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Who is the Best SIP Provider for 2019?

SIP providers can save your business thousands of dollars every year.

Statistics show that both large and small companies benefit from using a SIP provider. “80% of business with 20,000 employees say SIP is very important. 80% of businesses with 100-500 employees say the same.”

With more businesses relying on SIP providers, there is a whole range of providers in 2019 to choose from. But how do you determine which is the best SIP provider for you and your business?

Keep reading to learn more about who is the best SIP provider of 2019 and be sure to check out our SIP Trunk pricing comparison.

What Do SIP Providers Do?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is often referred to as SIP Trunking.

Essentially, SIP Providers offer a cheaper alternative to a conventional business phone line. It works by virtually connecting to Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) by using your internet connection.

SIP phone services allow multiple employee’s of a business to share the communication path all at once, whilst placing national and international calls.

What Are the Benefits of a SIP Provider?

Saving Money

An obvious benefit is the money you will save. Traditional phone services often incur additional fees for international calls for example. SIP providers use a per-user pricing basis, which helps your business identify monthly costs.

On average, small businesses save up to 90% on international calls and 40% on local calls.

Improved Communications

SIP phone services providers also often offer other unified communication services as part of their package deals. From video conferencing software to collaboration apps.

Who doesn’t want to reap the benefits of technology to improve their business’s overall communications?

Easier Integration

Rigid traditional phone services can often be difficult to update and adding new employee’s to the network can be a nightmare.

SIP providers add new phone lines for you. They can also integrate members of staff who work off-site or remotely.

Increased Reliability

Traditional telephone services can encounter failures, such as if bad weather causes telephone poles to fall. SIP providers don’t have this problem and if there are any problems, they can re-route your calls to other offices or mobile devices.

This increased reliability ensure that your business can always provide an excellent customer communication service.

Who is the Best SIP Provider of 2019?

All businesses are different, so how can you tell which is the best SIP provider for you?

The questions you need to ask when choosing the best SIP Provider are:

  • What is your business’s call volume? How many calls do you make it a day/week/month?
  • And, who is your current internet provider? Is the internet connection strong enough to deal with peak times calls?

Keep in mind that guidelines state that for every 2-3 users, you’ll need 1 SIP trunk. Without further ado, check out these best SIP providers of 2019 and how much each service costs:

SIP Trunk

SIP Trunk offer an unlimited SIP Trunking Services package that offers:

  • a predictable billing service every month
  • unlimited outbound calls to US48 and Canada
  • unlimited inbound calls to your local numbers
  • the option to upgrade channels in real-time
  • 24/7 technical service and support
  • no contracts – which means you can leave at any time!

All this is just for $24.95 per month, per channel.


SIP.US offer a number of different packages, including SIP channels, Inbound DID Telephone Numbers and Fax-to-Email. For $24.95 per channel, per month, customers get:

  • unlimited local and long distance calls to US48 and Canada (excluding NWT)
  • a self-managed interface where customers can add or change services and review call data records
  • reliable support and fraud protection
  • the option to add international numbers, prices starting at $5.00 per number / per month.


8×8 offers a variety of different plans, to suit businesses of all sizes. Their most basic package provides:

  • unlimited calling within 14 countries
  • the choice to keep existing phones
  • free calling between 8×8-enabled systems
  • pay as you go scalability

Prices vary depending on which plan you choose for your business.


Net2Phone allow businesses to easily integrate into existing PBX with their SIP provider service, they also offer:

  • unlimited calling, with free nationwide and international calls to more than 25 countries
  • increased security
  • no-strings-attached pricing plan and no monthly contracts
  • unlimited concurrent calls

Net2Phone SIP phone services are great for businesses that have a particularly heavy international call volume. Prices are available upon request.


Vonage is ideal for smaller businesses (businesses that employ 1-50 member of staff). They provide a variety of plans to suit different national and international phone services needs. The World plan offers:

  • unlimited calls to the U.S. and Puerto Rico
  • unlimited international calls to landlines for up to 60 countries
  • unlimited international calls to mobiles for up to 10 countries
  • the option of a contract, or no contract

For a contract of an agreed 1-year, the Vonage World plan costs $14.99 for 6 months (plus taxes and fees). For a no-contract plan, the Vonage World costs $27.99.

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Choose the Right SIP Provider for You

There are many SIP providers available, who all offer a varying degree of plans and features. To make sure you get the best SIP provider for your businesses needs (and not just the cheapest) be sure to consider these crucial factors:

  • Flexible options for you to add and remove phone lines when you need
  • Are reliable, check out what other businesses say about each SIP provider. And make sure they have reliable customer support services
  • High-quality security solutions, to ensure the prevention of hacking, fraud or data breaches
  • The right compatibility to your current phone system
  • Any additional features that you require to improve your business’s communication
  • Porting, if you choose to leave the company, make sure they have can facilitate porting your number to a new provider

Get in touch with our team today to find your hassle-free SIP phone services now.