sip trunks for dummies

9 Newbie Mistakes to Avoid When Reselling SIP Trunks

Are you looking for a way to bring in some extra recurring revenue each month? If so, then you’ve probably considered reselling SIP trunks. This can be an easy way to ensure extra income each month in the form of monthly contracts. 

As you build this extra source of income, you might find that you aren’t closing as many sales as you thought you would. Or you might not be getting as many sales calls as you should be given the great product you’re selling. 

Don’t worry, we’re going to cover the top nine selling mistakes SIP trunk resellers often make. Read on for the “SIP trunks for dummies” version of what mistakes commonly happen so you can avoid them.

1. Not Focusing on Potential Clients

You know that you need to close a certain number of new accounts this month. But while you’re talking with a potential client, make the conversation all about them.

Focus on how your product will serve their needs. Sales are all about the client, so focus on them and you’ll see your conversion rates increase. 

2. Failing to Build Trust First

If you’re holding plenty of sales conversations but having a hard time closing them, consider if you’ve taken the time to build trust before asking for the sale.

Do your research before every sales call or discussion. Know who you’re talking to so you can pinpoint how you can solve their problems with SIP products.

3. Not Having Your Niche Down

You can’t sell to all the people all the time. Market research is vital so you know who you’re talking with on each sales call.

It will be worth your time to customize your pitch to their needs. Once they see how SIP trunking can solve their problems, they will be more open to buying from you.

4. Talking About the “What”, Not the “How”

People don’t necessarily need to know all the details about your system and its many features. They want to know how it will help them.

Again, this comes down to market research and knowing your client. Know what their pain point is and show them how they can solve it with your SIP trunks. 

5. Focusing on the Price Over the Benefits

Business owners are willing to pay for quality and service. Once you build trust with them and show them the many benefits of your SIP trunks, price won’t be as big of an issue. If you’re selling solely on price, you’ll need to discount all your competitors and you won’t make any profit margin.

You can start by educating your buyers by answering the question, “What is SIP trunking?” Many businesses still don’t understand this new form of communication line and how it can help their business. Focus on how SIP trunking can benefit their business and you will see an increase in sales.

6. Trying to Skip Steps

There is a reason why the buyer’s journey has withstood the test of time in the business world. It still applies in today’s market as well. Your marketing strategy needs to guide your future clients through each stage of the process to successfully sell to them.

Don’t skip the steps. Let them go through each one and you’ll close warm clients instead of ending with cold calls.

7. Letting Warm Leads Fall Through the Cracks

Have an impeccable follow-up system in place to ensure you don’t lose any leads. A lot of people aren’t in a position to make a decision on the spot.

They might need to go back to their office to do more research or crunch the numbers for their budget. Or you might not be talking with the person who makes the final decisions on these matters.

After every meeting, you need to follow up with every lead. 

8. Not Track Your Results

You need to track your results along every step of the customer journey. From initial contact to booking to their sales call to close the sale. Know what your conversion rates are.

And watch for gaps in your funnel. Are you losing too many people at any particular stage in the process? Where can you tweak your marketing strategy to ensure more sales?

You won’t know this unless you track your results.

9. Giving Lackluster Support

The sale doesn’t stop after the contract has been signed. You need to give great support long after they’ve signed on the dotted line.

You started reselling SIP trunk lines for great recurring income. So hold on to your clients by keeping them happy. This will ensure a long contract and allow that recurring income to come in month after month.

Sip Trunks for Dummies: Avoid These Mistakes

If you’re a web designer or specialize in other communications technology, adding SIP trunk reselling can be a great source of extra income each month.

And now that you know what the top mistakes most resellers make are, you can start to increase your sales each month. Save this version of SIP trunks for dummies so you never again make one of these common mistakes.

Recurring monthly commissions are a great solution to the feast and famine cycle that can happen in your service business. Avoid this by adding recurring monthly income with reselling SIP trunks. The commissions you will make by partnering with SIPTrunk will increase your bottom line and take your business to the next level.

If you have any more questions about these common mistakes or how you can add this amazing recurring income stream to your business, reach out to us today. We would love to show you how reselling with SIPTrunk is a great business decision.