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Building Your Business: How to Make Money Reselling SIP Trunks

$3.22 billion dollars in revenue were earned in the VOIP and SIP trucking market in 2014. By 2020, revenue is expected to rise to $10.29 billion. 

It’s a business that benefits both enterprises and resellers. And reselling SIP trunks is a lot easier than you think.

Even if you have a small start-up budget, and in some cases, no budget, it’s still possible to become a successful SIP trunk reseller. You just have to know the proper steps to take. 

We want to help you build a great career. If you’ve ever wondered how to make money in SIP trunk reselling, keep reading. We’re sharing with the step-by-step process to take. 

The Benefits of Reselling SIP Trunks

As a SIP trunk reseller, it’s important to understand the benefits companies gain when they use SIP VOIP service. Understanding the benefits makes it easier to become a successful reseller. 

SIP VOIP service has the ability to carry both voice and data through its system. It requires little in terms of equipment or outlay.

Companies find it’s also flexible. It offers employees the ability to have a virtual presence anywhere in the world. Calls are also low-cost no matter if you’re calling locally or internationally. 

VOIP is also scalable, allowing for the natural ebbs and flows of a business cycle. 

Benefits for Resellers

As a reseller, it’s an opportunity to generate income and some companies choose to add trunk reselling to their portfolio as an additional service to their customers. 

It’s easy to deploy and requires little effort to get started. You won’t need to invest in additional hardware and all you need to do is to configure the existing IP-PBX to the supplier’s parameters to get started. 

And you can do this without adding extra staff to help you. And being a SIP trunk reseller won’t take up a large part of your day. You’ll still have plenty of time for other business pursuits. 

How to Find the Right SIP Trunk Reselling Program

Before you settle on which SIP VOIP reseller program you want to work with, look for the companies that provide you with the features that can help set you up for success. 

Make sure you find a program that provides you with the tools and support you need to help your customers. You can do this by asking the following questions.

Look for a Tier-1 Infrastructure

You won’t gain a good reputation if you can’t offer a reliable system with good audio quality. In order to ensure your customers don’t experience problems with the system, find SIP services that are run on a Tier-1 network, SAE 16 Type II certified network.

They should offer built-in redundancy along with real-time replication. You should also look for a partner that backs up equipment and provides outage detection. 

Look for value over cost if you truly want to build a business that will provide you with extra income for the long haul.

Customer Support

While installation and SIP VOIP management are usually fairly basic, that doesn’t mean your customers won’t have questions or occasionally experience technical issues. When that happens, they need support they can rely on. 

Before you settle on a reseller ask them the following:

  • What type of support they provide
  • Hours they provide support
  • Fees they charge

Otherwise, customers will turn to your competition if they can’t get the support they need from you.

Flexible Rate Plans

Look for a program offering unlimited minutes subscriptions. Their monthly fee should also include local calls in the US and free long distance. 

Customers will also want the ability to use unlimited channels while enjoying flexible rates. Some companies prefer to pay for minutes in blocks. 

And, when a company needs to grow quickly, they’ll also want the option to transfer their minutes to other channels. 

PBX Compatability

PBX systems are everywhere. Finding a program that’s compatible with PBX helps your customers save money by not having to invest in additional hardware.

And you have a larger possible customer base to resell VOIP service to. Look for PBX platforms that are free or low cost. 

Read the Terms and Conditions from Your Partner

Never go into business with anyone or any company without first carefully reading the contract, including the terms and conditions. Make sure you fully understand what you’re getting into first. 

Look for a program that offers you flexibility. Your customers don’t want a long-term contract nor do they want up-front fees. 

Make sure the terms don’t include your client’s being forced to use your partner as their ISP. Instead, find a company willing to give your client’s the option to choose their own provider. 

Look to see that there is a range of global and national telephone numbers available to your client’s. You’ll want a partner offering Direct Inward Dialing numbers. 

Make Sure You Can Answer Your Customer’s Questions

Unfortunately, some of your potential client’s will have had bad experiences using a VOIP SIP system in the past. Knowing how to address those concerns helps ensure you grow your business with client’s who like and trust you. 

Help them understand that your solution to use a Tier-1 network, offering reliability and clarity is far superior to non-business grade platforms. 

Security is also a major concern for businesses. Make sure the digitized system you’re offering provides fraud detection as a way to ward off potential hackers. 

An Easy Way to Market Your VOIP Resell Business

The easiest way to get started after finding a partner is to use social media to market your business. Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook are all great social media outlets to start with. 

There’s a free visual marketing tool called TailWind which can help you speed up the process. Once you’ve created your social media page and signed up for TailWind, it’s time to get started.

Simply post between 70-100 images to Pinterest or whatever social media site you’ve chosen. Your post should include your contact details. 

If you use Pinterest, pin your photos to business boards. However, you can also set TailWind to auto-post those same pins to any other social media site you have an account with.

This should take about an hour of your time.

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