be great to mention some common problems they might encounter when setting up a SIP trunk and their solutions. Lastly, inform them to save changes as they go to avoid losing the SIP setup. 

Allow Flexibility

As a SIP trunk reseller, you are competing with other vendors offering various flexibility levels that can benefit businesses. The customers know this and will choose one that provides the most flexible options. So, you should have a platform with easy-to-implement add-on services, including configuring softphone compatibility and adding IP access control lists.

Offer Competitive Pricing

One of the primary reasons why businesses are switching to SIP trunking is its cost-saving capabilities. Therefore, it is only wise for you to offer competitive and attractive pricing. Customers will always compare the pricing models among different resellers and will likely settle on one you if your offers are the most cost-saving. 

Offer Customers Fast Service 

There is plenty of competition in SIP trunk reselling; thus, you must quickly give customers what they want. Speed in customer service is a top priority of SIP trunk customers considering many choices. Your customers understand that information is all over, there are many tools to collect and maintain data, and that resellers have access to all these. Therefore, they won’t see any reason to wait or accept a slow service.

Offer Easy Customer Service

Besides fast customer service, you need to make it easy for your clients to get support. Customers will prefer you if you can deal with their inquiries anytime. They also want you to offer individualized customer service. Strive to provide friendly customer service instead of the labyrinthine call centers that do not give a personal touch. 

Offer Easy Scaling

A business may shrink or grow according to the season. Therefore, you must customize your solutions to fit your customers’ needs, especially when they are adding connections in various offices worldwide.

Offer a Wide Range of Products

Another way to keep your SIP trunk customers happy is to offer a wide range of products or services under one roof. For instance, if you are an IT support company that sells managed services, you can easily add SIP trunking to your product line, thus providing your customers with a complete IT and telecoms service. Your customers will be happy to find everything they need in one place. 

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Importance of a Reliable, High-Quality SIP Trunking Provider

When considering SIP trunk reselling, you should also consider another crucial step in the journey: partnering with a reliable and high-quality provider. This will determine your success in the reselling business. You want a provider with a proven history of offering outstanding products and customer service. Such a partner will have a great platform you and your customers can use and manage without difficulties. 

The SIP trunk provider should also have a cost-effective package for resellers. Of course, you don’t want to resell SIP trunking when your customers can purchase it directly from your provider for less. You can reap greatly from SIP Trunk reselling when you get a vendor who is entirely behind your efforts.

Become a SIP Trunk Reseller

Many companies recognize the benefits of updated telecom systems, and they are getting into the market in large numbers to look for these systems. Therefore, becoming a SIP trunk reseller is one of the more lucrative businesses you can choose. But you have to offer services that keep your customers happy. To do this, you must partner with a reliable and high-quality SIP trunk provider like SIPTRUNK. Contact us to get your reseller account now.