Are you capitalizing on the huge revenue opportunity yet?

On the eve of their newest version release, number 14, 3CX has become one of the most popular phone systems in the world. With over 30,000 customers worldwide, the 3CX phone system has served enterprises as large as McDonald’s and as important as Rhonda’s beauty salon.

Along the way 3CX dealers have had their hand in deploying thousands of SIP trunks.

Yet not every 3CX dealer has fully taken advantage of the estimated 150,000 SIP trunk channels that could have been sold with 3CX phone systems. Despite SIP trunking being a natural fit and revenue opportunity, many 3CX dealers have not actively marketed and sold SIP trunking services.

Many 3CX dealers are simply refer the SIP service opportunity¬†to a local incumbent (without even receiving a commission!). Others don’t even bother mentioning SIP trunking, leveraging a PSTN gateway to interface the 3CX phone system with plain old telephone service.

That’s right – many dealers are not yet playing in the over $3 million a month or $36 million a year in annual revenue opportunity for SIP trunking services.

Why you should be selling SIP trunking services with 3CX

There’s four important reasons you should be selling SIP trunking services with 3CX. The first two reasons are directly related to your customers and the second, your bottom line.

  1. Reason One: Cost Savings – More often than not customers are coming to you as a dealer to help cut their communications costs or upgrade their technology. Often times both. With SIP trunking you will be able to offer your customers considerable savings on their calling and with 3CX they’ll be getting an advanced feature set that they never had before. allows you to offer unlimited SIP trunks to customers.
  2. Reason Two: Better Value – Having to deal with multiple vendors is a pain in the neck for your customers. In offering them SIP trunking services (under your brand or as a dealer of another brand), you increase the value you provide customers as they know they go to YOU for all of their telecommunications needs. Selling with 3CX is simple and easy; is available from the service dropdown in the admin panel.
  3. Reason Three: Monthly Recurring Revenue – With the low upfront cost of the 3CX phone system, the business model for dealers is vastly different than the model of old. Today you can no longer look forward to huge upfront sales; you need to adjust making a smaller amount upfront and a smaller recurring amount over the life of the customer relationship. Selling SIP trunking services with 3CX gives you the opportunity to build in a strong monthly recurring revenue stream. offers 3CX dealers 20% of the monthly recurring revenue their customers bill as a commission.
  4. Reason Four: Competitive Bundling – One of the biggest hurdles many 3CX partners face is selling against hosted PBX solutions, especially at the lower end of the SMB market place. Many smaller customers choose hosted PBX solutions because they do not come with the typically upfront costs associated with a premise based PBX. By including SIP trunking services and offering a lease deal, 3CX dealers can offer their customers the same low monthly rates that hosted providers can. allows you to resell SIP trunking services under your brand name, allowing you to differentiate from your competitors.

How to get started selling SIP trunking services

Getting started selling SIP trunking services with 3CX deployments is a pretty straight-forward process. Here’s the best way to go about this, without things getting too complex:

  1. Select a SIP Provider – Before you can start selling SIP trunking service you first need to select a SIP service to resell. There are many different things to look for in a SIP provider. These include quality of service, network infrastructure and cost. You will also want to make sure the service works with 3CX and that service is easy to provision.
  2. Build Your Offer – Once you have selected your SIP trunking provider, it’s time to build your offering. Now that you can bundle SIP trunking services with 3CX, you can decide to create packages and marketing offers that differentiate your company and allow you to make more profits.
  3. Market Your Offering – With a new set of bundles, packages or offerings for your market, the next thing to do is let them know. Whether you place advertisements in your local news, optimize your website for search traffic, hold monthly seminars or simply conduct direct outreach, the best way to sell SIP trunking service is to let your potential customers about it!
  4. Upsell Existing Customers – If you haven’t been selling SIP trunking services to your existing customers – even if they’re already using 3CX – a great way to get started selling SIP trunking is to offer the service to those who already know you. Remember, just because a customer wasn’t interested the last time you spoke, doesn’t mean they are not ready now.

What you can do next

As a 3CX dealer SIP trunking should be a major part of your service offerings. If you’re not already selling SIP trunking services, you’re missing out on the ability to provide greater solutions to customers and received increased profitability on every deployment.

You’ve seen the benefits and you know the steps you need to take. Now all that is left is for you to act.

At we work with 3CX partners every day to successful deploy SIP trunking services. We’ve built our platform and services with 3CX dealers in mind.

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