marketing platforms for sip trunk resellers

7 Marketing Platforms for SIP Trunk Resellers to Work Their Magic

Every business needs a way to communicate. One of the most well-known ways to do so is by telephone. Even with the introduction of the mobile phone, emailing, and texting, SIP trunk based phones are the most reliable and versatile. As a SIP trunk reseller, you know there’s a demand for your product, whether you’re new or experienced in reselling SIP trunking. But are your current marketing efforts enough?There are many marketing platforms for SIP trunk resellers that will boost your SIP trunk sales.

Effective marketing means reaching the right customers at the right time with strong effective content.

Are you ready to learn how? Check out these 7 marketing platforms that will help you resell your SIP trunk products and services.

What is a Marketing Platform?

A marketing platform, or content marketing platform, is an all-in-one marketing software. It allows marketers to place all their marketing ideas, plans, and processes from the very beginning to the in once place.

You can store and view all your current, past, and future marketing collateral as well as insights. Insights show you how many people saw and engaged with your posts whether they be social media posts, blogs, or landing pages on your website.

In simple terms, a content marketing platform helps you and your marketing team save time creating and promoting content. These marketing platforms for SIP trunk resellers help you optimize your content so it’s engaging, useful, and matches your brand. If you haven’t used one yet, now is the time to try it.

Best Marketing Platforms for SIP Trunk Resellers

If you want your SIP trunk marketing to be effective, it must reach the right group of people. Marketing platforms will you do just that. Here are 7 great marketing platforms for SIP trunk resellers.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the industry’s leading marketing platform software companies. It works as a marketing hub, a sales tool, and a customer service management system. You can do everything from creating content to managing your contacts and potential customers.

SIP Trunk resellers can enjoy the many marketing and sales tools available. This software will help you with creating content such as blogs, SEO, social media posts, marketing automation, emails, landing pages, web analytics, and more. It also includes features to manage your to-do lists, scheduling, meetings, and emails.

HubSpot has customizable options to work around your business’ needs. Prices range from free with limited options to $3,200 per month for enterprises.

2. Marketo

What sets Marketo apart from other marketing platforms is its advanced automation software. Add your marketing plans and content to the software and it will help you easily organize and manage your campaigns.

If you’re new to marketing platforms, Marketo is flexible and easy to use, a great choice for beginners and experienced marketers alike. Its emphasis on online and multi-channel marketing lets you manage multiple marketing campaigns at the same time. If you offer more than SIP trunking, you’re able to add your marketing campaigns for your other products and services.

3. Percolate

Do you want to manage your social media, brand awareness, and marketing content all in one place? Percolate consists of a large management library allowing you to store and organize all your marketing information and data in one place. It also helps you manage your marketing calendar and workflow.

Percolate has powerful scheduling capabilities and tools for planning your calendar. Connect all of your social media accounts to Percolate where you can post to each one with ease. Saving you time from signing in and posting to each one individually.

This platform also features a mobile app allowing you to access Percolate when you’re away from the office. If a post needs immediate change, you can edit it right in the app.

4. GetSocial

This is a marketing platform for SIP trunk resellers looking to dive deep into studying their marketing analytics. GetSocial also tracks dark social content shares, a feature most marketing platforms don’t offer.

To make sharing easier, GetSocial offers content automation for your social media platforms. You can track user engagement to learn what content is getting you the most ROI. From there you can streamline your marketing efforts and focus on the audiences and content that work.

5. ScribbleLive

SIP trunk resellers can manage the entire life cycle of their SIP trunk marketing campaigns. ScribbleLive is a Software as a Service or SaaS that focuses on predictive analytics across all parts of your campaign. Allowing you to reach and engage more potential clients.

ScribbleLive lets you plan, manage, and execute marketing campaigns with help from the content calendar and live publishing features. You can track your posts’ engagement and conversion to create more effective content.

6. CoSchedule

If you need a simple marketing platform that focuses on social media and calendars, CoSchedule is the perfect platform. You can design tasks, assign tasks to team members, and add discussions to keep everyone on the same page.

The content library allows you to store and access content as needed while letting repost it if needed. CoSchedule comes with a text editor but can upload and process documents from other platforms. It’s a fast, convenient, and easy-to-use marketing platform.

7. StoryChief

Of the many marketing platforms for SIP trunk resellers, StoryChief is the platform for article and blog marketing. You and your team can create and collaborate on informative articles about SIP trunking. From there you can share content across your multiple social media platforms.

This platform also helps you improve your SEO keywords in your articles. StoryChief offers plans based on the number of articles you want to post each month. If you love the free trial you can start using the platform at $10 per month.

Boost SIP Trunk Sales Today!

These marketing platforms fro SIP trunk resellers are an easy and sure way to improve your brand awareness and boost SIP trunk sales. There are many businesses still in need of high-quality SIP trunk services, let your business be the one to help.

Want to learn more about selling SIP trunk products and services? Let’s get in touch and talk about how selling SIP trunk services can help grow your business.