4 Ways to Market SIP Trunking Services Locally

Market Sip Services LocallyOne of the hottest topics around the SIPTRUNK.com offices is lead generation.

It’s undoubtedly the number one topic asked about amongst our dealers. You’d think we were a marketing agency.

But I guess it’s not surprising.

Lead generation can be difficult. Especially for the small, regional dealer, who is likely wearing many hats.

With no budget.

But it’s not impossible. You can make a sizeable dent in your local market without a huge brand name or budget.

Here’s 4 ways we’ve found to generate leads for your SIP trunking services locally:

  1. Google+ and Google My Business РGoogle is always changing and over time has begun to give preference to websites with physical locations in close proximity to the searcher, allowing local providers to compete against national brands in a wide variety of industries. For these local search queries, Google relies heavily on data from its Google+ network and Google My Business profiles. Creating, optimizing and maintaining a Google My Business page will allow you to capitalize on this opportunity.
  2. Educational Seminars – Moving from online to offline, free educational seminars remain an effective way to market your SIP trunking services locally, generating highly qualified leads in the process. Creating educational content that informs potential clients about your area of expertise and then presenting it to them build credibility, trust and opens their eyes to potential solutions for their business. You could also turn these into online webinars, doubling the value!
  3. Post Cards – You read it right, post cards! With the gold rush to get online and grab everyone’s fragmented attention, many a marketer has abandoned this staple only to find the information superhighway in gridlock. Post cards, especially if you’re targeting small businesses, are still effective because A) less people are sending them, allowing for greater impact and B) businesses still check the mail, because they get legal documents, payments, etc. every day. Don’t forget the basics.
  4. Business Chambers – Nothing beats having a strong network of other professionals when it comes to dominating your market. A great place to start are local chambers of commerce and other trade associations. When used properly, these organizations can help you get your foot in the door at the most coveted accounts in town. They can also be a direct source of customers, as you can offer exclusives and deals to fellow members. Just remember, you get in what you put in.

There you have it. Four great ways to raise awareness and generate leads for SIP trunking services in a local market.

What other ways have you found to market your SIP trunking services in a locale?



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