SIP trunking for businesses

SIP Trunking for Businesses: 10 Things You Need to Know

An increasing number of businesses have adopted SIP trunking in recent years.

SIP Trunk providers have been happy to learn how this new communications system is cheaper, more effective, and saves your business time.

But, first, you likely have a question:

What is SIP trunking for businesses, anyway?

SIP trunking is a technology that enables you to send voice and data with the same network. It helps you to avoid expensive, old telephone lines and lets you take advantage of direct IP connections.

Simply put, it allows you to connect easier, with less effort and, most importantly, through cheaper means.

In this article we’ll take a good look at the 10 most important reasons you should switch to SIP trunking.

1. You Save Money

Let’s get the most important reason out of the way first: SIP trunking for businesses is cheaper than most other solutions.

Previous systems often use old telephone lines to transfer voice data. This often raises the price you need to pay to rent such services. Your SIP protocol will allow both voice and data to me streamed through the same system.

This often means that you save money on what would be used for maintenance by the provider companies.

Simply put, you’ll be charged far less in a yearly basis.

It gets even better, because the fees aren’t the only thing that makes SIP trunking worth your consideration.

2. You Save Time

Being able to use the same system, anywhere in the world, for both calls and sending data, will save your company time.

Multi-office businesses, or businesses that are using cloud technology, often waste time trying. They waste it trying to connect with clients, businesses and coworkers, and when using outdated communications services.

SIP trunking for businesses allows you to send emails, messages, information and programs. It does all this wile also allowing you to have direct voice calls.

3. It is More Reliable than People Think

Companies have been worried in the past that SIP trunking might be vulnerable and untrustworthy.

Thankfully, these fears are mostly untrue. The only real concern is that you need to find a trustworthy, dependable provider that offers 24/7 anti-fraud monitoring, solid security, and pristine customer support services.

If your provider is dependable, SIP is a safe, sensible addition.

4. No Hidden Costs

Most telephone providers will burden you with hidden costs when it comes to contracts — especially the long term ones.

The great thing about SIP trunking is that pricing is transparent.

You simply pay for the amount of trunks your business needs, no matter if it is 1 or 300. Your business can use its usual Ethernet circuit. However, even if you need a new circuit, SIP circuits are cheaper than the typical ISDN one.

Also, it is best to choose contracts that aren’t too long.

5. No Need to Replace Your Old System

A lot of business owners worry that switching over to SIP means having to change their whole system and circuits.

Thankfully that is not the case with SIP trunking for businesses. If you want to keep on using your old telephone system, simple SIP gates can enable you to do so.

This makes SIP quite friendly for businesses that do not have a big budget or the opportunity to change their whole system at once.

6. SIP is Flexible and Scalable

One of the best features of SIP trunking is that it can grow together with your business.

SIP is scalable, allowing you to increase (or decrease) trunks, depending on your business’s needs.

This makes SIP ideal for companies that are just starting out and are hoping to branch out in the future. Being flexible with growth makes SIP even more budget-friendly. This way, there is little fear of spending too much on a system that will be largely redundant.

7. Higher Productivity

Having a system that allows for both sending data and voice messages with the same circuits makes for much less work for your staff.

This way, you’re freeing the hands of your IT people to work on other crucial tasks and increase your business’s overall productivity.

Having to spend less time maintaining several circuits, your IT staff can focus on increasing customer satisfaction, overall security, and planning for business growth.

8. Easy to Maintain

Having to keep just a single circuit well-maintained is naturally far easier for your IT staff.

Preventing problems, quickly fixing them, and staying on top of regular maintenance all is made simpler by the SIP protocol.

This will ultimately reflect on the quality of the services your company provides. This is because the reliability of SIP will in turn increase the reliability of your business.

9. Improved Business Communication

Aside from the fact that you will save money with SIP, there is one more important benefit you need to consider.

SIP trunking will improve the quality of your communications.

Being able to forward calls, send video messages and keep conferences with the same system you send emails and data, makes communication faster and easier. This in turn allows for faster decision making, smoother exchange of ideas, and fast reactions to a crisis.

10. SIP Providers Offer a Variety of Services

It is good to know that dependable SIP providers can offers you a wide variety of services. These can include unlimited SIP Trunks, Scalable SIP Trunking for Businesses, Direct Inward Dial, Fax over IP, and many more.

Simply put, you can adjust the services provided to you to your company’s needs. This is true whether you only want to work with local or internationals calls, or if you wish for an unlimited or a small scale service.

What’s the Verdict about SIP Trunking For Businesses?

If you wish to change to a simpler, cheaper and more effective communications system, then SIP trunking is right up your alley.

SIP is friendly towards both small businesses and larger companies, since it can be scaled to your needs.

Most importantly, SIP is an improvement over the old ISDN system, offering you a better, easier way to communicate with the world.