Weekly Recap – ITEXPO 2016

In case you missed the posts this week, we’ve gathered them all together for you in one convenient location.

If there was a theme to the week, it would be “ITEXPO SIP conferences.”

ITEXPO 2016 SIP Conferences

itexpo-logoITEXPO East 2016 runs from January 25-28th and there are a number of SIP-related conferences to attend including:

  • Asterisk from Scratch
  • SIP Trunking Success from TelecomReseller
  • HOMER the carrier grade, open source SIP capture and monitoring application with QXIP
  • Intro to PJSIP with Digium Asterisk trainer Justin Hester

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What Aren’t More Businesses Excited about SIP Trunking?

stc email sip trunk adoptionOur world is IP-based and the SIP protocol is designed to tie it all together.

Why aren’t more businesses excited about deploying SIP trunks?

Well, there are a number of reasons that companies aren’t rushing to switch to SIP trunking

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Why You Need Enhanced DIDs for 911 Calls via SIP Trunks

e911 sip trunks siptrunk.comOne of the most important phone numbers that you’ll ever dial (besides calling your mother – which you should do once a week) is 9-1-1.

On one hand we take it for granted that a 911 call gets routed to the right place but on the other hand isn’t it reasonable to expect that a VoIP 911 call should work the same way as a landline

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When SIP isn’t SIP – Interoperability Issues

stc email sip compatibility

When the use of SIP trunking was initiated (pun intended), it was intended to be more flexible than PRI trunks and save money.

In a perfect world SIP trunks would be plug-and-play but, communication systems use a variety of hardware and software from different vendors so compatibility and interoperability are still a challenge

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Stay tuned for more SIP trunking news – see you next week!