Finding the Best Wholesale Hosted VoIP Providers

What Is Hosted VoIP? 

If you intend to upgrade your clients’ business phone system, then reselling hosted VoIP may be your best choice. First off, it’s worth remembering Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a popular framework for many companies. Therefore, partnering with a  wholesale hosted VoIP provider can immensely reduce communication costs for your customers compared to using on-premises servers. 

VoIPis also referred to as IP telephony. It transforms phones into multiple data packets and transfers calls to the telephone network via the Internet. Hosted VoIP offers businesses a range of phone solutions from a reliable VoIP provider through the web. 

Unlike on-premises VoIP servers that entail developing and keeping multiple servers, a hosted VoIP service handles everything through their data centers. Companies and consultants can provide considerable value from reselling this technology when they acquire it from a reliable wholesale hosted VoIP provider. 

Recent data reveals that startups experience a 90% cost reduction when they use hosted VoIP services. Due to the popularity of this service, its annual growth rate is 15%.

The outcome of offering a leading hosted VoIP solution is that you require minimal on-site hardware and can offer your clients multiple calling capabilities with minimal maintenance. The secret is to choose among the most reputable wholesale hosted VoIP providers.

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Why It’s Beneficial for Businesses to Resell Hosted VoIP

According to BizJournal, you can reap multiple benefits from reselling a cutting-edge hosted VoIP service. Here are the key perks of this solution:

Additional revenue streams

You can project your IT or telecom consulting  company as a reliable expert in VoIP solutions by partnering with a top-notch  wholesale hosted VoIP provider. As many businesses turn from the traditional system to VoIP, you’ll encounter a fertile market in need of this technology.   

Also, as an expert VoIP reseller, many businesses will consult you and request solutions to help them to switch to this technology or add in other products and services. This is a lucrative business, enabling you to add an extra income stream for your company.

Client base expansion 

VoIP is a flexible technology capable of combining various communication elements. By providing comprehensive, value-added services, you can increase your customer base. 

Remember, the need for tertiary telephony solutions is increasing, and you gain enormously if you offer customized solutions to meet client expectations. Without offering VoIP, you will have a gap in your service offerings that can drive potential and current customers elsewhere.

Market segmentation for more growth

Market segmentation enables a company to identify different clients and their needs better. This strategy helps you understand the best methods of approaching the market when advertising your VoIP solutions. Segmenting the market will enable you to focus on a specific target audience instead of wasting resources on going after the wrong market.

Gain a competitive edge

Clients will regard you as forward-thinking when you embrace the latest technology for them to communicate. As traditional telephony systems are considered outdated, VoIP is modern. More clients will come to you for this service, especially if you partner with an excellent wholesale hosted VoIP provider.


Most business opportunities require a significant upfront investment. The good news is if you’re a VoIP reseller, there’s almost no upfront cost. Your partner owns the products and can provide the expertise needed to ensure you build a sustainable business that provides the best customer service.

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The Concept of the Wholesale Business Model

Lately, the idea of the wholesale hosted VoIP provider model has become popular with many companies and consultants. It involves traffic aggregation and trading between VoIP companies. Wholesale VoIP agencies get traffic from a specific carrier and share it with another. In this way, the VoIP carrier acts as a go-between. The model for wholesale hosted VoIP providers has the following components:

1. Class 4 Softswitch

This is an integral component of VoIP wholesaler dealer’s infrastructure. When shopping in the market, it’s critical to select a high-performance service that meets your needs and expectations.

You should find out whether the softswitch is a full all-in-one system with the modules included. Such a switch should also have billing, transcoding, and analytical and reporting equipment.

  • Billing: The billing component is essential as it gathers data about calls and other offerings. Call detail record (CDR) produces billing reports, used for charging clients. You can purchase the component as a separate solution if your softswitch lacks it. If you’re a beginner, it’s advisable to buy a softswitch that’s integrated with CDR.
  • Transcoding: Transcoding is an essential aspect of your softswitch. Occasionally, customers and traders use various protocols and codecs. So, it would help if you bought a softswitch that accommodates and transforms various transcoding.
  • Routing functionality: Because VoIP is highly nuanced, purchasing a component with particular routing modes is critical.

2. Hardware 

These days, hardware is an optional component. It’s advisable to use a SaaS or hosted softswitch.

3. VoIP Suppliers and Clients

Suppliers and clients are the key traders in your wholesale hosted VoIP providers’ deals. A company purchases VoIP routes from suppliers in exchange for traffic. Secondly, the supplier sells VoIP routes to clients who give them global traffic. Thus, a VoIP company can act as a supplier and client concurrently.

You should ensure your business has corporate pages on the net groups. This allows you to keep up with the latest VoIP trends and news. 

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Provider 

The most reputable wholesale hosted VoIP provider offers various benefits. However, since there are multiple VoIP service providers in the market and each with different services, consider these factors when choosing a wholesale provider:

  • Dedicated fiber: Many VoIP providers don’t offer dedicated fiber solutions but use shared Internet connections. Dedicated fiber offers a steady bandwidth to ensure service stability.
  • Uptime guarantee: Should your Internet solution go down, your VoIP communications will also go down. It’s important to inquire whether the company you’re evaluating will meet their uptime in writing. They should also inform you of their protocols should the service go down. You only need to work with a hosted VoIP company that assures a standard 99.999% uptime.
  • Customer service: It’s important to anticipate scenarios where the service goes down. If this happens, you need a VoIP service provider to speak to for a response plan. Verify the business you’re evaluating has a dedicated service center within your locality and offers 24/7 customer support.
  • Monthly payments: Cost is a major consideration when assessing the VoIP service provider to work with. Thus, you need to request a comprehensive breakdown of all expenses connected to reselling VoIP solutions.

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