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A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Successful SIP Trunks Reseller

The Changing Business Communications Market

Businesses are looking to upgrade their communication systems to a new space of flexible options. They want their sales teams out selling, not sitting at a desk. That trend is the perfect time to become a SIP trunk reseller. If you’re an IT or telecom integration business, the resale of SIP trunks makes perfect sense. Infrastructure needs vary depending on how your clients connect, self-hosted or cloud-hosted. Still, you already deal with the required hardware.

Due to this and many other reasons, many traditional phone services companies have begun phasing out their wired services. While some telecom providers already ceased PSTN services several years back, others are planning to do that soon, considering that 2030 is the deadline for global switch-off. As an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of the coming changes and find a reliable and high-quality provider, partner with them, and add SIP trunk into your portfolio. 

What is Reselling SIP Trunks?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is essentially the way VOIP is achieved. By definition, it is an application layer protocol that sets up real-time audio and video sessions between two points (phone to phone). The technology within an IP network creates, modifies, and terminates sessions of all kinds, whether it’s a two-way or multi-party conference call. 

The bottom line is that businesses need to invest in unified communication services to build a modern business. It’s good news if you are a managed service provider (MSP) thinking about becoming a SIP trunk reseller. That means adding SIP trunking to your list of provided services. Such a move makes sense in many ways, aside from being a great way to add revenue streams to your bottom line. 

The great news is that some quality SIP trunk providers offer businesses to resell their services as White Label resellers. This reselling model means you can brand and market it under your business name while they take up most of the administration. 

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Making a Business of SIP Trunking

The future of the SIP trunking business is bright, as shown by the statistics below:

Some crucial developments supporting the growth of the SIP trunking business include:

  • Rapid evolution in the telecommunication networks as businesses transform towards globalization.
  • The increased traction in international business calling service as communication with other investors, distributors, and clients in different countries becomes faster and simpler.
  • Increasing use of laptops, smartphones, and cloud platforms.
  • The advent of fiber optic, 5G, and other connectivity services thus boosting internet services.
  • Increasing competition in voice carrying piles pressure on market players.

It is apparent that businesses are moving to VoIP technology and that SIP is fast becoming the choice for telephone communications for business. The time is now to help businesses with the transition to SIP. The flexibility and scalability will be helpful to small and new businesses, while older companies will need to be able to integrate older PBX systems. 

How to Get Started as a Sip Trunk Reseller

Find a Great SIP Partner

Finding the right partner is one of the main components of success as a SIP trunk reseller. If your reseller model has a weak foundation or, in other words, a weak service partner, you won’t get very far.  

So, what should you look for in a SIP Trunking partner? 

Research the software they use to determine if it is intuitive and user-friendly. If the software is challenging to navigate, you won’t be able to figure out how to invoice clients, create quotes, keep track of leads, and you won’t have any luck reselling. Besides, you may have clients who need to be able to use the software independently, so you must make sure it’s simple enough for them to understand.

Also, choosing SIP companies with Tier 1 communication networks is essential. Tier 1 connects directly to the internet, which results in more clear audio and video conference calls. Choosing a company that works with Tier 2 or 3 may cost less, but you may lose clients due to the lags, glitches, and dropped calls they experience on these networks. 

Another crucial feature you should check is whether a provider has a simplified SIP billing system. You are in business; thus, you need a seamless and convenient way of getting paid. A SIP trunking provider with a simplified, automated payment solution that you can pass on to your customers reduces the business’s costs since you won’t need to put aside resources for the same. Also, your work becomes easier since you can manage everything about your clients with a touch of a button despite their different invoicing profiles. 

Clearly Explain the Advantages of SIP Trunking

Knowing how to clearly explain to businesses the advantages of SIP trunking will make you successful as a reseller. You need to demonstrate how valuable SIP trunking is to your prospective clients. That will lead to sales. 

When you remind prospective clients that your services can grow with their business, the scalability of SIP services will pique their interest. They need to know they aren’t locked into paying for unneeded things at the beginning. Be sure you highlight all the savings SIP service provides to a business – often up to 40% off communication costs. 

Inform your prospective clients how each feature benefits them and their ability to serve their clients. Then you can enhance your revenue as your clients learn by introducing them to bundles that solve their needs. 

Offer What Your Clients Need

One sure way to stand out as the preferred SIP trunk reseller is to make it easy for clients to get exactly what they need. Customers have a unique set of needs and preferences. As a reseller, you should offer your customers the ability to customize their solutions with features and add-on services such as DID (direct inward dial), local and toll-free numbers, toll fraud protection, outbound international service, fax-over-IP services (FoIP), etc.

For instance, Direct Inward Dials allows each employee in a company to have a SIP line that offers excellent call flexibility. If you find a SIP trunk partner who offers various DIDs from all area codes in Canada and USA, your customer can pick local numbers for every location. 

Toll-free numbers and service are another add-on feature allowing your customers to have local numbers in their business areas even if they haven’t established a physical location. Toll-free numbers make a business look professional and increase credibility, so many organizations will want this feature. This service allows customers to port their current toll-free numbers or add new ones. 

You will win their hearts for organizations with global operations by offering Outbound International Service. This valuable add-on feature allows charging per location and minute and comes with fraud protection. It also allows setting the maximum cost/minute/trunk. However, you can only extend such benefits and features to your customers if your SIP trunk partner offers them. 

Another thing to keep in mind as you get started with SIP trunking reselling is that customers only want to pay for what they need. Offering a single subscription will lock out customers whose businesses have not grown to a level of utilizing the package fully. Also, customers will have to find a different reseller when their business grows. Therefore, you should have a variety of subscription models. 

Regardless of the scale of their business, your customers will find a suitable model for their needs and won’t need to leave you when their organization moves to another growth level. You can only offer different subscription models like add-on services if your SIP trunk provider has them. Therefore, providing what your SIP customers need depends on your partners’ offers. 

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Become a SIP Reseller Today!

Becoming a SIP Reseller shouldn’t be difficult when you’ve seen how simple it can be. Educating customers is all it takes to make them understand how SIP will solve their communications problems, and that’s what it is. Finding the problem and solving it with SIP trunks. 

Reselling SIP is an excellent addition to most technology products you already offer. SIP Trunk is made for businesses looking to build recurring revenue streams. If you still have questions, check out our free guide today.