The Best 2015 Year in Review Recap Article for VoIP, Video, Telecom, UC, and WebRTC

Catch up on tech news from 2015 and get ready for the New Year.

Check out these recap articles from our favorite VoIP, video, telecom, UC, and WebRTC news sources.

You Down with OTT?

For over-the-top video (OTT), “a disruptive year brought a few surprises but even more questions,” said Samantha Bookman at FierceOnlineVideo. Disruptive – there’s that word again – but, there were a lot changes in regards to content, networks, services, and features. The top five trends of 2015 include options for OTT viewers, live streaming, ad blocking, local TV news apps, and original content producers.

Are We There Yet? (WebRTC)

Patience is a virtue but, is WebRTC ready yet? Andrew Prokop at No Jitter explains why WebRTC has been so frustrating for him. It’s not the technology that confounds him but the “lack of understanding from [his] fellow communications professionals.” Even Apple and Microsoft aren’t running with the WebRTC trend.

UC for You and Me

Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, Mitel, Polycom, Google; they’re all vying for your undying, unified (communication) attention. The Top 10 UC Stories of 2015 include all the heavy hitters in the UC industry with developments in cloud solutions, workstream collaboration and communications (WCC), CPaaS, CCaaS, and other acronyms coming of age. Plus, it’s the end of an imporant era in UC as John Chambers leaves the helm at Cisco, a company that “went from being nonexistent in communications to a market leader, and the company forever changed our industry for the better…The UC industry is a strong, multibillion-dollar market, partially because of his vision,” said Zeus Kerravala at No Jitter.

The Skype Family Portrait

The holidays were meant for getting together with friends and family. And if you can’t do that in person, use technology. There’s a new holiday tradition emerging, the Skype family portrait.

Together We Can Do It

Five out of the Year in Review: 7 Telecom News Stories You Need to Know About from Talkin’ Cloud are about acquisitions involving Ericsson, Mitel, ThinkingPhones, Vonage, and BlackBerry.

Drinking Coffee Alone

One last thing to think about as we wrap up 2015 and head into the new year is that it’s very possible that Coffee is Killing Your Productivity. How could those five words, “Let’s grab coffee and chat,” be so harmful? Isaac Morehouse at the Observer turns a few phrases to playfully remind us that there are “professional coffee drinkers” and that “These people will consume you.”

Happy 2016, everyone!