The Reseller’s Guide to Wholesale SIP Trunking

The demand for SIP trunking services is surging as wireless communication infrastructure expands across the globe. And why wouldn’t it? The cost-efficiency of SIP trunks makes businesses in all industries and of all sizes more productive and profitable. According to one recent market study, the SIP trunking market value is projected to reach more than $30 billion by 2027. And getting in on the action is easy when you partner with a wholesale SIP trunking company.

A virtual telephony service, a SIP trunk is more than a simple replacement solution for legacy ISDN and PSTN services. It’s the new standard, offering a fully redundant and secure design that adapts as a business evolves. In this Reseller’s Guide to Wholesale SIP Trunking, you’ll learn how to harness the reseller model to grow your finances while helping enterprises modernize their phone systems.

Wholesale SIP Trunking

Copper wire telephone infrastructure is quickly becoming a thing of the past. To replace the analog line service, customers use a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunk. SIP trunks harness the power of the Internet to deliver innovative communication solutions.

Why Businesses are Moving to SIP Trunks

To keep up with the times, businesses are moving quickly to adopt SIP trunks. The most common reasons include:

·  Increased uptime of up to 99.96% using cloud-based VoIP

·  Free web-based calling at a lower cost

·  Secure technology

·  Advanced features like non-geographic numbers and call management

·  Compatibility with any data connection, making it ideal for remote workers

·  Access to the cloud using existing equipment

·  No crashes or network bandwidth issues

·  Updates executed in a non-intrusive manner

Wholesale SIP trunking provides you the opportunity to offer phone numbers and lines at better rates than the traditional providers. You can offer more flexibility and different contract options than the big telecom companies.

Build your own business of SIP trunk lines and related services like virtual PBX, fax service, and other add-on features. Each one of your customers gets Tier-1 Service and you get a commission.

How Reselling SIP Trunks Is a Business Opportunity

The old PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is declining. SIP trunks are the new standard interface for businesses deploying unified communication solutions and on-premise VoIP.

A growing trust in the quality of SIP trunks is taking the technology into the mainstream. While more and more companies adopt multimedia solutions such as videoconferencing, SIP trunking provides a more economical multi-channel circuit for communications.

SIP trunking aims to exploit these strong market conditions and profit by offering customers access, additional lines, apps, equipment, and professional services. Most wholesale SIP trunk providers offer customers appealing margins with flexible licenses and call rates, creating opportunities for a profitable business.

The Basics of SIP Trunking

SIP trunks are virtual versions of analog telephone lines. It’s an application layer protocol for creating real-time audio or video between two phones. SIP sets up, modifies, and ends sessions with one or multiple parties in an IP network.

With SIP trunks, a SIP provider can connect many channels to your PBX if you have an on-premise PBX in your office, and this allows you to make international or local calls over the internet.

How Do SIP Trunks Work?

If you have an on-premises PBX at your business, a SIP trunk provider can connect to your PBX and allow you to make calls on your existing system with zero restrictions on the number of concurrent calls.

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What Is a SIP Provider?

SIP provider is a service that provides businesses a platform to connect their on-premise IP PBX systems to the PSTN. A good SIP trunk provider should have the following features:

  • Be scalable in case you need to add or remove SIP trunks depending on your growing requirements
  • Be capable of providing number porting for your existing phone numbers

Why You Should Sell SIP Trunks

Effective and efficient communication is crucial for any company to thrive. Communication barriers can significantly affect a company’s productivity, and legacy PBX systems are a significant setback. In addition to being inefficient, these legacy systems require businesses to purchase numerous lines.

Because SIP trunks are scalable, organizations swiftly transition to the technology, making it more economically feasible.

Partnering with a wholesale SIP trunking provider is easy and beneficial. Here’s why you can benefit from selling SIP trunks while improving office operations for businesses:

SIP Trunks Are Easy to Market and Sell

There’s a massive demand for SIP trunks, making them easy to sell. Wholesale selling means that consumers will access the telephone system for lower prices, causing traffic to your business.

Increased Profitability

Alongside SIP trunks, you can offer additional products such as inbound toll-free services, international long-distance calls, and direct inward dial (DID), increasing your opportunities to make more profits.

Most SIP trunk providers have innovative ways of accumulating income that improves over time with slight cost increments. For instance, SIP trunk providers do not need to depend on unpredictable hardware deals.

Loyal Customers

Wholesale SIP trunking providers typically offer SIP and VoIP products to resellers, leading to the customers (resellers) becoming loyal customers. Resellers come to the wholesaler for advice and expertise; therefore, introducing them to SIP trunks is a great way to save costs and strengthen customer relations. By providing SIP trunks, you earn a significant portion of the money that your customer injects into telecommunications monthly.

The Market is Continuously Growing

SIP is rapidly becoming an essential feature of a modern office because of its numerous features. Whether you need traditional calling, video conferencing, or one-on-one media share, a SIP trunk has you covered.

By becoming a SIP reseller, you’ll have a natural connection to the industry, helping you stay up to date on the technology and latest trends, equipment, and protocols. This ensures your business can evolve as needed.

Be Part of Growing the Economy

SIP trunks are cost-effective solutions. The companies that buy your SIP trunking services can then redirect their savings into other ventures, increasing the cash flow between businesses, which provides a boost to the economy.

Additionally, the business you sell to will become more productive after moving to SIP because they’ll eliminate communication barriers. This can lead to smoother operations and increased profitability. You can take pride in the fact that your wholesale SIP trunking business is playing a role in improving the economy.

Develop Good Marketing Strategies

Wholesale SIP trunking is a growing industry with big potential. Because it’s technology-based, innovation will be at the forefront of your selling opportunities. Innovation is often a precursor to creativity.

In order to acquire more customers, you’ll constantly need to improve your marketing strategy, from developing creative advertisements to finding more effective ways to reach your target consumers.

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How To Sell SIP Trunks

The best thing about selling SIP trunks is that you don’t need years of experience in telecommunications or a degree in IT to be successful. Just like any other business, you’ll need to understand your buyer’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses to be a good salesperson.

Once you partner with a wholesale SIP trunking provider, you can align your business with your customer’s needs, you can help them dramatically improve their business model, generate profits, and grow your network by referring you to their business associates.

SIP Trunk Pricing

Pricing is a significant concern for any client. Most will want a cost-efficient SIP trunk solution that serves their goals. To attract more clients, you can offer pricing benefits such as free maintenance charges, lower or no rental costs for additional lines, and free calls between extensions and offices.


The greatest selling point for SIP trunking is scalability — customers can scale up or down depending on what their company needs. For instance, an eCommerce company can quickly scale up during peak buying seasons, when there are typically a higher number of customer service calls coming in, and then the business can scale back down when the busy season passes.

This is all made possible because SIP trunks offer great flexibility. And not only is adding and removing additional lines easy, but it also does not require the purchase of new equipment.

Also, there are no location restrictions. Customers can use multiple phone numbers even if they move offices or geographic locations. This flexibility is primarily beneficial to companies that conduct business across multiple sites.

Tier-1 Network

Every business wants a network that delivers high-quality audio and video as well as system reliability. When providing SIP services, a tier-1 network with real-time replication and built-in redundancy ensures the quality needs will be met.

Because SIP services differ from one provider to the other, when selecting a company to partner with you’ll want to take steps to confirm the system’s quality.

Tips for Selling SIP Trunks

Before you start selling SIP trunks, you need to define your target audience. The best way to do this is to conduct market research to identify potential clients. Your market research should answer basic questions about your customer, like what is the available budget, and what are the specific needs? Once you’ve developed a complete customer profile, you’re ready to create a marketing strategy.

Also, keep in mind that because no two customers are the same, when wholesale SIP trunking you need to provide a range of subscription services that are customizable to fulfill a variety of client needs. If you make a list of common asks, it will help ensure you cover all the basics.

Of course, the main factor that will determine your success as a SIP trunk reseller is finding the right partner. When choosing a wholesale SIP trunk company, be sure it offers user-friendly software and uses tier-1 communication networks.

Turn an Instant Profit with Wholesale SIP Trunking

As any good salesman knows, people love a show. Often it’s not enough to simply explain how a product works. Fortunately, there are simple ways to demonstrate the value of SIP trunks. Easy-to-follow charts and tables that show cost savings are always a winning idea.

Armed with a can-do attitude and the knowledge of how SIP trunks work and can easily be scaled, you’ll have no trouble convincing your leads of all the benefits SIP trunks provide. The only question that remains is who you’ll partner with.

With SIPTRUNK by your side, your customers will receive high-quality, contract-free Internet telephony services. We always meet the current standards, and we offer competitive features and unmatched rates. Our plans are flexible enough to meet every business need, and our easy-to-install SIP trunks are compatible with a variety of IP gateways, IP PBX, and open source PBX projects. Contact us today to get started.