Wholesale VoIP Termination Providers: What Do They Do and How Can You Find Them?

Businesses want something cheaper than regular phone calls, and VoIP, which uses the Internet instead of landlines, has helped them reduce their costs. Business owners can get additional revenue by reselling VoIP solutions. 

The push for VoIP is part of an overall digital transformation movement. Communications is essential for any business, yet legacy telecommunication systems struggle to keep up with the increasingly diverse workforce that requires cloud services. 

Gartner says, “For many organizations, legacy systems are seen as holding back the business initiatives and business processes that rely on them. When a tipping point is reached, application leaders must look to application modernization to help remove the obstacles.” 

VoIP is an excellent example of modern cloud technology that enables organizations to adapt to change. So what are wholesale VoIP termination providers and what do business owners need to know before stepping into the world of VoIP termination?

What Are Wholesale VoIP Termination Providers?

VoIP termination means routing telephone calls (from the time they originate) from one provider (telephone company or carrier) to another until the calls have passed (routed) through the final provider and are received by the recipient.

Wholesale VoIP termination providers buy connections between countries and sell these call services to resellers.

Why Should a Business Consider Reselling VoIP?

It offers a predictable revenue stream

Business owners should see VoIP reselling for what it is, a simple way to add more revenue to their bank accounts. VoIP users usually buy phone services in lumps, which means that they are billed monthly.

Therefore, VoIP resellers get a predictable and recurring revenue stream each month, and customers get good VoIP service. Win-win.

You can set your pricing

VoIP resellers get to set their own pricing. This control is important since you can start selling VoIP at a low cost. As your reseller business grows, you can develop a competitive cost that allows you to earn a profit while, at the same time, attracting  customers with a cheaper way to use VoIP.

The ability to set your own pricing allows you to remain in control of your financial success, giving you the power to increase or reduce your profit margins based on your business strategy.

It’s an easy way to grow your brand

With a good wholesale VoIP termination provider, you can resell VoIP under your own brand to build your credibility and reputation. As you will learn below, good wholesale providers will take care of the technical part while you build relationships with your customers.

As you’ve seen, offering VoIP services helps your business to grow while at the same time enabling you to increase the services you offer.

You can work from anywhere

You don’t need a physical store or office to become a VoIP reseller. All you need is an online presence and an account interface that are often included in your reseller hosting package. This flexibility means that you can set your hours and work from anywhere as long you have an internet connection.

The best providers offer low start-up costs and quick setup

Depending on your wholesale VoIP termination provider, you may only need a reseller hosting account to get started as a reseller. There is no equipment to purchase or headcount you need to add. Your wholesale partner does most of the work for you.

Some require no upfront fees to get started, so be sure to read the fine print to ensure you aren’t paying anything to participate in the reseller program.

When you purchase reseller packages from a wholesale VoIP termination provider, you should get all you require to start reselling. You can start reselling immediately.

Billing is taken care of

The leading wholesale providers will handle your customer billing for you. All you have to do is place an order for your customer. Your provider will take it from there, sending payment instructions to your customer (with your branded logo) and manage payment processing.

Customer and technical support are included

A good wholesale provider ensures that reseller accounts are well taken care of. This means that everything is set up for you, including servers and security. The provider takes care of the infrastructure, making your job fairly simple.

You don’t have to do server updates, security configurations, among other technical services. In addition, there’s always customer support to get you back on track in case of any issues.

What to Look for in a Wholesale VoIP Provider


While the quality you get from VoIP depends to some extent on your connection and bandwidth, some providers have that extra quality that ensures you get clear voice calls with no downtimes.

A good wholesale provider will ensure that you get quality service and advise you before offering their service to you.


Good wholesale VoIP termination providers ensure that they have a comprehensive service-level agreement (SLA) that covers quality and uptime. The SLA details the procedures in case of disaster, among other critical factors.

In short, a good provider will react quickly in case of disaster.

Price and features

Different providers have different VoIP offerings and prices. For instance, you might need a VoIP package that’s not explicitly offered by your provider. A good wholesale VoIP termination provider will provide you with a package that’s tailored to your customers’ unique circumstances.

Business continuity and security

Make sure your provider has built-in business continuity, routing calls to other locations, landlines, or mobile devices in the event of a power failure or emergency.

And with cybercrime and identity theft cases rising, security is critical. A good provider needs to have security measures to prevent fraud and security failures. These measures include modern and robust network and system security protocols.


Your wholesale VoIP termination provider should provide easy-to-understand configuration guides to help you provide support for your customers. In the event you need help, you’ll want to be able to quickly reach experts who can provide assistance.

Future-Proof Your Business

Cloud communications technologies are evolving rapidly, and reselling VoIP positions your business as a leading contender among providers.

As a business owner, reselling VoIP offers several benefits, including adding a predictable and recurring revenue stream each month and growing your brand.

Choosing a wholesale VoIP termination provider does not need to be complicated. You can get a provider who cares for you and offers you friendly terms, fast setup and healthy commissions.

SIPTRUNK provides you with good terms, excellent support service and handles all the billing and taxes so that you can focus on growing your business. Get Started now with VoIP reselling.