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SIP For Dummies: Everything You Need To Know About Reselling SIP Trunks

Imagine being able to make recurring revenue from your technology business. It may seem farfetched, but it’s possible.

If you want to earn more money in your technology business, consider a SIP trunk resell service.

But what is a SIP trunk, and why should you resell it?

What Is a SIP Trunk?

A SIP trunk is a type of IP connection. It connects your business communications to a SIP Trunking Provider.

Think of SIP trunks like pipes, except they’re the pipes in a communication system rather than a plumbing system.

Your SIP trunk can sit in your data center, or you can put it in a small local branch site.

SIP trunks act as virtual phone lines, so they help you manage your voice budget. Each SIP trunk has multiple SIP channels, which are what allow you to make and receive calls.

A SIP trunk can also help make your voice communication more reliable. If one trunk goes down, you can switch to using another trunk.

What Is SIP Trunk Reselling?

SIP trunking helps enable VOIP systems. If you have clients who want to use VoIP, SIP trunk reselling will help you fill that need.

SIP trunk reselling keeps your clients interested in working with you since you can offer it with your other services.

Your customers can use SIP trunking to make their VoIP network more efficient. If they do a lot of video calls, it can be especially useful.

Since SIP trunks are pieces of software, they won’t take up any physical space, so it’s easy to get into the business of SIP trunk reselling. If you set up as a SIP trunk resell partner, you can work with another company to sell SIP trunks.

Benefits of SIP Trunk Reselling

One of the best things about SIP trunk reselling is that you can make extra income. Since SIP services work as a monthly subscription, you can earn the same amount each month.

Of course, you’ll have to market the service upfront. However, once you get clients on board, you can scale your reselling income.

Speaking of scaling, it’s also easy to scale a SIP trunk reselling business. If you start selling to one area or market, you can use those tricks to sell to other businesses.

By reselling SIP trunks, you can help businesses and clients make their communication methods more efficient. Not only will that help their businesses, but it can help you as well.

How to Resell SIP Trunks

In the current day and age of technology, it’s important to have a modern communication system. SIP trunks can help businesses of all kinds with that goal.

If you want to resell SIP trunks for your business, you need to know the right steps. Reselling anything can be difficult, especially if you aren’t typically a salesperson.

Learning the basics you’ll be able to pitch the SIP to your clients and customers. From there, you can build a successful SIP trunk resell business.

Know the Product

First, you should know what you’re reselling. Of course, you probably know the basics. However, don’t be afraid to do some research.

When first reselling SIP trunks, it can help to work with a partner organization. You can get support from the company, and your clients can get that support as well.

You also won’t have to worry about dealing with contracts or payments. Instead, you’ll have more time to work on reselling.

Know the Value

The next step to selling SIP Trunks is to know the value. In the case of a SIP trunk, you should know that it can streamline communication.

It can smooth out potential kinks, especially concerning video calls or calls involving multiple lines. Most importantly, it will save your clients a lot of money.

If you understand the value of SIP trunks, it will be much easier to convince clients that they need them. Then, you won’t have to work so hard to get people to buy.

Know What You Need

As you start your SIP trunk resell business, you need to set a few things up. Of course, you probably have a few clients that you sell other products or services to.

However, you’ll need an easy way to manage the SIP trunks that you have and sell.

Know How to Market It

Luckily, you have a few options when it comes to marketing your SIP trunk resell business. Depending on the business you already run, you can target those clients.

However, you can also expand your reach to find new customers. You can target businesses in your local area since you can easily work with them to set everything up. 

You can use your website and social media to advertise your new service. Contact your current customers or previous ones.

Send an email with your new offer so that they can learn what you have. You might just make a sale.

Know How to Set It Up

One of the best benefits of SIP trunk reselling is that you can get help setting it up. Some companies that you partner with will provide you with the support you need.

Once you make a sale, you’ll need to help your customer get started. 

As you start your SIP trunk resell business, your partner can ease the stress. Eventually, you can learn more about how it works.

Keep Learning

As you start and grow a SIP trunk resell business, you will have a lot to learn. You need to stay on top of SIP trunk technology, and you have to market it to your clients.

Luckily, you don’t need a ton of experience to get started.

Do you want to resell SIP trunks? Learn more about partnering with us and get started today.