how many sip trunks do i need unlimited sip trunk

Unlimited SIP Trunk Provider

how many sip trunks do i need unlimited sip trunk

We are the cheapest unlimited SIP trunk provider for incoming and outbound calls in the US.

One of the keys to being successful for any business is to have strong communications. Being able to pass information throughout the business and outside of it is paramount. However, with so many options out there, you really need to have a good understanding of which technologies are available and which one will suit your company the best.

This article will be focusing on a fast growing technology called VOIP, specifically an emerging market within the VOIP industry called SIP Trunking.  This being  a new technology where telephone providers provide customers with telephone services and unified communications, which just might be the solution your company needs.

SIP trunking is a Session Initiation Protocol and media streaming technology which uses VOIP IP-PBX equipment to deliver its combined communications. The SIP technology allows voice calls to be treated just like any email or web traffic on the Internet. There is very little initial investment on the user end since  most technology these days is cloud-based.

We have compiled  a list of significant reasons below, for why your business really needs to consider investing in SIP Trunking.

10 Reasons why your business should invest in SIP Trunking

Saves money – One of the biggest reasons for switching to SIP Trunking is the costs, specifically the reduction in charges where long distance and overseas calling is concerned. Most plans involve a monthly charge that is based on a number of users, which means more balanced billing.

Get quick ROI – SIP Trunking involves only a minimal initial investment which means a quicker return on investment as compared to many of the other telephone providers.

Brings remote operations closer together – For companies that maintain remote locations as part of their operation, including those with global offices can benefit from not having to pay long distance or international calls.

Unified Communications – Depending on the SIP service provider you choose and the services that are offered within their IP-based service plans, SIP Trunking is perfect for many business owners to be able to take advantage of the latest technologies to grow their businesses.

Compatible with mobile devices – SIP Trunking services are fully compatible with today’s mobile phones. This is really good since many businesses are incorporating more mobile communications within their operations.

Combines communication technologies – Since SIP is a VOIP technology it is perfect to be used with other Internet-based technologies and services which cannot be bundled together as a full suite of products.

Eliminates the need for physical phone infrastructure – When switching from your old phone infrastructure you won’t need to add any extra phone lines during setup or when adding additional users.

No need for large phone equipment purchases – Since everything is cloud-based and uses your company’s data network connects you will not need to make large volume purchases when it is time switch over to SIP.

Highly reliable –  SIP Trunking is a much more reliable technology.

Easily manageable – The whole SIP Trunking system can be easily administered by your IT department who will have  complete access to all of the tools for managing your communication systems.

Now that you have learned more about us as a respected SIP trunk provider go ahead and get started today.

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