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10 Reasons Why Your Customers Need an Unlimited SIP Trunk Provider 

One of the keys to being successful for any business is to have strong communications. Passing information throughout the company and outside of it is paramount. Reports show that the cost of poor communication is as high as $37 billion and growing. Another report from The Economist Intelligence Unit pointed out that miscommunication has led to a delay or incompletion of projects in 44% of cases, a drop in employee morale in 31% of cases, missed performance goals in 25% of cases and lost sales in 18% of cases.

With so many communication options available, you need to have a good understanding of which technologies are available and which one will suit your company the best. A fast-growing technology called VOIP — specifically an emerging market within the VOIP industry called SIP Trunking — is fundamental in today’s market because it involves telephone providers supplying customers with telephone services and unified communications. 

Are you still wondering why your business should consider investing in SIP Trunking? Here are ten reasons why your customers need an unlimited SIP Trunk Provider.

What is an Unlimited SIP Trunk Provider?

First and foremost, SIP trunking is a Session Initiation Protocol and media streaming technology that uses VOIP IP-PBX equipment to deliver its combined communications. The SIP technology allows voice calls to be treated like email or web traffic on the Internet. There is very little initial investment on the user end since most technology nowadays is cloud-based.

As an Unlimited SIP Trunk Provider, statistics show that your customers could benefit substantially from your solutions:

  • Customers save on average 50% when switching to VoIP, with new businesses saving up to 90% in communication costs.
  • Save 32 call minutes daily with VoIP, adding up to 8,320 call minutes saved a year.
  • VoIP can boost and streamline remote/hybrid communication, supporting remote workers well.
  • Most (86%) consumers expect a seamless and consistent experience across multiple service channels when resolving a problem, making VoIP essential to improving a company’s customer experience. 

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10 Reasons Why Your Customers Need an Unlimited SIP Trunk Provider

According to Scribendi’s Effective Business Communication

“An organization with excellent internal communication will run smoothly, allowing its members to progress toward a mutual goal, which will ultimately affect the quality of external communication.”

Here are ten more reasons to become an Unlimited SIP Trunk Provider for your customers. 

1. Saves Them Money

One of the biggest reasons for switching to SIP Trunking is the costs, specifically the reduction in long-distance and overseas calling charges. Most plans involve a monthly bill based on the number of users, which means more balanced billing. A recent report found that small businesses can reduce the costs of international calls by 90%, local calls by 40%, and initial start-up costs by 90%. 

2. Quick ROI

SIP Trunking involves only a minimal initial investment which means a quicker return on investment compared to many other telephone providers. According to LinkedIn, customers achieve a high ROI on VoIP in the following ways:

  1. Monthly fees are lower
  2. Long-distance calls have flat fees
  3. Save on SIP Trunking add-on services by condensing your communication tools to one platform versus separate vendors.
  4. Mobility and accessibility
  5. Messaging is automated

3. Brings Remote Operations Closer Together

Companies that maintain remote locations as part of their operation, including those with global offices, can benefit from not having to pay long distance or international calls. VoIP already played a critical role in keeping traveling employees in touch with staff in the office. Still, it has grown substantially more essential in today’s work environment now that 74% of U.S. businesses are — or plan to be — remote/hybrid. 

4. Unified Communications

Depending on the SIP service provider you choose and the services offered within their IP-based service plans, SIP Trunking is perfect for many business owners to take advantage of the latest technologies to grow their businesses. Unified communications, in particular,  allows employees to better communicate and collaborate on tasks no matter where they are or what device they’re on. 

5. Compatible With Mobile Devices

SIP Trunking services are fully compatible with today’s mobile phones. This is good since many businesses are incorporating more mobile communications within their operations. A report noted that 48% of employees spend at least one hour a day on their mobile for work, and 75% use their cellphone to complete work tasks. 

6. Combines Communication Technologies

Since SIP is a VOIP technology, it is perfect to be used with other Internet-based technologies and services which cannot be bundled together as a full suite of products. This is significant since it can save your customers a lot of money and time by offering a suite of communication tools with one vendor instead of a dozen or more. 

7. Eliminates The Need For Physical Phone Infrastructure

The famous saying goes, “Out with the old, in with the new.” When switching from your old phone infrastructure to VoIP solutions, you won’t need to add any extra phone lines during setup or when adding additional users. This is significant as your customers scale their businesses and continue adding more lines to their plans. 

8. No Need For Large Phone Equipment Purchases

Since everything is cloud-based and uses your company’s data network connections, you will not need to make large volume purchases when it is time to switch over to SIP. This is one of many reasons customers save so much with VoIP. 

9. Highly Reliable

SIP Trunking is a much more reliable technology than traditional forms of communication. As long as your customer has access to high-speed internet, they’ll benefit from 99.9% connection uptime and higher-quality voice calls.

10. Easily Manageable

Finally, your IT department can easily administer the whole SIP Trunking system. They will have complete access to all the tools for managing your communication systems, allowing your customers to benefit from improved communications without the hassle of managing the system. 

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