marketing tactics for sip trunk resellers

9 Lucrative Marketing Tactics for SIP Trunk Resellers to Make Bank

Are you struggling to find clients? Are your digital ads breaking the bank without producing results? Are you wondering who’s hiding the magic marketing tactics for SIP trunk resellers, and where you can find them?

Regardless of what you’ve heard, there’s no magic in marketing. It’s a straightforward process with a steep learning curve. The problem for beginners is the vast amount of information required to create a successful campaign.

What makes it worse is that business owners like you are already tapped out at the end of the day. You don’t have the patience or energy to learn an entirely new career in marketing. So, what can you do?

Well, don’t worry; we’ve got your back. We’ve made a list of strategies that marketing gurus use to marshal more business. When you’re ready to become one of the most successful SIP trunk resellers in your state, read on.

Marketing Tactics for SIP Trunk Resellers

If you’re still throwing all your money into print ads, stop. Old fashioned print ads still have value, but that’s not the most effective way to use your ad spend. Nowadays, marketing tactics for SIP trunk sellers take place almost exclusively online.

You get more bang for your buck when you focus on digital marketing. Also, if you’re selling SIP trunking, your target market hangs out online. The digital world is your land of opportunity.

1 Film a Video Demonstration

You’re in an industry that requires some explaining. Your customers have questions. Many of those customers will avoid calling your information line to avoid a haranguing.

Instead, they’ll rely on your website to fill in the cracks. That would be great if they liked to read. You could fill your site with page after page of informational technobabble and make a killing.

Unfortunately, many online-users aren’t big fans of the written word. Quite a few prefer video to text. That’s especially true of complicated subjects, like your industry.

So, when you’re spitballing your marketing tactics for SIP trunk resale, a video explanation should be number on your list. By including a video on your landing page, you can increase conversion rates by 80%. That fact says it all.

2 Start a Blog

I know, I know. We just got finished telling you that nobody reads anymore, right? Well, believe it or not, your blog isn’t really for your customers.

It’s for search engines. Ranking higher on Google is how to market SIP trunks. But what does your blog have to do with that?

Content marketing is a process by which you add more valuable information on your website. When visitors come to your site to read your blog full of hundreds of articles, Google takes notice.

Search engines use complicated algorithms to determine how your website holds up to the millions of others just like it. Those algorithms consider things like:

  • How many pages does your site contain?
  • How long do visitors hang out when they visit your site?
  • How many visitors leave immediately after they arrive on your site?
  • What kind of weblinks does your site contain?

When you build a blog full of great content, readers want to read it. That boosts your Google page ranking.

Use that blog to write about more than SIP trunking basics. Talk about digital privacy issues. Talk about the future of communication technology.

You can discuss anything, so long as your audience is interested.

3 Local Service Listings

Local Service Listings have taken place of the Yellow Pages. That’s where folks look for your business. The best part is that they’re free services.

These services have the added benefit of increasing your business page ranking as well.

4 Email Marketing

Take those email addresses that you gathered from your prospects’ contact forms. You can use them to retarget the prospects who got away. The trick is to create an effective email sales funnel.

It involves some questionnaires, a ton of research, and a lot of compelling sales copy. If you don’t have the wherewithal to take on this daunting task, it’s best to hire an experienced copywriter. They’re worth their weight in bullion.

5 Social Media Marketing

Do you want to get your information out to a huge audience? Do you want to do it on a shoestring budget? Then social media is your solution.

The trick is to get in connect with social media influencers, trusted resources with huge followings. If you impress them, you can use it to leverage their audiences to gain new prospects. It will take time, so consider it a long-term strategy.

6 Rebuild Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another way to increase your page ranking. It’s actually the main way. Methods such as content marketing utilize SEO strategies to affect search engine algorithms.

Unfortunately, those algorithms change constantly. Even if you optimized your site two years ago, it’s time to do it again. Run a search for the latest SEO strategies and implement them on your site.

7 Think Local

The more your business appears in local news, the more buzz you create. It influences your customers directly when they hear about it. It also improves (you guessed it!) your page rank. Find ways to pitch your business as relevant to local reporters.

8 Take Advantage of Referral Marketing

Remember when we talked about leveraging other peoples’ audiences? That’s what referral marketing is all about. Other people will refer your business or services to their crowds.

They include a link on their site, chat about you on their podcast, or write up an article on your product. In return, you do the same or offer them a kickback.

9 Create a Tutorial on YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world, second only to Google? Your potential customers watch hundreds of millions of videos on that platform every day. Leverage YouTube’s audience for your own purposes.

What’s Next?

Now you know 9 booming marketing tactics for SIP trunk resellers. These are the methods experts swear by. Use that momentum you’re feeling right now and implement at least one, starting tonight.

If you’re still struggling to juggle all those moving parts, try a SIP trunk service platform to make building your SIP business pain-free. So long and good luck!