sip trunk provider

sip trunk provider

While some pundits predict the death of the call center in the near future, don’t bet on it.

People still prefer to talk to someone about problems they’re dealing with over products and services than to have to send emails or texts. On top of that, a SIP trunk provider helps companies stay in touch with one another even in the same office.

If you’re looking to provide SIP services to a company, check out these five things you have to provide.

1. Provide Reliability

When someone is choosing a SIP trunking provider, they’re hiring someone to do work they can’t do. If you drop or lose any of their calls, you fundamentally misunderstand your role. When you’re trying to help customers with SIP trunking services, you need to handle each call with care.

Businesses know that each incoming and every outgoing call is important to the success of their business. While most providers are going to tell their customers they provide nearly 100% around the clock uptime, there’s no way to back that up. If there are no preventative measures to support that claim, there’s no way to take it seriously.

To be a provider that customers trust, you need to provide direct connections with Tier 1 providers. If anything goes wrong, it’s up to you to contact the reseller to ensure you know where the failure occurred and why.

With the rise of climate events and the potential technical problems that come from a hack or data breach, there needs to be redundant call routing. If you can’t provide this, your customers have good reason to seek services elsewhere. Customers aren’t paying you for excuses for dropped calls.

2. Provide Something Scalable

If you’re looking to provide serious value to your clients and customers, you need to provide scalability. This is more of a buzzword than it might seem as it’s truly important to be able to scale your SIP trunking services. As a company grows, they need their service provider to grow along with them.

A number of service providers say they can handle a large client because they want to get that paycheck. However, if you’re working at your margins as a service provider with your client and then they double in size, you need to be able to meet them.

Before you sign any client, get to know their plans and be honest about your capabilities. It’s important to be able to meet the customer where they are and provide them services based not only on their needs today but in the future.

As you add and remove lines, make sure your clients know to adjust bandwidth for VoIP calls. If they don’t provide enough bandwidth, they’re going to think you’re not doing your job. However, once you’re in the swing of providing good services, this shouldn’t be an issue at all.

3. Security Matters

If you want to provide quality service to your customers and clients, you need to take their security concerns seriously. With any service that operates over the internet, there are some basic needs when it comes to securing lines. Your customers could be sharing intimate information over VoIP lines, and if someone intercepts those calls, data could be leaked.

The cloud is a great way to give access to services for a large staff in modern businesses. However, if security measures aren’t taken, the cloud becomes a honeypot for competitors to dig their hands into.

When seeking the right SIP trunking provider, you should have some elements in place to limit problems. Implementing credit limits ensures that if a hacker tries to place expensive calls or fraudulent calls, a limit will be hit. If a client has the same amount of calls every month, this is a strong metric for finding problems.

You need to provide your clients with around the clock fraud monitoring. You should have some clever algorithms that help to detect fraudulent activity. This ensures you’re aware at any sight of problems and stay aware of issues in the future.

4. Offer Good Business Features

When you want to attract businesses to your SIP trunking company, you need to know what helps set you apart. These are the features you can provide to help businesses grow.

If you offer audio conferencing, this helps companies hold meetings and talk to a variety of stakeholders at the same time. Combine this with account codes that help track calls with a dialed in code.

When everyone has their own forwarding numbers and DID phone numbers, it makes a business seem more robust.

While it might seem obvious, giving everyone a voicemail box is vital too because more companies and VoIP providers are doing away with this feature. Keep all of these voicemails in a place with secure storage to ensure nothing ends up leaking and gets traced back to your services.

5. Customer Support Still Matters

With all of the ways for customers to reach out to companies online or through texts, some companies are skimping on traditional customer support. However, your customers’ complaints need to matter as well as the valuable feedback they give.

If you’re having problems with call quality, reliability, or uptime, you might not know until your customers tell you. Without their valuable feedback, you could end up thinking you’re providing great service while leaving clients nonplussed.

Offer 24/7 support so that you can hear what they have to say about how your services are working for them.

A Good SIP Trunk Provider Listens

If you aim to be the best SIP trunk provider in your region, then it means you’ll be able to listen to your customers. One of the most important things to do is to give your customers the ability to offer feedback if you want to grow and thrive as a company.

If you want to develop accurate pricing models, check out our guide for tips.

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