How to Make Money as a SIP Provider

Modern businesses are seeking advanced communication solutions that grant them reliable calling and an omnichannel approach. Organizations demand flexibility for remote workers, scalability to facilitate growth, business continuity, and affordability in their business communication systems. SIP trunking is the go-to solution that meets all these needs.

As a SIP trunk reseller, you can deliver voice, video conferencing, text messaging, instant messaging, and fax over the internet in customizable packages to all your clients. SIP-enabled solutions can meet the needs of businesses seeking to improve their communication options with a modern communications solution.

Businesses that can effectively manage call and messaging volumes and respond to customers quickly and sufficiently have an edge against the competition. According to Forbes, over half of consumers choose the first company that responds to their call or message. When your clients have SIP trunking communication solutions, they can respond to customers efficiently and manage high call volumes to improve engagement and retention rates.

Explore how you can offer cutting-edge solutions to your clients and produce new revenue streams by becoming a SIP trunk provider with a private-label reseller partner.

Why Become a SIP Reseller?

Offering SIP services allows you to expand your offerings to clients and deliver business-enhancing communication solutions. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) transmits voice, video conferencing, text, and instant messaging data over the Internet. Voice calls are made using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for low-cost communication, reliability, and consistent call quality. Calls can be made between VoIP phones and traditional publicly switched telephone network (PSTN) phones.

Reselling SIP trunk services and VoIP calling allows you to create a new revenue stream. Taking advantage of a VoIP reseller program makes it simple to get started with SIP trunking. Rather than investing time and energy into development and technical support, you can focus solely on marketing and selling the service to clients. The SIP provider handles deployment, system maintenance, and billing for your clients.

With a white-label solution, you can maintain a consistent brand image and identity, ensuring your customers see your branding and logos when they log into the SIP administrator panel and view electronic documentation.

A reputable SIP partner also provides the onboarding and training you need to successfully offer SIP trunking to clients. A quality partner provides 24/7 support to ensure you and your clients are getting the expected value from the SIP solution.

The Costs of Providing SIP Trunking

While it’s simple to begin selling SIP with a reputable partner, costs should be taken into account. As a SIP trunk reseller, you offer SIP and VoIP services to your clients without upfront costs or contracts. The service is hosted in the cloud, requiring no on-site infrastructure for your clients. When you sell SIP trunking, you simply collect a commission from your customers’ monthly subscription payments.

An established SIP partner can minimize initial costs for procuring the necessary hardware for your clients to begin using SIP trunking. In many cases, your clients already have the infrastructure they need to get started: a stable internet connection and compatible telephony devices, such as IP phones, mobile devices, and software phones.

However, if your clients use analog phones and a traditional private branch exchange (PBX), they can use a session border controller (SBC) to connect legacy devices to the SIP trunk. Reputable SIP providers support the leading brands in business phone systems.

Reselling SIP Trunking to Businesses

With many organizations transitioning to a distributed remote workforce, SIP trunking delivers unified, scalable, reliable, and cost-effective communications. According to Globe Newswire, the demand for SIP trunking services is growing due to remote work trends. Experts expect the SIP trunking market to rise to over $39 billion within the next decade.

As a SIP trunking reseller, you can be poised to offer a solution to current clients and attract new ones by offering a flexible cloud-based communications solution.

The Benefits of SIP Trunking for Your Clients

Offering unlimited SIP trunks is a great way to draw in customers. SIP trunking providers offer several key benefits you can highlight when pitching to your customers. Encourage them to implement SIP trunking by explaining the following advantages.

Easier Budgeting With Consistent Monthly Payments

Businesses have strict budgets. Dealing with unpredictable communication bills is something no business owner wants to endure. With VoIP, companies can better budget their monthly funds, given SIP trunking offers a flat rate based on the number of channels.

For example, a business requiring four channels at a monthly price of $24.95 can be sure that its SIP trunking costs will remain under $100 per month.

Exceptional Scalability

VoIP calls made through the cloud offer incredible scalability, ensuring your clients have the calling capacity they need to handle high and fluctuating call volumes. When additional channels are needed, they can be provisioned instantly. Without upgrading infrastructure or hardware onsite, the elasticity of cloud communications allows your clients to scale back down to normal levels when high call volumes subside.

Reliability and Business Continuity

The flexibility and resilience of cloud communications deliver peace of mind to customers. Your clients can have redundant services hosted on a Tier-1 network to ensure reliable calling during outages or unexpected interruptions. Since VoIP is hosted in the cloud, your clients will have consistent call quality, regardless of location.

When there’s an onsite emergency, such as a natural disaster, your clients can quickly transition to a virtual office dynamic and allow authorized users to connect to the SIP platform from home or another office location.

No Hassle and No Contracts

When you work with a reputable SIP provider, you can promote having a “no contract service.” No commitment is a big deal for businesses looking for freedom and flexibility. Your clients can increase or reduce the number of SIP channels or services from their administrator panel as necessary. Adopting new services with no upfront fees or commitments can be a big selling point for acquiring new clients.

Offer More Services As a SIP Reseller

There are various customizable solutions you can offer to clients as a SIP provider, so your business can appear technologically advanced and customer-focused. You can offer VoIP calling solutions to help your clients set up call centers, handle fluctuating call volumes, and harness invaluable customer data metrics. VoIP allows small and medium-sized businesses to make local, long-distance, and international calls at a low cost.

You can also offer text messaging to clients through SIP, allowing authorized users to make business texts. Low-cost text messaging from a reputable SIP provider allows your client to send and receive SMS communications from business phones and automate text messaging for marketing campaigns, appointment reminders, and two-factor authentication (2FA). Businesses pay for the number of text messages they expect to use and can easily scale their capacity to meet demands.

Your clients also get direct-inward-dialing (DID) for delivering incoming calls to intended recipients without complex extensions or answering systems. The right SIP trunking provider can deliver business-enhancing features like remote call routing, voicemail transcription, and call routing features to improve productivity.

Fax-to-email and IP-fax solutions can help your clients ensure fast delivery of faxes without relying on outdated equipment. Together, these services can provide seamless communication for businesses of every size.

How Can a SIP Trunk Provider Help You Start Reselling?

When you work with a reputable SIP trunk provider, you get an intuitive reseller platform that allows you to sell SIP and VoIP services with less friction. The SIP provider takes care of provisioning, deployment, maintenance, and billing of the solution while you focus on marketing and selling to your clients to collect monthly revenue. 

You can easily set up a profile where you sign clients up for their communications solution and onboarding to ensure you have the knowledge and training to start selling effectively.

Your partner should offer support from start to finish, handle billing and taxes, and provide security features like toll fraud monitoring to protect your clients. With the right private-label partner, your clients will be up and running in minutes without upfront costs or contracts. When your clients want to make changes to their SIP services, they can access an easy-to-use administrative portal. The flexibility benefits your reselling business and your clients’ organizations.

Get Started on Your SIP Trunk Business Today

Once you’ve brushed up on all the benefits of being a SIP trunk provider, you’re ready to take the first step to becoming one. The high demand for cost-efficient, reliable communication solutions ensures a large market to tap into. Partnering with a trusted platform provides comprehensive network support, cross-compatible VoIP systems, and private-labeling options that allow you to maintain your business branding.SIPTRUNK offers a SIP reseller program that makes it easy to get started with less friction. We are a Tier-1 provider, offering scalable, flexible, and reliable VoIP and SIP services at a low monthly price. With no contracts or upfront costs, you can start selling cloud communications with confidence. Get started with a modern business calling and messaging solution today to expand your revenue and build your brand.