Weekly Recap – 2015 Year in Review

In case you missed the posts this week, we’ve gathered them all together for you in one convenient location.

If there was a theme to the week, it would be “2015 Year in Review.”

2015 year in review telecom voip sip uc webrtc

The Best 2015 Year in Review Recap Article for VoIP, Video, Telecom, UC, and WebRTC

Catch up on tech news from 2015 and get ready for the New Year. Check out these recap articles from our favorite VoIP, video, telecom, UC, and WebRTC news sources:

  • You Down with OTT?
  • Are We There Yet? (WebRTC)
  • UC for You and Me
  • The Skype Family Portrait
  • Together We Can Do It

Plus, the truth about chatting over coffee…Read More.

voice monitoring software wireshark

SIP Survey Snippet – Troubleshooting SIP Trunking and Voice Monitoring Software

The SIP Survey asked a new question this year to “find out what tools people used to test / troubleshoot their communications services.”

The most widely used voice monitoring software tool, Wireshark, won out in a wide margin…Read More.

100th SIP Trunking Dealer Signed at

We’re excited to announced that has reached a major milestone.

The 100th active SIPSIMPLE™ certified SIP trunking partner has been added to the fold, since launching in June of 2015.

“With industry leading commissions, a fully automated service delivery platform and compatibility with a dozen leading IP PBX systems, we’ve made it really simple and very profitable to resell SIP trunking,” said Fribush…Read More.

sip survey snippet tdm cloud sip

SIP Survey Snippet – TDM, Cloud, and SIP Implementation

“Which PBX does your company have for its own internal use” was a question that was posed only to SIP end-users.

The answers revealed that an ongoing trend in the VoIP space is alive and well and will be continuing in the near future – Most companies have a mix of old and new technologies deployed to handle their communication needs…Read More.

Lots of good SIP trunk stuff coming from us in the near future. Stay tuned!