SIP trunking compatible PBXs

Maybe you’ve heard rumblings of area businesses switching to cloud PBX in your local chamber of commerce.

You may already know what PBX stands for – or at least whether you have one.

A PBX, or “private branch exchange,” is the system that governs the routes of your calls to the appropriate . But a cloud PBX? That can be hard to wrap your mind around.

What exactly is a cloud PBX?

It’s a system that stores data in a secure server accessible by the internet.

With a cloud PBX, your phone data is no longer stored in heavy equipment in a back room or closet of your office. Instead, it’s now stored in a server in another location.

When you make or receive a call, you’re actually making or receiving that call through equipment not housed in your office.

It delivers calls over the internet.

As long as you have internet access (and who doesn’t anymore?), your business can have a cloud PBX.

Calls are delivered and sent via the internet through your telecommunications provider. Instead of wires connecting to a large piece of equipment in your office, calls travel back and forth in packets over the internet.

Instead of your equipment routing the calls, your provider does.

In the past, the physical PBX housed in your office connected calls to the appropriate party in your office.

Now, when a caller dials an extension for a specific employee or chooses a department listed in your phone menu, your provider’s technology takes care of the call routing.

It takes a minimalistic approach to equipment.

No more bulky hardware and wires traveling through your office to connect phones to your PBX. Everything is done online, so, with the exception of a few small pieces of equipment, a cloud PBX frees up space in your office.

It requires fewer man hours to set up and manage.

A cloud PBX doesn’t require special technicians to set up nor does it require large chunks of time to reconfigure or upgrade.

Providers can manage and monitor your system right from their offices, and most changes can be made remotely within a few minutes.

It allows for remote locations.

Traditional PBX systems did allow for remote locations, but setup could be difficult.

Most providers offering a cloud PBX solution can easily set up as many remote locations as your business needs with little trouble or expense.


A cloud PBX is a telecommunications option that offers plenty of advantages to small and large businesses alike. If your business associates are making the switch, they probably have good reason.

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