What Is a VoIP Wholesale Carrier?

Every business relies on phone calls to maintain constant communication with its clients. Due to the demand for seamless communication, VoIP wholesale carriers are growing, helping resellers more easily sell VoIP solutions to their customers.

A wholesale VoIP carrier is a provider that sells VoIP in bulk to resellers. The resellers then sell the VoIP service to end-users. This enables resellers to expand their reach and grow their brand.

Typically, the VoIP wholesale carrier lets the reseller manage their own customers while the wholesaler handles the back-end work. These VoIP solutions give resellers a new revenue stream and build their business, making them ideal for companies keen on boosting their competitive advantage

Why VoIP?

VoIP helps companies curb their spending. Rather than using the traditional telephone lines, VoIP routes calls over the Internet, reducing the overall expenditure significantly.

As more companies modernize their communications, more providers are joining the market to meet the growing demand. Modern companies also prefer cloud telephone solutions that support a distributed workforce and other business requirements. These VoIP solutions ease communication, enabling more business opportunities and company growth.

Wholesale VoIP Features

Wholesale VoIP carrier packages have various features that make them appealing to resellers. As a reseller, you can expect to offer the following features to your clients once you get your reseller account up and running;

  • Call center solutions
  • Data backup services
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Origination and termination
  • Short message service or text messaging
  • Virtual attendants
  • Local and international (long-distance) calling

The most reputable wholesale VoIP carriers typically offer low-cost and round-the-clock support solutions that boost your customers’ business communication processes. You can also request cost negotiations for your international clients.

Wholesale VoIP carriers cater to independent telecom or IT consultants and guarantee high-cost savings on reliable and effective telephone solutions.

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How Does the Wholesale VoIP Model Work?

VoIP technology uses the open Internet to facilitate point-to-point communication. Typical wholesale VoIP service providers rely on evolving technology solutions that support web-based reliable telephone solutions in high volumes. These robust networks can serve numerous clients simultaneously.

Companies of all sizes now prefer VoIP telephone solutions to traditional landlines. They can make and receive calls using mobile devices, handsets, or computers. Besides, these modern solutions don’t have per minute long distance charges.

Business owners want to adopt robust VoIP solutions, but they may not know where to get good wholesale providers. Wholesale VoIP providers, on their part, may also have a difficult time finding value-added resellers (VARs), and managed service providers (MSPs).

The effective solution is for wholesale providers to partner with wholesale resellers who can link up with clients. As a VoIP wholesale reseller, offering these solutions will help you take advantage of the growing market. Also, it’s a win-win situation since the wholesale provider services and maintains the underlying VoIP infrastructure, and you as a reseller only sell the service to your clients.

With a steadily growing demand, reselling wholesale VoIP becomes more attractive. A consistent marketing strategy and efficient customer service will determine if your business will thrive.

The Simple VoIP Reselling Strategy

You can create a marketing plan that defines your specific goals and target market. For customer service, strive to provide a positive customer experience whenever your clients reach out to you. Ensure that you provide extra value, guide clients on setup, and help them identify the best equipment and infrastructure for their specific needs.

As you build your revenue streams, focus on specific VoIP protocols. Find a protocol that resonates with your business plan, target market, and skillset.

A basic understanding of this technology is all you need to get your business up and running. Over time, you may opt to specialize in specific aspects of VoIP technology. Building your team’s capacity in particular areas will help you expand your offerings.

Expand Your VoIP Service Offerings

The number of VoIP subscribers keeps rising every day. Savvy VoIP reselling businesses and consultants can act with speed to get a slice of the pie in this growing market.

If you’re thinking about expanding your service offerings, partnering with a VoIP wholesale carrier is an excellent place to start. Depending on your preferred partner, you can opt to resell or white label their solutions to increase your revenue streams.

You’ll need reliable, high-performance networks to enable you to offer a solid VoIP service and a provider who offers fair commissions when you start reselling VoIP solutions. Certain service providers will also offer you robust software tools to ease your reselling initiatives and boost your income.

A reliable partner will also help you set up a straightforward platform, ensuring that you have an easy time getting clients on board. You don’t need to be an expert to resell VoIP solutions.

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Selecting the Right VoIP Wholesale Carrier

Selecting the right wholesale VoIP provider shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to partner with a provider who is within your budget, is legitimate, and offers excellent services and support. Here are key elements to consider when choosing a carrier.

Assess the Cost Implications

While VoIP services cost less than traditional phone services, there is still a cost.

The overall cost depends on how your client intends to use your phones and how many phones they’ll need. For instance, a premise-based VoIP system will cost between $400 and $1,000 per phone (including software enhancements and professional installation).

Be Clear About Your Customer’s VoIP Needs

Before settling on a provider, you will need to study your customers’ profiles to identify and prioritize their telephone needs. Wholesale providers typically offer two primary VoIP systems: Internet telephony, and premise-based systems.

Most individual consumers prefer Internet telephony. These systems require a standard landline and broadband connection to get things up and running. You’ll also need to find a VoIP subscription along with an adaptor for them.

The premise-based VoIP system is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses running multiple locations.

Analyze Your Provider Options

Given that there are multiple VoIP wholesale providers, it may be helpful to perform a service comparison before settling on your preferred provider. Most offer similar technology, so look closely at the support they offer, their reseller platform, and how quickly they pay commissions. The less effort on your part, the better. For instance, some providers will even handle billing your clients so you don’t have to. 

Watch Out for Frauds

Don’t lose your guard and fall for frauds. VoIP solutions are mostly online-based businesses, and you might encounter fraudsters. However, implement best practices to ensure that you don’t fall prey to rogue cybercriminals.

Ensure that you select your provider from an official website. Also, make a habit of working with service providers who work with official email IDs.

A company’s online presence and reviews will also help you gauge whether or not its services are legitimate.

Partner with the Best VoIP Wholesale Carrier

Finding a reliable VoIP wholesale carrier will set you up for success as a reseller. Small to mid-sized businesses can join the market as independent wholesalers and earn attractive commissions.

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